This is about a character who appears in multiple media in the Channel Awesome Universe.

"I'm Doctor Insano bitch, and I'm going to rule the world!" - Doctor Insano (to Linkara )

Doctor Insano, also known as "Dr. Insano," is the evil mad scientist alter-ego of Bennett the Sage That Chick with the Goggles Spoony and the archenemy of Linkara. Dr. Insano is Linkara's main nemesis, and has caused entire universes to collide for the lulz. Pollo admits that, considering almost all of Linkara's enemies were doing what they did for '"The Greater Good", he respects Insano since he's fully aware of how Evil he is.

His plans (along with Dr. Linksano's) can pretty much be summed up like this.

  2. ???
  3. PROFIT!


The official stance on Insano's origin was summed up simply as "There is no origin, there is only Insano". However, it should be noted for having multiple backstories,  here's a list of them:

  2. He used to be a girl, before Linkara punched reality so hard it turned him retroactively into a man. Whether the same could be said about his alter ego, Spoony, has yet to be seen.[1]
  3. Offscreen, he may or may not have traveled back in time to give himself the prototype for a time machine causing a time paradox.[2]
  4. In Kickassia, he and Spoony were the same character, transforming a la Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde.[3]
  5. He may be the descendant of a "Schlumper Brother," much like Linksano, though this is debatable.[4]
  6. Linkara made a clone of him when the original Spoony died at the end of the Final Fantasy VIII finale.[5]

Doctor Insano made his first appearance in the Neutro #1 review, wherein he controlled the mighty robot Neutro and caused havoc. Linkara quickly used his Magic Coin to turn into a giant and blast Neutro with his Magic Gun.[6]

Insano has reappeared many times after that, and has apparently become president for a time[7], to confront Linkara directly in the crossover review for Wolverine: Adamantium Rage.[8] This leads to Warrior #1, where Insano uses the comic to cause a rip in hypertime and multiple universes to collide.[9] This was eventually fixed thanks to the efforts of Linkara and Channel Awesome, but not before certain people got through.

Insano was one of the first to meet Mechakara, at first mistaking him for Linkara[10], and apparently had his hair forcibly cut by the robot.[11] This bites Mechakara in the ass later when he's defeated by Linkara in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #1. Insano teleports him away at the last second, saving him from destruction, but Insano keeps him restrained in his lab, electrocuting him as revenge for the haircut.[12] Insano attempts to warn Spoony when Mechakara somehow escapes later, but...well, he was distracted.[13]

Insano is partially responsible for creating Black Lantern Spoony, since he had Squall kill the original Spoony in the final Final Fantasy VIII review.[14].

Insano eventually rebuilds Neutro after its destruction in Neutro #1, but loses track of it in part 1 of the Final Fantasy X review[15]. It turns out Linkara "borrowed" the giant robot, and uses it against Mechakara in Power Ranger Zeo #1.[16]

Dr Insano Fan Art by ImagineNationAG


He later summons Linkara to aid Spoony in finishing the Warrior #4 comic, since Hypertime is collapsing and apparently the force known as the Guardian is trying to compress all universes into one using Distrusity. He set it on Linkara & Spoony to find the Anti-Distrusity whilst he sleeps. When explaining this, he didn't wear his trousers, his underwear seemed to be covered with red hearts. When Linkara & Spoony discover the way to save Hypertime is just not caring about what the Ultimate Warrior has to say, they do so but as a result they, along with Insano become Grey Lanterns (the Guardians of Not Giving A Crap). He is able to snap Linkara & Spoony out of it by suggesting they watch "TNA Impact".

When Linkara's magic stops working, he & Linksano figure that Dr. Insano is using an "Anti Magic Forcefield Generator". Linkara then confronts him on it, demanding to know who he sold it to. Insano denies knowing anything, since sales have been down when it was discovered that you could defeat the generators with Blitz Balls. Linkara exits, warning Insano on what he'll do if he is lying, before Insano then realizes that without his Magic, Linkara is powerless.

Months later, Doctor Insano steals Neutro back from Linkara and begins a rampage on a city. Linkara tries to make the same offer to Insano that he gave to Linksano, but Insano replied that he didn't care about holodeck generated amusement and turned down Linkara. After Linkara's Cybermat disabled Neutro's power cells, Insano and Linkara were transported to Linkara's apartment where Dr. Insano used power enhancing energy gloves based off of JesuOtaku's design from To Boldly Flee to battle Linkara as he morphs. Jaeris interrupts their fight and attacks Linkara after which Linkara convinces Jaeris to help him. With the combined forces of Linkara and Jaeris, Doctor Insano is knocked out and Nimue teleports him out of the apartment.

Spoony later arrives at Linkara's explaining that Insano needs to get out of the house every now and then to amuse himself.[17]


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