Elizabeth 'Iron Liz' Skochil is a friend of Linkara who was by his side during the Vyce Arc, The Entity Arc and for part of "His Blue Soul". Her name is derived from her love of rock music, namely the combination of Iron Maiden and her interest in Medieval history and sword-and-sorcery roleplaying games. In some ways she is very similar to Linkara, but with a more down to Earth, less egotistical nature, usually acting as a moral guide, keeping him from getting too out of line.

The AT4W Storyline

In Warrior #2 and #3, she is shown in an alternate universe where she does the comic book reviews instead of the pen and paper RPG reviews she does on her own blog, The Foundry.[1]

When Linkara is abducted by Lord Vyce, Liz had to fill in for him after Harvey Finevoice and 90's Kid did their own fill-in episodes. Her selection of an Ewoks comic helped fill the time until Pollo finds Linkara on Vyce's ship. When he is reunited with his friends, Liz takes the lead with Harvey Finevoice to fight off Vyce's foot soldiers, the "Shades."[2]

Liz investigates a shade dagger

Liz has fought in almost every battle on the show since her first appearance, and served as the team's liaison to their mole in Vyce's organization.[3] Before the final battle with Vyce, she is given Linkara's original morpher along with the Magic Coin.[4] After Linkara morphs into his Zeo form, Liz morphs for the first time, changing into a suit of armor. This form allows her to fire energy blasts by crossing her swords together in lieu of a gun like the rest of the team.[5]

Zeo Linkara and Morpher-armoured Liz

During the events of the Star Trek #2 review, Linkara decides to upload the artificial intelligence to the newly-rechristened Comicron-1, Nimue, during an ion storm, resulting in a multiversal displacement. Liz is taken to a Mirror universe where she encounters an evil, power-mad Linkara bent on world-domination. His review is basically the same, but he tries to kill Liz at the end of the episode, only to be stopped by the good (and sock-footed) Doctor Insano. He sends her back to the main universe, where we discover that Linkara figured out the Liz he got wasn't his at all: she genuinely loves 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Liz briefly appears during the Entity storyline, assisting in the assault on Whatley and the Silent Hill Cultists who forged the Magic Gun. She is taken by the Entity in the Youngblood #3 review, and, after Linkara talks the being into suicide, she returns along with the rest of the planet.

In Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, she is teleported to Comicron-1 to assist in defending it from what they believe is Mechakara. She is off-screen for most of the review, stuck in engineering due to the intruder's disabling of security overrides. At the end of the third episode, she is the one to inform Linkara of Pollo's death. In trying to hold him back, she is the first character in the series to call him by his first name, Lewis. As they mourn the loss, Linkara mentions that Pollo often spoke highly of her. She gives him a PADD with information regarding an unknown communication coming from the ship; Linkara's face lights up as he realizes what it means: Pollo is alive, having beamed his consciousness to a new body on Earth.

In the 300th episode, Holy Terror, Iron Liz appears briefly during Linkara's fight with Mirrorkara.

Where is Iron Liz?

The Star Trek II review was the final time we see Liz in the series, and she is never mentioned even in passing. Behind the scenes, Lewis and Liz had broken up amicably, though remained friends and roommates until Liz decided to move out and go back to school, attempting to become a police officer. When asked on Twitter if Liz would be brought back into the show, Lewis said no, and that her ongoing storyline (the Judas Liz) plot would not be resolved. This has brought about several fan theories on Liz's in-universe departure from the crew, and reasons why the character doesn't appear.

Liz recently revealed that she was a transexual and was in fact born a man but she recently completed surgery to fully tranistion into a woman.[6]

Alternate Selves

In the AT4W Multiverse, there seem to be versions of both Linkara and Liz in each universe. It is currently unknown if there are alternate versions of the rest of the show's cast.

Judas Liz

Main Article: Judas Liz

Lita Liz

A hyperactive version of Liz named for rock musician Lita Ford. Killed by Judas Liz in the build up to the Vyce fight, who utters Vyce's boast.[7]

Icon of Liz

A Liz named for goth band Icon of Coil[8]. She is also killed by Judas Liz in a post-credits scene of Pen & Paper Corner.[9]

Mirror Liz

Appearing in the Star Trek #2 review, she is another possibly evil Liz from a universe that evokes the "Mirror, Mirror" episode of Star Trek. She seems to appear and act mostly like the normal Iron Liz, but with the crucial difference of absolutely loving the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons.[10]


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