90's Kid or known later as 90s Dude (real name Evelyn) is a member of the Atop the Fourth Wall crew used by Linkara to show how people in the 90's acted and what they liked. His catch phrase is a loud held-out "DUUUUUUUUDE!", usually accompanied by Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. He wears a shirt saying "What You See is What You Get" (abbreviated as WYSIWYG) a popular phrase during the 90's

90's Kid is a huge fan of guns, namely their size and destructive power. He loves pouches, especially when they're useless. He loves the artwork of Rob Liefeld, the Youngblood series, and anything from the comics company Image. He even did a review of one of its comics for his guest episode of Atop the Fourth Wall while Linkara was kidnapped by Lord Vyce.[1]

He is surprisingly adept at upgrading the weapons in Linkara's arsenal as he was seen upgrading the chaingun before the battle with Lord Vyce.[2][3] He may be behind some of the other upgrades to Linkara's physical weapon arsenal, though not his Morpher or Magic Gun.

It was revealed in the 'Planet of the Symbiotes' review that it has really been the Entity in 90's kid's form, since he provided a perfect cover - he's so innocently moronic that no-one would suspect him of anything. It is unknown when he was replaced.

He has since returned, having apparently been polishing his Collector's Edition issues of Bloodgun when he was taken.

In the Rock N' Roll #31 review, 90's Kid appears during the review twice, doing his usual thing. After the credits, Holokara appears and asks 90's Kid to stop coming on his show and interrupting. 90's Kid begins talking about how it's not a big deal, as the fans love watching him. But before he can finish talking, Holokara shoves his hand into 90's Kid's chest, grabbing his heart. He then says the fans do not watch for him, and that the next time 90's Kid tries to interrupt, he won't let go of his heart until it stops beating. Holokara then walks away, leaving 90's Kid visibly shaken.

In the Ravage 2099 #1 review, He comes back from the future and hands Linkara a piece of paper with numbers on it that goes as follows:

6355431186 798 5964 71 073086

pretenders sit upon my throne

7 93179134 90 63170

i remember my death

611 63274 82 13 4165 371 631 83056

the world is at zero, six, and seven

021 31896516986 5371 512 83021

the babylonians knew the truth

6 85 8130557 0320 1321 68347118

i am looking over your shoulder

72036240 46 4031 721 18 901090

continue to wait for my ascent

At the end of Part 4 of the review of "The Culling", 90's Kid is seen looking over the Absent Grimoire.

In the ending of The Trial of Peter Parker, 90's Kid is seen reading the Absent Grimoire and talking with Vyce, spying on Linkara, saying that Vyce needs to be patient, and that when the time comes, Linkara will either be with them or against them.

During the events of the review of Warrior #4, he becomes a Black Lantern Core. He mentions that he and Black Lantern Spoony brought back Kurt Cobain.

At the end of the Sleepwalker, he asks Linkara to refer to him as "90s Dude"


  • 90's Kid is the only storyline-prone character who has been used as a running gag.
  • 90's Kid is also the only one other than Linkara to use the magic gun in combat.
  • 90's Kid also has a secret love for Care Bears, as he can be seen singing "Carealot" after the Entity's death. This is further supported when he mentions Care Bears characters while dazed in the opening of "Batman: Jazz" after the events of the previous episode.
  • Some believed that 90's Kid was still somehow possessed by the Entity, though it has now been shown that the one possessed by the Entity was not 90's Kid.

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