Black Lantern Spoony
Black lantern sponoy
Black Lantern Spoony looking down on his clone.

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Clone Spoony (genetic clone)


Black power ring

  • Black energy constructs
  • Flight
  • Super-strength
  • Invulnerability


Noah Antwiler

"Tonight, we end this" - Black Lantern Spoony (declaring his intention to kill Clone Spoony).

When the original Spoony, or Spoony Prime, was killed at the end of the Final Fantasy VIII review[1], he became a Black Lantern.

In his first appearance, Black Lantern Spoony attacks Linkara, who uses a Phoenix Down to bring him back to life. After playing a few games, Spoony leaves, but is confronted by Mechakara. Mechakara kills Spoony and turns him into a Black Lantern again.[2]

He aids Mechakara in the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #1 review, but Linkara manages to snap him out of it. However, the now-alive-again Spoony just punches him and leaves.[3]

Spoony returns home to discover that a clone of himself, created by Linkara,[4] has taken over the show. Spoony initially attempts to kill the clone in order to get his show back, but when he finds out that the clone is reviewing Final Fantasy X, he decides he's better off dead, and kills himself, becoming a Black Lantern again.[5]

In the Finaly Fantasy X review finale, Black Lantern Spoony kills Spencer D. Bum and confronts Clone Spoony. After an intense fight, Clone Spoony grabs the Black Lantern and has Linkara beam them up together with transporter technology, merging them into one being.[6]


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