Holo-Linkara "stabbed" by a Pyramid Head.


  • AT4W Crew (initially).


  • All of Linkara's memories and abillities.
  • Intangability.
  • Force-field projection.


Lewis Lovhaug

The holographic duplicate of Linkara, Holo-Linkara (or Holokara) is designed to run Atop the Fourth Wall in the event that Linkara is unable to host it.



The Three Bloody TalesEdit

Filling in for LinkaraEdit

Turning EvilEdit


Holokara's personalty is almost exactly the same as Linkara's. However, due to having Linkara's memories and brain patterns BEFORE his 3 month journey, Holokara is more aggressive and is perfectly willing to kill lives for "the greater good" such as almost killing everyone at Marvel with Comicron-1's cannons for ruining Spider-Man. Meaning it's entirely possible Linkara would be exactly like Holokara. It's also implied with his final "creators are evil" speech is that Holokara thinks Linkara is, ironically, the evil one.


  • As seen in Marville #3, even though he's holographic, drinking up after a horrible comic can still get him drunk.
  • Linkara wears the hologram emmiter on his jacket in all crossovers and cameos through the season to show it's Holokara. One ended up as a continuity goof, mentioned in "Next 15 AT4W Screw-Ups", as Holokara mentions to The Nostalgia Chick in their Supergirl review that they should have filmed this when "both were together, one week ago" (regarding a convention both Lewis and Lindsay went), when the real Linkara was supposedly on the road.