Various realities colliding.

Hypertime is "a vast interconnected web of parallel realities, which flow like a river, with its tributaries branching off into distant possibilities which sometimes rejoining the main line once again". Without Hypertime, universes would stay completely seperate, though it's not entirly sure how to travel between universes, except for rips in it. Dr. Insano was able to rip Hypertime by using Warrior #1, bringing in Mechakara and Dr. Linksano to Earth 4-W. In Warrior #2-3, Dr. Linksano conducts his own Hypertime experiment, which leads him to fight Dr. Insano and several alternate reality counterparts who join forces just as various Channel Awesome members come to defeat them. In Warrior #4, Hypertime is being condensed down into a single point, known as the Terrain of Testament. Someone is doing this to get into our reality. The plan is mostly defeated by most of the Channel Awesome reviewers saying they didn't care anymore, when they found out the Terrain was fuelled by their anger and focus. However, this temporarily turned Spoony, Linkara and Dr. Insano into Grey Lanterns, "the Guardians of not giving a crap". This was quickly reversed by Insano, however when he suggested they watch TNA.