Alexander Munro
The unfraggable Alex Munro



Current Rank


Weapon of choice

Phaser, Infinity Modulator

Original universe

Star Trek Expanded Universe


  • Rino Romano (Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force)
  • Lewis Lovhaug (AT4W)

Lieutenant Alexander Munro is the main character of both the Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force game and the comic of the same name. The game focuses on an alien species called the Vohrsoth. They attack Voyager with a massive starship-like entity called the Forge, where the Vohrsoth steal organic and technological resources from other ships so they can create more Forges, so they can conquer new areas. Munro and his team manage to stop the Vohrsoth from spreading and save their universe.[1]

Once Linkara finishes reviewing the comic, Pollo informs him that they're revieiving an interdimentional distress signal. When he attempts to play it, Munro beams in. He explains that after saving his universe, he set about destroying the other Forges that the Vohrsoth leader warned him about. On one Forge that was experimenting with interdimentional portals, he ran into some trouble and escaped to this universe via the distress signal. Suddenly another Vohrsoth beams in, and Linkara and Monro set upon it with phasers until it blows up. Before he leaves, Munro informs Linkara that the Vorhsoth were originally created by Lord Vyce.[2]

When Munro returns, it's to fight along side Linkara and crew to take down Vyce. Here it was revealed that he is the champion of his universe. Originally he used a phaser, but in this fight he is armed with the Magna Defender gun from the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy season, which was lent to him by Harvey Finevoice.[3]
AT4W Team Lineup

Lt. Munro with the BFG (first on left)

Munro is currently finding and destroying Forges in his own universe.


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