"Hey, Dr. Big Eyes..." - Harvey Finevoice (to Linksano).

Doctor Linksano is one of Linkara's more comedic villains-turned-hired ally. Initially a low-powered enemy that appears between the Mechakara and Lord Vyce arcs of the show, mostly for jokes in the show's stinger, his character has evolved to become an ally to Linkara, acting as his hired scientific advisor, in exchange for being able to use Comicron-1's holodeck.

Linksano is very similar to Insano, except that he is played by Lewis instead of Spoony, so he would conceivably be easier to film and edit around.[1] Linksano's backstory implies that he is a "Schlumper Brother" from an alternate universe featured in Spoony's review of Party Mania.[2]

Linksano makes his first appearance shortly after Mechakara's first defeat, in Strange Adventures #136, where he explains that he came to this universe through the rip in hypertime created by Warrior #1 and has been laying low since then.[3] For the next several episodes he attempts to antagonize Linkara and sabotage the show, but he is almost always foiled, either by his own incompetence or through Pollo's interference.[4][5][6][7] Linksano abruptly leaves the universe in Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: Fit to Win, but not before warning Linkara about Lord Vyce, the reason he left his own universe in the first place.[8]

He reappears at the very end of the Silent Hill: Dead/Alive arc, apparently working for Vyce.[9] It's later revealed in Doctor Who Classics that he had actually been working as a mole for Linkara, who distracts him with a Jr. Chemistry Set.[10]

He was last seen in The Backstreet Project #1. He had devised a device of SCIENCE! using the aforementioned set, planning to destroy Linkara (or possibly send him to another dimension, he's not really sure what it does yet), when he is attacked by The Entity


and disappears
Robotic Grabby Thing Mk2

Linksano one-upping Insano with his "Robotic Grabby-Thing MkII"


After the Entity's defeat, Linksano is seen being restored to reality, along with everything else the Entity has absorbed, and presumably has begun planning another scheme against Linkara.

This was proven true a bit later, when he showed up in Linkara's house with a prototype Cybermat. When Linkara appeared, claiming to have been waiting for him, Linksano sees it as a trick, and sends the Cybermat at him. He berates it when it instead "purrs" as Linkara pets it and picks it up, then starts up a "take over the world" speach.

Linkara interrupts, revealing that he wishes to hire Linksano, as "Mechakara" is loose again, then lists off all the reasons world takeover isn't viable, the baseline being that it would involve a lot of paperwork. He promises what Linksano actually wants, mostly power and "babes", which can be accessed with Linkara's Holodeck. He does note, however, that Nimue will be watching for treachery, and will be transported to the same planet as Vyce, which Linksano accepts. As Linksano and Linkara discuss the possibility of using the Cybermat as a guard, "Mechakara" slips away unnoticed by them.

During Lord Vyce' (at the time still believed to be Mechakara) first atempt to retake Comicron-1, Linksano has been working on a very dangerous experiment which renders him unable to help the AT4W crew to stop Mechakara (the details of the experiment are yet to be seen), however he does assist Linkara and Harvey Finevoice when they try to stop Vyce from retaking the ship during his second attempt to do so, by trying to regain control of the engines while the two confront him and a single reactivated Shade. Later when the trio are about to evacuate the vessel due to the iminent self destruct, Linksano is seen trying to isolate another teleport signal that happened right before they teleported on board but he cannot examine it further due to Harvey's insistance that they must leave right now.

After Vyce's defeat, Linksano reveals to the rest of the crew that it would take Vyce decades to return from deep space on the limited propulsion systems of the Pollo body.


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