Eliza is a foam lizard brought to life by Doctor Linksano and newest member of the Atop the Fourth Wall Team.


Eliza was brought to life has a Christmas gift to Linkara by Dr Linksano. Linkara however was less than impressed by the gift and walked off leaving the mad scientist alone with the newly sentient and confused Eliza.

Eliza was not seen much after that for several months with the general consensus being she had left. Eliza had in fact remained in the apartment but was suffering an identity crisis has a result of her new state. She mostly kept to herself and wandered between the apartment and Comicron 1.

She was the first to become aware of the incursion of the King of Worms; having seen the corrupted Cybermats behaving oddly and attack several members of the team. However, due to her identity crisis and the King of Worms subterfuge she remained silent; uncertain of who in the apartment could be trusted and who had been replaced.

When Linkara was abducted by agents of the King of Worms Eliza avoided being seen by the androids and when the coast was clear and with help from Nimue reactivated Pollo.

Getting Pollo up to speed on what occurred the trio deduced the upgrades after the last battle with Lord Vyce had protected Pollo and Nimue from the King of Worms influence. Eliza was eager to mount a rescue but Pollo advised they learn more about their enemy and the pair got to work on examining the disabled Linksano android.

Inspecting the android Pollo enquired about Eliza's whereabouts and activities since her awakening with Eliza confessing her identity crisis. Pollo could empathise with Eliza's predicament and search for identity; assuring her he viewed her as a friend and ally to the team.

She then took part in the rescue mission into the King of Worms realm; guarding the portal while Pollo controlling all his bodies went on ahead to locate Linkara.

On the day chronicled in the AT4W Movie, Eliza was seen talking with Pollo and Linkara about why she and the robot stick around.

After that, Eliza was next seen talking to Pollo about one of his past encounters with Sierris before Linkara came in to check the message from the future using new criteria provided by Erin. Once Nimue finished compiling the possible meanings of the message, he orders everyone to return to Comicron One and begin looking for the Entity. Eliza is brought up to speed about the threat and later retreats with the others aboard the Vigilant when Comicron One is brought down.

After that, Eliza was next seen with Pollo and Linkara discussing how to get rid of the ghosts haunting them. Months later, she attended the meeting Linkara held after 90's Kid escaped with Vyce.


When she first appeared little was known about Eliza's overall personality other than the fact she behaved mysteriously during the King of Worm's early attack. She would skulk around the apartment and Comicron 1 watching events unfold in silence. Later she would reveal her behavior to Pollo was the result of an identity crisis due to her new state.

However, when Linkara was abducted she revealed herself to have a brave, if slightly snarky personality. She was eager to jump head first in to rescue Linkara despite barely knowing him and was smart enough to avoid the android duplicates and follow Nimue's instruction to reactivate Pollo. Also due to her identity crisis she was slightly insecure and mistrusting of the others at first. This was exhaserbated by the King of Worms attack since she was unsure who in the apartment was still themselves.

Being the youngest member of the team she is occasionally prone to bouts of childish curiosity and distraction. She is also shown to be philosophical at times; debating during the haunting at Viga's apartment on if she has a soul of her own given her nature.