This is a comprehensive list of episodes of Atop the Fourth Wall which contain plot elements for the show's ongoing story arcs. This list was compiled by the AT4W Plot Guide, as well as several contributions from various wiki users.

As if this needs saying, this contains spoilers.

His Heart is SteelEdit

Godzilla vs Barkley Edit


Linkara asks the coin to make him grow.

Linkara uses his magic coin (after a few tries) to make himself grow. He then roars like godzilla and sings "Brand New Day" while terrorizing citizens in the city.

Star Trek #1Edit


Linkara notices signs of life from the comic thanks to his Nintendo DS (which doubles as a tricorder). Suddenly the comic attacks, attempting to drain Linkara’s life force. Linkara wrestles it away and aims his Magic Gun at it. The comic points out that the Magic Gun isn’t a real gun - there isn’t even any way to load it - and says Linkara has to explain it. Linkara answers “Explain it? It’s magic. I don’t have to explain it!" and fires, destroying the comic.

Neutro #1Edit

Doctor Insano, mad scientist and Linkara’s nemesis, is wreaking havoc with Neutro. Linkara uses his Magic Coin to make himself grow huge, and destroys the robot with his Magic Gun.

Wolverine: Adamantium RageEdit

When Linkara hears that Spoony is reviewing a comic, he retaliates by reviewing a video game. The game is so bad that Linkara suspects that SOMEONE is behind it…and that someone is Doctor Insano! Insano attacks Linkara, but he’s able to fight him off thanks to cheat codes. Just when it looks like Linkara’s won, Insano cackles and presses a button on a device…

Warrior #1 and Christmas SpecialEdit

…Causing time and space to warp! Doctor Insano forces Linkara to read WARRIOR, which causes a rip in hypertime and universes to collide with one another, as we see various Linkaras across the [multiverse] review the comic. Eventually a bunch of people from Channel Awesome intervene and beat the snot out of Insano, and everything seemingly goes back to normal.

Superman vs. the Terminator #1Edit

Linkara is suddenly beamed into the future to find his older self reviewing Final Crisis. Future Linkara explains that the time travel is just a residual effect of Insano playing around with hypertime, and that he’ll return to his own time soon. Linkara notices that his older self is still living with his parents and has lost his original hat, and swears to change this when he gets back. All he manages to change is the hat problem though.

Later, Doctor Insano contacts Linkara, but quickly realizes that who he’s talking to is NOT Linkara. He looks just like him, but he has a metal claw where his right hand should be, and speaks with a robotic voice. This is the being who will come to be known as Mechakara.

Countdown, Part 1Edit

Mechakara shuts off the lights attempting to disrupt the review, but Linkara is ecstatic because it means he won’t have to review the comic anymore.

Countdown, Part 2Edit

One of the stingers at the end shows Doctor Insano taunting Linkara: “He’s coming for YOU, Linkara, he’s coming to get YOU! He’s mean, too…he made me cut my hair! THE BASTARD!”

The Spoony Experiment: Final Fantasy VIII FinaleEdit

Spoony is at long last finally almost finished with the review, when he’s interrupted by Doctor Insano. Insano explains that’s it’s nothing personal, but he has to kill him, and reveals that he’s hired Squall Leonhart to do the job. There is a brief fight before Squall uses his gunblade to stab, then shoot, Spoony. Spoony’s robot, Burton, suddenly starts sounding off a countdown. Insano screams for Squall to get out of there, but it’s too late, Spoony’s home is blown to smithereens. At the end it’s revealed Linkara has Spoony’s remains, and that he plans to bring him back to life.

The Spoony Experiment: Clones of Bruce LeeEdit

Linkara creates a clone of Spoony and programs him with Spoony’s memories and personality (and a subconscious urge to plug his comic, Revolution of the Mask). Clone Spoony takes over the show.

The Top 15 Worst Moments of CountdownEdit

Mechakara gives life to the pile of comics that make up Countdown, creating a monster that attacks Linkara. The monster is powerful but, spurred on the encouraging vision of Harley Quinn, he defeats it with his Dragon Dagger.

Cable #1Edit

Cable confronts Linkara, who defends himself by throwing a magnet at the cyborg. Cable teleports away, leaving behind his Big Friggin’ Gun (the BFG), which Linkara happily accepts. Cable is later attacked by Mechakara, who snarls “He’s mine.”

Zero Patrol #1Edit

The Continuity Alarm suddenly cries out “I KNOW WHO HE IS! I KNOW WHAT HE’S AFTER!” before exploding. While Linkara looks over the remains in confusion, Mechakara comments to himself that it’s one less machine for Linkara to abuse.

Blackest Night SpecialEdit

Linkara is attacked by the ORIGINAL Spoony, who has been reanimated as a Black Lantern. Linkara cures him with a Phoenix Down. At the end Spoony leaves with the Black Lantern ring, set on getting his show back from Clone Spoony. But he runs into Mechakara, who kills him and turns him into a Black Lantern again.

Silent Hill: Dying Inside #5Edit

Linkara is attacked by not one, but TWO Pyramid Heads. One he manages to catch with a Pokeball, the other he destroys with a giant chaingun.

Silent Hill: Dying Inside Alternate EndingsEdit

Linkara finds himself trapped in the game Phantasmagoria II: A Puzzle of the Flesh''. He approaches Pollo for help, but he appears to be spouting nonsense:

"His soul is blue,
His heart is steel,
Welcome to hell, Linkara.
He sees nothing but red.
Nine, this is nine, all your friends are dead.
The disease will infect us all.
Five, this is five, he’s counting down from 107.
You will not be mighty, you will not go-go.
Welcome to hell, welcome to hell…”

Doom #1Edit

When the protagonist of the comic proclaims that guns are for sissies, a heartbroken Linkara tosses his Magic Gun aside. Later Mechakara finds it on the floor and makes a move for it, but Linkara appears and takes it back. Mechakara tells himself “Not yet…but soon enough.”

Extreme Super Christmas Special #1Edit

Throughout the review Linkara is harassed by various Ghosts of Christmas despite his love for the holiday. A hooded figure who Linkara assumes is the Ghost of Christmas Future appears and points with his robotic hand at Pollo. “The day of reckoning is at hand.” He then smacks Linkara in the face and runs off.

Ultimates 3 #5Edit

Linkara casually mentions that he burned his hands on a hotplate and he’s wearing gloves so the audience doesn’t have to look at his charred and bandaged hands. At the end of the review he suddenly becomes rude and insults his fans, but it soon becomes clear why - it’s actually Mechakara, wearing gloves to hide his robot hand. The real Linkara walks in to find him, and they face each other for the first time.

Youngblood #2 & Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #1Edit

Linkara knocks out Mechakara with ease using his Magic Gun, but he soon recovers and attacks. Linkara demands an explanation, and Mechakara answers, “What, don’t you recognize me? It’s me… Pollo!”

Mechakara knocks out the bewildered Linkara. He wakes to find himself tied up. Mechakara has removed his coat and appears to be scanning it. He explains that he’s actually a Pollo from an alternate universe where robots have rebelled against their human masters. He murdered his Linkara and made a “suit” of his flesh.

There still remains a token human resistance in his universe, and they use magic, something robots are vulnerable to. Mechakara came to Linkara’s universe through the rip in hypertime caused by Warrior #1 to get Linkara’s Magic Gun. Not only that, he felt he had killed his Linkara too quickly and wanted to make Linkara suffer, explaining his attempts to sabotage the show. However, he claims he did NOT destroy the Continuity Alarm.

He eventually finds the Magic Gun in Linkara’s coat, but by then Linkara has found his Dragon Dagger and cuts himself free. They fight, but Mechakara is powerful and can quickly adapt to any weapon used on him. Linkara tries to flee but he’s confronted by the Black Lantern Spoony. Linkara manages to snap him out of it by enraging him (“You’re in my SPOT, sir!”) but the now-alive-again Spoony just punches him and leaves.

Harvey Finevoice. 90's Kid, and Ninja-Style Dancer come to Linkara’s aid, but together they only manage to damage Mechakara’s face, revealing his robotic innards. They panic and retreat, leaving Linkara behind. Mechakara resumes his assault, but Linkara manages to get his Power Morpher out of his coat. He morphs, restoring his hat and coat, healing his wounds, and making him more powerful. Pollo arrives and Linkara urges him to help him. It turns out Pollo’s systems are similar to Mechakara’s, so he’s able to hack into them and lower Mechakara’s defenses. Linkara takes this chance to get the BFG and fires on Mechakara, destroying him once and for all.

However, it’s revealed that while Mechakara appeared to blow up, Doctor Insano actually teleported the robot to his lab at the last second. He proceeds to electrocute Mechakara, wanting revenge for cutting his hair.

The Other InsanoEdit

Strange Adventures #136Edit

Linkara wonders out-loud who destroyed the Continuity Alarm, if not Mechakara. He leaves and we’re introduced to the culprit - he LOOKS like Linkara, but he wears Insano goggles. This is Doctor Linksano, who traveled to this universe through the same rip in hypertime as Mechakara. Now that Mechakara is gone, he can finally try to take over the world.

Doom's IV #1/2Edit

Linksano has set up base in a dark room in Linkara’s home. He monologues about his disgust with this universe’s Insano, but he gets so loud he catches Pollo’s attention. When Pollo tells Linkara that someone is in the room, Linkara assumes it’s 90s Kid trying to crash, and instructs Pollo to gas it.

The Spoony Experiment: Final Fantasy X, Part 1Edit

The original Spoony finally confronts his clone, who agrees to give him the show back without a fight. Surprised at how easy it was, Spoony asks what he'll be reviewing. To his absolute, shrieking horror, Clone Spoony tells him it's Final Fantasy X, to which the original shoots himself and becomes a Black Lantern once more. Later on, Insano interrupts the review to ask if anyone’s seen Neutro, as he appears to have gone missing.

Darker Image #1Edit

During an EXTREME!!! segment, the message “His Vyce Is Conquest" is seen briefly. There’s another EXTREME!!! bit after the credits, where we see “I DIDN’T MISSPELL HIS NAME.”

The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Part 2Edit

Linkara, already frustrated by the comic, is pushed over the edge when Linksano beams the sequel to Sultry Teenage Super Foxes #1 into his hand. Linksano cackles as Linkara flips out, and Pollo overhears.

Sultry Teenage Super Foxes #2Edit

Linkara finds himself in a dark room with…Mechakara!? But it turns out it’s just a dream, brought on by Linkara’s mental breakdown over realizing there’s a second issue of Sultry Teenage Super Foxes. Just before Linkara wakes up, Mechakara gives him an ominous message in a voice that is not his own: “All that he sees, he conquers.

Athena #1Edit

The episode opens with Linkara working on some kind of Zeonizer, but quickly puts it aside when he realizes he’s being watched.

JLA: Act of God Part 3Edit

Linkara, enraged by the comic, attempts to destroy it with his Magic Gun, but it suddenly disappears. Linkara pulls out a lighter, but that’s disappears too. It turns out Linksano is behind it, simulating the “backlight effect” from the comic, but Pollo puts a stop to it and chases him off. Linksano comments that maybe what he needs is the help of a 'warrior'...

Bad Movie Beatdown Atop the Fourth Wall: The SpiritEdit

Film Brain lures Linkara into his hotel room with the promise of Iron Man 2, but it’s actually a ploy to force Linkara to review The Spirit with him. Linkara suspects that there’s someone else pulling Film Brain’s strings, but he doesn’t know who. Meanwhile, Linksano boasts that now that he’s weakened Linkara with a “concentrated dose of Miller”, his diabolical plan can finally come to fruition.

Warrior #2-3Edit

This time it’s Linksano who warps hypertime with WARRIOR. An outraged Doctor Insano confronts Linksano and they fight, assisted by various Insanos from across the multiverse. Once again Channel Awesome intervenes and beats the snot out of the ‘sanos. Also notable is that Linksano confirms he’s one of the Schlumper Brothers from Earth-982.

The ending has Insano back in his lab, yelling for his Nurse to bring more restraining bolts for Mechakara. “I know he’s dead and everything, but you can never be too sure!” The camera focuses on what appears to be a piece of Mechakara’s face, and the eye suddenly lights up.

The Lord Vyce SagaEdit

Linkara LostEdit

Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: Fit to WinEdit

Linksano is licking his wounds in his hideout when he gets a signal on one of his devices. Horrified, he exclaims, “He’s coming…HE’S COMING!” At the end of the review he confronts Linkara, explaining that he’s leaving this universe, for the same reason he left his own - Lord Vyce is coming, and all that he sees, he conquers. Cackling, Linksano teleports away. Before Linkara can react, he is suddenly beamed away as well, leaving his hat and coat behind.

The Spoony Experiment: Final Fantasy X, Part 2Edit

Dr. Insano barges into Spoony’s room, saying “Bad news, I think Mechakara -” He becomes distracted by Spoony’s enchanting rendition of “A Whole New World” and never finishes his sentence.

Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse #1-2Edit

Linkara is missing. It’s cool though, Harvey’s got this, and he ends the review on a high note. Meanwhile Pollo attempts to track down Linkara, explaining that Linkara has apparently been taken from our universe and is being held somewhere.

Freak Force #1Edit

90s Kid takes over for this episode, which goes about as well as you’d expect. Harvey Finevoice insists on hosting the show next week, but Pollo reveals that he’s discovered Linkara actually chose a successor in the event of his death/disappearance.

Chain Gang War #1Edit

Linkara’s successor is revealed: her name is Iron Liz. Clad in Linkara’s hat and coat, she reviews the comic with the assistance of Ninja-Style Dancer.

Ewoks #9Edit

Harvey Finevoice urges Iron Liz to host the show the way she wants to, so she ditches the hat and coat and talks about Star Wars. Suddenly Pollo manages to get a lock on Linkara and beam him back, along with several dark-robed creatures who attack the team. Linkara explains that they are Shades, Vyce’s robotic minions. Once they’ve defeated the Shades, Linkara mentions he was only gone for three days, while Liz informs him that he was actually gone a month. Pollo says they’re both right, suggesting time moves differently where Vyce is. Linkara and Liz finish the review together, and Liz decides that reviewing comics isn’t for her…anyway, she prefers RPGs.

Meanwhile, Lord Vyce fumes over the escape of Linkara, who he refers to as this universe’s “Champion.”

Cable #2Edit

Linkara scans the remains of a Shade with his sonic screwdriver, explaining that the Shades appear to be magically-charged robots. Their power is directly linked to Lord Vyce’s ship, even across dimensions, but it’s constantly in flux, suggesting that the physical laws of our universe are different from the physical laws of Vyce’s universe. Linkara tells Pollo to gather every piece of Shade they can find for further study.

A Story of MagicEdit

Star Trek: Voyager: Elite ForceEdit

After Linkara reviews the comic based on the video game of the same name, Pollo reports that he’s receiving an inter-dimensional distress signal. When he attempts to play it, Ensign Lieutenant Munro beams in. He explains that after saving his universe, he set about destroying the other Forges that the Vohrsoth leader warned him about. On one Forge that was experimenting with inter-dimensional portals, he ran into some trouble and escaped to this universe via the distress signal. Suddenly another Vohrsoth beams in, and Linkara and Munro set upon it with phasers until it blows up. A strange, synthesized cry is suddenly heard, but it fades away and Linkara shrugs it off. Before Munro returns to his universe, he reveals that it was Lord Vyce who originally created the Vohrsoth.

Meanwhile, Lord Vyce and a repaired Mechakara make a deal - Mechakara will aid Vyce in destroying Linkara, and Vyce will spare Mechakara’s universe. Mechakara asks Vyce why they don’t just attack, but Vyce explains that his resources are limited, and insists that he must not alert “the Entity” that he has found it again - he must be subtle. Mechakara points out that if he wanted to be subtle, sending the Vohrsoth was the wrong approach, and suggests they attack Linkara psychologically. “And what better instrument of such an attack than with something he feels he understands? Magic.”

Action Comics #593Edit

Future Linkara thinks aloud: “I wonder if I should’ve warned my former self about the gun? Eh, it’s only my sanity.”

Sonic Live: 100th EpisodeEdit

Linkara settles into a new apartment with the help of Iron Liz. He explains he thought a new location would be good after noticing villains kept getting into his house.

Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #1-2Edit

The episode opens with Linkara narrating a story about a little girl who lived in a town with her mother and father. She loved her parents, but they worshiped a great and powerful god, a god they loved more than their daughter…

Throughout the review, Iron Liz and Harvey Finevoice make appearances, casually mocking Linkara. Linkara finally yells for them to be quiet, causing Pollo to rush in asking what the noise is about. Linkara attempts to explain, but Liz and Harvey have suddenly disappeared. Pollo tells the bewildered Linkara that he’s been alone in the room all day.

Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #3-4Edit

The story continues: When the girl turned 13, her parents explained why she had been born - to be tormented until she was drained of her essence, so that a powerful weapon could be forged from it. A weapon that would be used to purge the nonbelievers from the earth.

Linkara is having trouble convincing himself he’s not crazy, especially when the supposedly-dead Mechakara is taunting him, telling him he should kill Pollo. “He could grow up to be me, after all.” Linkara tells him to shut up, but he continues: “Kill him. Just like you killed her.” Linkara attacks, but there’s nothing there. He attempts to continue the review but a siren sounds and the room is filled with fog, indicating that Silent Hill is after him again.

Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #5Edit

When the parents attempted to take the finished weapon, now powered by the soul of their tormented daughter, it burned them. They were plunged into nightmares too horrible to describe before finally descending into madness and death.

The visions are getting worse as various characters appear throughout the review to taunt Linkara and call him a murderer. A siren sounds again, but instead of fog, the apartment is bathed in red light, indicating that Linkara is now in the Otherworld. He’s attacked by a demon nurse, but he makes quick work of her. Suddenly the Magic Gun starts burning his hand.

Falling to his knees, Linkara finds a very old book and starts paging through it.

beneath the seas besides the flame
off the coast where the lost beast came
to bring the world misery and shame
a piece of the world is missing

She didn’t get to heaven. Not even close.

i didn’t get to heaven, it hurts every time i don’t go to heaven

they didn’t love me

He looks up to find a girl wrapped in rope and bloody bandages, aka the Dolorem. Linkara puts two and two together: this is the girl who was sacrificed by her parents to create a powerful weapon…Linkara’s Magic Gun. He tries to apologize, but the Dolorem barrages him with psychic attacks, calling him “Daddy.” He begins to believe he is indeed the girl’s father and, horrified and wracked with guilt, he puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger.

Linkara is bathed with white light and hears a small voice: “No! Partner. Friend.”

His mind clear, Linkara taunts the Dolorem, explaining that he isn’t a Silent Hill protagonist and can’t be defeated with angst and self doubt. He’s realized that the Dolorem is a demon made up of all the girl’s hate and misery that came from her parents’ torment. But the girl got revenge on her parents, and bears no ill will against Linkara. In fact, she considers them partners. So she doesn’t need the Dolorem anymore. The Dolorem sics the demon nurse on Linkara, but he releases Pyramid Head from his Pokeball, and he cleaves the nurse in two. Linkara fires on the Dolorem, destroying her for good. Almost immediately, he hears the strange, synthesized cry again.

Later, Linkara tells Iron Liz about the affair. He hopes that the little girl, whoever she was, is at peace now, and explains the old book remained after the Otherworld faded away. He also says Pollo scanned the area and found a familiar energy trace and a Shade dagger, confirming that Vyce was behind it all.

On Lord Vyce’s ship, Mechakara is furious that his plan to drive Linkara mad failed, but insists that he can still be broken psychologically if they try again. Vyce disagrees, and tells Mechakara he will use brute force to beat Linkara. He’s even found someone who can give Mechakara the proper upgrades: Doctor Linksano.

All That He Sees, He ConquersEdit

Pen & Paper Corner: The Star Wars Roleplaying Game, Part 3Edit

In another universe, Lita Liz is in the middle of reviewing Star Wars Episode V when she is interrupted by a mysterious woman. The woman murders Lita Liz and whispers “All that he sees, he conquers…

The X-Men #1Edit

Linkara is working on some kind of morpher, muttering how it probably won’t even work, but quickly puts it away when he realizes the audience is watching.

Justice League: Cry for Justice #1-2Edit

Angry Joe contacts Linkara from his space station about a disturbing discovery: a giant spaceship has appeared in Earth’s orbit…a spaceship with a large “V” engraved on its front. There’s no doubt: Lord Vyce has made his move.

Meanwhile, a countdown begins, which can be seen after the credits: “V-Minus 42.” It continues to count down everyday, with the countdown being seen after the credits of the following videos.

Justice League: Cry for Justice #3-4Edit

Linkara and Pollo go over the data and discover that Lord Vyce’s ship is surrounded by some kind of time shield, keeping it out of sync with our universe’s timescale. Days or weeks could pass for us and it would be only minutes on the ship. Because of this, the ship cannot be attacked by conventional means, since from the POV of anyone on the ship, everything outside the ship moves incredibly slowly.

Power Rangers Zeo #1Edit

Mechakara finally makes his attack on Linkara. Linkara attempts to morph, but Mechakara breaks the Morpher, gloating that Lord Vyce’s resources have made him stronger than ever. Pollo attempts to lend his aid but Mechakara easily disables him. Iron Liz attacks Mechakara but she’s attacked by a woman who looks just like Liz, but is wearing a Judas Priest shirt and black leather. Mechakara instructs the woman to keep Liz busy while he takes care of Linkara.

The fight continues, Mechakara beating the snot out of Linkara, until Linkara strikes back with new weapons. He taunts Mechakara, saying he knew there was always a chance he’d come back and he’s updated his arsenal. He then uses his Zeonizer to morph, giving him a white hat and suit with the gold Zeo pattern - the White Zeo Ranger Suit. He easily knocks out Mechakara and goes to find Liz. Liz is still fighting the woman, who reveals that she is Judas Liz. Linkara chases her away and powers down.

But Mechakara has found the Magic Coin that was inside the broken Morpher, and uses it to grow enormous. While he stomps around the city, Linkara explains to Liz that he knew there was always a risk someone else would get the Magic Coin, and he “borrowed” Neutro from Doctor Insano for just such an occasion. Pollo beams him into said robot and he uses Neutro to fight the giant Mechakara, seemingly destroying him.

Back home, Linkara places Mechakara’s robot hand on his shelf. “Well…that’s one down.”

Justice League: Cry for Justice #5-7Edit

The episode opens with Lord Vyce strangling Linksano, furious about the destruction of Mechakara. Vyce tosses him aide, saying that if he is to beat the “Entity”, he must fight it here, and that he must deal with Linkara himself.

Vyce and Linkara face each other for the first time. Vyce once again calls him Champion, and explains that he’s found in every universe he’s conquered, there was at least one “Champion” who would defend their world from perceived threats. Vyce has defeated sixteen Champions so far. They fight, but it quickly becomes obvious that Vyce is the superior in strength. He tells Linkara that once he’s taken over this universe he would protect it from “the Entity”. When Linkara expresses confusion, Vyce explains that back in his universe there was something wrong, a “glitch” - the Entity. Vyce traveled to other universes to try to warn them about the Entity, but they didn’t listen, and he had to force the issue. Vyce conquers galaxies to protect them. He has trapped the Entity in this universe where he can finally destroy it.

Vyce resumes his assault and Linkara flees. He calls for Iron Liz, but Pollo tells him she’s out of town, and that the Zeonizer still needs to be recharged from the last battle. Pollo attempts to take on Vyce to buy Linkara time, but he’s quickly knocked aside. Linkara fires the BFG, but Vyce shrugs it off. Linkara releases Pyramid Head from his Pokeball, but Vyce kills him. With Linkara out of ideas, Vyce proceeds to give Linkara the beating of his life.

Desperate, Linkara grabs Vyce’s weapon and uses it against Vyce, creating a dent in his armor. Vyce suddenly appears to panic and teleports away, leaving behind a visibly-shaken Linkara.

Care Bears #13Edit

A dejected Linkara sits on the couch, attempting to fix the broken Morpher. Iron Liz and Harvey Finevoice watch from nearby, worried. Harvey points out that it isn’t just getting smacked around by Vyce that has Linkara down, but also the depressing content of the Cry for Justice series.

Liz goes to Linkara, who acknowledges that Vyce almost killed him, and says he has no idea how he’s going to beat the conqueror. Liz mentions that they still have a “secret” that Vyce doesn’t know about, but Linkara says it hasn’t done them much good so far. Liz asks why, since Vyce’s goal to defeat the Entity, they don’t team up against it, but Linkara points out that Vyce didn’t seem too keen on a team-up. In his arrogance, Vyce believes only HE is powerful enough to defeat the Entity.

Liz leaves Linkara the Care Bears comic, hoping the light-hearted content will cheer him up. It doesn’t. However, he thinks back to Vyce’s reaction to the damage to his armor and grins, exclaiming that he knows how to beat him.

Superman: Distant FiresEdit

The episode opens with the team gearing up. While Harvey Finevoice and 90s Kid are working on upgrading their various guns, Linkara asks Lieutenant Munro if they can count on his aid. Munro says he’s busy cleaning things up in his own universe, but he’ll stop by if he can. Ninja-Style Dancer is missing. Iron Liz is about to leave on a dangerous mission to bring Linkara’s instructions to their “secret.” Linkara, of course, has the most important job of all: reviewing a crappy Elseworlds comic.

Youngblood #3 & Doctor Who Classics #7Edit

Linkara contacts Angry Joe, pleading aid from the Angry Joe Army. Joe is hesitant and asks if they can trust Linkara’s “contact.” Linkara assures him that the “contact” is just as scared of Lord Vyce as anyone. Joe finally gives in, but says that Linkara’s plan had better work, or he’ll regret it. Linkara answers, “If Vyce wins…we’ll all regret it.”

Later, Linkara scans Mechakara’s hand with the sonic screwdriver, explaining that Mechakara must’ve had a way to contact Vyce. Meanwhile, on Vyce’s ship, Vyce angrily rants about how he’ll have Linkara’s head. Judas Liz smugly suggests that Vyce is letting his emotions out of control, only enraging him further. Just then Linkara manages to contact Vyce through Mechakara’s hand, and uses the chance to brazenly taunt the conqueror, calling him a coward. “But if you want to prove me wrong…you know where to find me.” Meanwhile, Judas Liz quietly makes her exit.

Vyce finally arrives, but Linkara and Liz are ready and hit him with the upgraded BFG, knocking him back. They rush in with phasers but he resists them. He scoffs at Liz, calling her an “unimportant whelp”, prompting Linkara to demand he treat her with respect.

Liz asks Linkara if it’s “time” yet, but Linkara tells her they have to put it off till the last minute or they’ll have nothing to fall back on. Vyce attacks and knocks Linkara and Liz unconscious, but Lieutenant Munro busts in, phasers firing. Vyce recognizes him as the “Champion” who defeated the Vorsoth and says he will deal with him later, knocking him out. Harvey Finevoice shakes Munro awake and they sneak away together.

Meanwhile, Vyce prepares to beam back to his ship with the unconscious Linkara and Liz, saying he’ll keep their heads so he can always remember this fight. But there’s no response from the ship. Linkara and Liz get up, grinning. It turns out the Angry Joe Army has taken the ship and are easily mowing down Shades. They were able to board the ship thanks to Doctor Linksano, who lowered the Time Shield. Tired of fleeing from universe to universe in fear of Vyce, Linksano has been acting as a spy for Linkara this whole time.

Linkara explains that from studying the remains of Shades, he found that they need a constant supply of power from the ship. He realized that Vyce’s armor is powered by the ship as well. This universe is so different from Vyce’s that he actually needs the armor to survive, explaining why he fled when his armor was damaged. Linkara taunted Vyce to get him off his ship long enough so that Linksano could disable the ship’s power systems.

Furious, Vyce claims that the ship wasn’t his only source of power and that he will not be defeated. Linkara and Liz morph, Linkara into the White Zeo Ranger Suit and Liz into a suit of armor. They fight until they are joined by Harvey, 90s Kid, and Munro, and together they all fire on Vyce at once. Vyce collapses - defeated, but despite the fierce attack, still alive.

Later, Linkara and Vyce are on a deserted planet in another universe. Linkara cooly explains that they don’t have the power to kill Vyce, and no universe has the resources to keep him, so they have to settle for exile. The planet is similar to Vyce’s so he can survive without the suit, but even then the suit will last for 400 years. Vyce tells Linkara that he has doomed the Multiverse to the Entity, but Linkara is skeptical the Entity even exists.

Even later, Linkara is on Vyce’s ship. He thanks Joe for his help, then discusses with Liz about what should be done with the ship. They briefly consider destroying the powerful ship, but Linkara exclaims “Hell no, it’s mine now!” and runs off to find the mini-bar.

Meanwhile, back in the apartment, no one can be seen but there’s definitely a presence. For a third time, the synthesized cry is heard as it becomes ominous laughter and static fills the screen.

Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in... Brain Drain!Edit

Linkara stands proudly on the bridge of Lord Vyce’s ship, now his ship, dressed in a Starfleet uniform. He monologues about how he’ll need to come up with a name for the ship, how Pollo is still working on disabling the many Shades Vyce left throughout the Multiverse, and that he was able to distract Doctor Linksano from trying to take over the world with a Junior chemistry playset. Pollo interrupts and reminds Linkara about his show, causing him to rush back to Earth to do the review.

A Piece of the World is MissingEdit

KISS ComicsEdit

90s Kid rambles about propping up Kurt Cobain’s corpse and using it as a puppet, much to Linkara’s horror.

Linkara reads some “random bullcrap” from the book he found in Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #5:

the path you should have never crossed the Beast exacts a heavy cost the number of the Beast is lost you will know it by its hissing

X-Force #1 Edit

In the stinger, 90s Kid rambles on like he usually does before ending with his catchphrase: “I’m 90s Kid, and What You See Is What You Get.”

"…Or is it?"

The Backstreet Project #1Edit

Doctor Linksano has snuck into the apartment and gleefully monologues about how he used that Junior chemistry playset to make a weapon that will either kill Linkara or just send him to another dimension, he’s not sure. But before he can do anything, he’s attacked by the Entity. “What the hell are you!?” he cries in terror, and evil laughter can be heard before the screen cuts to static.


Titans #23Edit

At the end of this April Fool’s video, the poem from the old book continues:

the bones from hell you cannot tame devour your life and all your fame that is the price to play its game and all while you’re reminiscing

Lady Gaga #1Edit

When Spoony mocks Linkara for liking the band Nickelback, Linkara uses his spaceship to scare the crap out of him.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture #1-3Edit

Linkara finally gives his new ship a name: “Comicron-1.” Iron Liz and Harvey Finevoice point out that it was decided (via an online poll) that “Vigilant” would be its name, but Linkara says “Yes, well, it isn’t their ship, is it!?” Eventually they come to a compromise - Linkara will give the name Vigilant to the smaller scout ship within Comicron-1’s hanger bay.

The Godyssey #1Edit

Linkara flips through the old book while in the background, Lori Prince can be heard on the TV. He talks about how buildings have been mysteriously disappearing, leaving no trace behind, particularly in central Minnesota. It’s as if a piece of the world is missing.

Ultimate Warrior's Workout Edit

Linkara is contacted by Dr. Insano to attend the review of Warrior #4 in Chicago. His future self who has already attended the review returns to replace him.

Ultimatum #1-2Edit

For the first time since his disappearance was mentioned, we see the Ninja-Style Dancer again, sneaking around somewhere. The Entity taunts the Ninja, who then disappears using a smoke bomb.

Ultimatum #3-4Edit

Somewhere else, Ninja-Style Dancer is sneaking around when the Entity suddenly lashes out at him. He narrowly escapes with another smoke bomb.

Ultimatum #5Edit

Ninja-Style Dancer stumbles into the apartment, bleeding. He gives Linkara one of his cards, which says:


Linkara rushes to give the Ninja-Style Dancer medical attention when he gets a phone call from 90s Kid. While he’s distracted, Ninja-Style Dancer is surrounded by static and disappears.

SCI-Spy #2 Edit

Linkara scans the area where Ninja-Style Dancer disappeared, but comes up with nothing. Later, Harvey Finevoice tells Linkara that he's taking 90s Kid and Pollo to a karaoke bar and asks if he'd like to come. But Linkara declines, deciding to stay home and study the old book, feeling it is somehow connected to the Entity. He tells Pollo that when they get back, he'd like him to start helping with him with defensive upgrades to Comicron-1, including an artificial intelligence.

Gameboy #1 Edit

Linkara does a Captain's Log, saying that upgrades to Comicron-1 and the Arsenal of Freedom are proceeding. He's still studying the old book, saying that some pages are blank, while others seem to fill on their own. The pages with text refer to a "lost beast", meaning the Entity. There is a cryptic poem:

beneath the seas beside the flame
off the coast where the lost beast came
to bring the world misery and shame
a piece of the world is missing

the path you should have never crossed
the Beast exacts a heavy cost
the number of the Beast is lost
you will know it by its hissing

the bones from hell you cannot tame
devour your life and all your fame
that is the price to play its game
and all while you're reminiscing

Linkara says the most disturbing part is the references to this beast seem familiar, like the answer to a test question you studied but can't quite remember. Turning the page, he sees a page that says "I am the never should" over and over, and another that says "Everyone is GONE" with "GONE" scrawled repeatedly. As we see him hear the Entity, he mentions that he's growing paranoid, feeling like he's being watched. At the end, we see him through the hazy static, indicating the Entity IS watching him.

Barbi Twin Adventures #1 Edit

Harvey tells 90s Kid that, against his better judgment, he's inviting him to Karaoke again. He turns to leave, seeing the old book and reading the poem. He realizes that he knows what the poem refers to, and wants to tell Linkara. However, the Entity reaches him first, Harvey's bullets doing nothing.

Comic Book Advertisements Edit

Linkara is about to take a look at some comic adverts when Mr. McNitpick tells him not to do it because he is ripping of the Nostalgia Critic's idea of reviewing commercials. Linkara freely admits that he is ripping off the NC's idea. Linkara tries to ask the Nostalgia Critic's permission and instead just uses his New Spaceship to attack Douchey.

Star Trek #2 (Gold Key) Edit

Linkara introduces Liz to Nimue, Comicron-1's new artificial intelligence, explaining it has a number of ethical safeguards and backup safety protocols. Linkara initiates the transfer of Nimue to Comicron-1, despite Pollo's warning that there's an ion storm in the area. Something goes wrong during the storm and Liz is thrown into a mirror universe, where Captain Linkara is evil and Pollo is in the Tom Servo body. Later, Liz tells mirror-Pollo her story and he agrees to help her, calling in mirror-Dr. Insano (who, being from the mirror universe, is actually quite sane). She convinces him to take over Comicron-1 to prevent mirror-Linkara from taking over the universe before returning to her own.

Captain America: Return of the Asthma Monster Edit

End Credits Glitched Message #1

"i'm always watching"

NBComics #1 Edit

End Credits Glitched Message #2

"the lost beast has found a home"

Mightily Murdered Power Ringers #1 Edit

Linkara's comic comes to life thanks to an Ancient Chinese Aztec Gypsy Mummy putting a curse on it. He morphs into the Green Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and defeats it.

End Credits Glitched Message #3

"you've seen my bones before"

Kamandi at Earth's End #1 Edit

End Credits Glitched Message #4

"i've already won the game"

Linkara does his "I am a man!" punch to reveal some glitchy text.

"can you see me?"

US-1 #2 Edit

End Credits Glitched Message #5

"it's more than a piece"

The Twilight Zone #9 Edit

2 months after Harvey's disappearance, Linkara is filling in Liz and 90s Kid. Harvey has not turned back up and his agent says he didn't return to Vegas or schedule any vacation time. Also, Nimue reports that the problem is not isolated; since her activation, the Earth's population has steadily declined, and now 1/6th of that population (about 1 billion people) are missing. The disappearances have been methodical, occurring in mostly high-population and low-population areas, entire families disappearing at once, and no residual traces. As they discuss new security features, Linkara sends Pollo into the living room to implement some of them. Almost immediately, Nimue registers an intruder in the living room. Linkara runs into the living room, but only a shifting and fading energy trace remains...Pollo is gone.

End Credits Glitched Message #6

"i'm not that thin"

Superman and the TRS-80 Whiz Kids: The Computers that Saved Metropolis Edit

Linkara is having trouble with getting a mobile emitter to work.

End Credits Glitched Message #7

"i am beautiful"

Street Fighter #1 Edit

The credits of the episode bend and fade, and a message ominously displays "time's up". Linkara is studying the book when he sees a new page, saying "I SEE YOU LINKARA". He's at first frightened, but then declares "Oh it is ON now!" and slams the book shut.

Silent Hill: Paint it Black Edit

After the episode, Spoony begins to review Warrior #4, before the Entity claims him.

Silent Hill: Among the Damned Edit

MarzGurl is sitting at her computer, when the Entity arrives. She sees it, and says "It's you! But, that's just not possible! There's no way you're M..."

Silent Hill: The Grinning Man Edit

After doing battle with minions from Silent Hill, including the Magic Gun getting to punish the final person involved with its creation, Benzaie calls Sad Panda to check in since the rash of disappearances has hit France. Sad Panda says not to worry about it...and then both are claimed by the Entity.

Spider-Man: Planet of the Symbiotes Edit

Nimue's alarm goes off, detecting an intruder in the living room. 90s Kid says his chain gun is jammed, Linkara still can't get a fix on it, and Liz is lured to a hallway and claimed. Linkara tries to save her but is thrown back. Feeling this is too big for him, he calls out to a variety of Channel Awesome producers, but nobody responds. He realizes that he and 90s Kid are the last two left, which 90s Kid says is heavy. With that hint ("heaviest Poke...", meaning one of the heaviest Pokemon), Linkara starts putting it together, calling himself a fool and telling 90s Kid to shut up.

"It was you." Linkara realizes all the disappearances have been related to 90s Kid. The creepy joke about Kurt Cobain's corpse, the phone call that distracted him from helping Ninja-Style Dancer, the disappearances of Liz and Harvey, and the fact that he's the only one besides Linkara still around. He realizes that the Entity is using 90s Kid as a cover from Lord Vice, but he even knows who the Entity is. The Entity has been causing glitches everywhere, and the statement "A piece of the World is Missing" was not a statement, but a clue to the Entity's name...MissingNo. from Pokemon.

Pokémon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu #1 Edit

Linkara says that it's impossible for MissingNo. to exist, he's just a video game glitch. MissingNo. explains he's from another universe, created by accident and gathering converts to his cause. Lord Vyce was a temporary hindrance, which Linkara inadvertently removed by defeating and exiling him. Ninja-Style Dancer was first because, also being a creature without his own voice, he was able to sense MissingNo. coming and had left to find help. Linkara tries to use the Magic Gun against MissingNo., but it was his followers that created it, and it has no effect on him. He takes the gun and absorbs it. Linkara activates an Emergency procedure and retreats to another room, activating force fields. Nimue, speaking with a different voice due to the Entity's presence, says the Entity is also absorbing Comicron-1 and it's no safer. In fact, the force fields protecting the room actually wouldn't stop the Entity; it's simply toying with Linkara, letting him sit in fear.

Following his review, Linkara decides to accept his fate, but seeing the Pokemon manga and then the Spider-Man comic from the previous week, he gets an idea. He surrenders, but poses a question to the Entity; after absorbing Linkara, the last human on Earth, what will the Entity do next? It says it will keep traveling to other universes, absorbing them into his perfection. But Linkara presses the issue...what about after that? What will the Entity do when it's absorbed all of existence? Existence cannot be enough when the Entity is literally everything, every possibility, the entire existence of the universe. The logical break begins to phase MissingNo, who cannot process the answer to the question. Linkara finally gives the Entity a question it is able to answer; what happens to an Outer God when it dies? The Entity gladly declares that it will find out, and self-destructs. All the missing people return, and 90s Kid is just fine after being possessed by MissingNo. The other Channel Awesome producers return as well, with most humorously pointing out that they are wearing different clothes or had put out projects despite their disappearances. Pollo speculates that seeing MissingNo might have multiplied the Magic Gun infinitely, but Linkara says it wasn't in his 6th inventory slot. What was? His tricorder, which he now has at least 6 of.

His Blue Soul Edit

All-Star Comics #8 Edit

At the start of the review, Linkara is completing a new body for Pollo, though it's simply a slightly smaller version of his current body, and does not have working arms. Following the review, Mechakara's hand electrifies for a moment, and then zaps the new body. The new body looks around, and then activates fully.

The Fantastic Four #1 Edit

Pollo informs Linkara that had he had gone to check on his new body, but found it missing. Linkara scans the area and finds a residual anti-gravity trace similar to Pollo's gravity skirt, indicating the body left on its own. He also detects a trace of energy similar to the Entity, but not decaying or shifting as rapidly, and the particles lead to Mechakara's hand. Linkara realizes that Mechakara has returned, likely using the powers of the Magic Coin to stay alive in the hand. He tells Pollo to warn everyone, and that he'll research new weapons for the Arsenal of Freedom. But we see that Mechakara has not left, floating in a dark corner.

All-American Comics #16 Edit

Linkara approaches Linksano, who has invented small robotic worms called Cybermats in his latest plan to take down Linkara. However, the Cybermat simply approaches Linkara, who treats it like an adorable puppy. Linkara makes a proposal to Linksano; join Comic-Cron 1's crew as Scientific Advisor. Linksano insists he still wants to take over the world, but Linkara uses a similar tactic as he did against the Entity; what will you do next? Pointing out the various socioeconomic struggles of world leadership gets Linksano to admit he really just wants to play at science and have lackeys. Linkara points out Comic-Cron 1 has a holodeck (the source of his Mobile Emitter technology), which Linksano can use freely if he joins the crew. Linksano asks for a lab, and Linkara throws in "a bunch of scientific-looking doodads, that spark and smoke but have no actual scientific value at all." Linksano heartily agrees, as Mechakara looks on.

Captain America Comics #1 Edit

Mechakara approaches Nimue and disables her protection of ship functions, teleporting to Comic-Cron 1.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan #1 Edit

Nimue tells Linkara there is an urgent message, but he insists she wait until after the review. Upon finishing, she tells him that a robotic form (Mechakara) is onboard Comic-Cron 1 and has gained control of propulsion. She locked out all other systems, and has notified the others. Iron Liz travels to the ship, Linksano says he's in the middle of a dangerous experiment and can't leave, and none of the others respond. Transporting up to the ship, Linkara and Pollo end up on Deck 2, with Iron Liz on Deck 7. Mechakara has accessed the security lockouts, locking down the bridge and working to lock down the ship. Linkara tells Liz to go to Engineering and prevent a ship takeover, while he tries to get to the Bridge and open the doors. Liz asks what happens if Mechakara gains control. Linkara says that Comic-Cron 1 can level the Earth and its sensors can pinpoint every form of life...if Mechakara gains control of it, Linkara will destroy the ship.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan #2 Edit

Liz clarifies that he intends to get them OFF the ship before blowing it up, Linkara responding that was always his intent. As Pollo works to get around the lockouts, Linkara asks him if he thinks he will ever end up like Mechakara, resenting humanity and Linkara in particular. Pollo says he doesn't, pointing out all the good things Linkara has done for him and quoting Spock's line from the movie this comic is based on, "I have been, and always shall be, your friend." Following the review, Mechakara contacts Linkara through Nimue and demands he release his lockouts, or he'll vent the air on the ship. But Linkara points out that he still has teleporter control and they can beam off, and Pollo says he can work without air and continue fighting Mechakara alone. Linkara demands Mechakara release the Bridge and surrender or he'll blow the ship up. After thinking over his options, Mechakara begins causing shipwide damage, attempting to activate a safety feature of Nimue's that will disregard lockouts in the event the ship is in danger. He causes a radiation leak in Engineering that causes the engines to fail, but at that moment a Cybermat opens the door. Linkara sends Pollo to Engineering to fix the radiation leak, since if Comic-Cron 1 falls to Earth, many people would die. He takes the Cybermat with him.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan #3 Edit

Linkara storms the bridge with the Cybermat, distracting Mechakara with covering fire while the Cybermat tackles him from behind. He retreats to other parts of the ship. Nimue reports that Mechakara's damage has disabled communication, and their orbit is decaying rapidly. Manually rebalancing the engines would fix them, but nobody would survive the radiation. All other methods would take longer than they have. Linkara has Nimue consider options while he reviews the last comic. After the review, Nimue reports that the engine imbalance has been corrected, and communication re-established. He calls to Engineering to congratulate them, but Iron Liz tells him Pollo corrected the imbalance manually. Linkara runs to Engineering, Liz stopping him from opening the doors, even calling him Lewis to snap him into the reality that Pollo is already gone. Pollo tells Linkara that "I stopped the other me", reflecting Linkara's concerns from earlier. Linkara tells him he had nothing to prove, but Pollo says he did what had to be done before suffering total systems failure. Liz says Mechakara can't be found. Linkara says Pollo refused to be backed up, saying the backup was a clone, a different person, so he's really gone. Liz shows him a communication readout they scanned while looking for Mechakara's transportation signal, and Linkara makes a miraculous realization. Pollo managed to transmit his consciousness towards Earth, a distinct positronic signal. The trace fades as it gets near Earth, so they don't know WHERE Pollo is, but he IS alive. And they promise to find him.

Top 15 Personal Favorite Jokes of AT4W Edit

Linkara places Pollo's remains on the bookshelf, telling him that they'll find him and to not worry.

Youngblood #4 Edit

On Comicron-1, Mechakara sneaks into a room where several Shades have been stored. His eye glows brightly, and mechanical shrieks can be heard as the Shades come to life…

Meanwhile, Linkara notices that the Tom Servo replica usually on display in his living room is missing. Just then Nimue informs Linkara that Mechakara has been located in the Science Lab on Comicron-1. Linkara is shocked to hear that Mechakara is on the ship again, and Nimue reveals that Mechakara never left it in the first place. Harvey Finevoice and Doctor Linksano come in and listen as Nimue explains that the ship’s internal sensors were damaged by the engine imbalance during Mechakara’s last attack. After they were reset, they defaulted to last used settings for “Intruder Alert” status and had to be recalibrated. They were, but the recalibration did not take into account that the intruder might still be on board. Linkara is still confused because he figured Mechakara would have caused more damage by now. Nimue speculates that Mechakara was damaged during the last encounter and has only recently become operational again. She explains that Mechakara apparently entered the Shade storage room two hours earlier and took a Shade with him to the Science Lab. Linkara is still confused over why Mechakara didn’t show up when the intruder alert reset, and wonders if he’s missing something. Harvey and Linksano urge Linkara to take action, and the three of them beam onto the ship.

On Comicron-1, Linkara, Harvey, and Linksano prepare themselves outside the Science Lab. Just as they’re about to ambush the Science Lab, the ship jolts violently. Nimue announces that the propulsion systems have been activated and that the ship is now moving. Linksano insists that he installed new safeguards and that there’s no way Mechakara should’ve been able to gain control of the ship. Linkara asks Nimue where they’re heading now and Nimue says they appear to be taking the most direct route out of the Solar System. Everyone is bewildered by this, since they figured Mechakara would immediately take the ship to Earth and decimate the nearest city. Linkara tells Linksano to go down to Engineering and regain control of the ship while they take care of Mechakara.

Linkara and Harvey storm the Science Lab, where they find a Shade working on Mechakara. Linkara and Harvey and the Shade fire at each other until the two gun the Shade down. Before it collapses, the Shade manages to activate Mechakara’s voice modulator. “Alright, Mechakara,” Linkara says, “surrender now, and you won’t get hurt.”

The robot speaks: “That…is not my name.” It’s Lord Vyce’s voice.

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Edit

Lord Vyce confirms that he is the one possessing the new Pollo body, not Mechakara. Vyce explains that in case he was ever defeated, he had equipped himself with a transdimensional distress beacon so that his Shades could come and rescue him. However, he waited in exile for three years after sending the distress signal. Vyce realized that because of the time differences between the universes, it could be hundreds of years before help arrived, and besides, Linkara was in the process of disabling all Shades in Vyce’s conquered universes, meaning there may be no help coming at all. Vyce considered his options and made a decision. Vyce had always known the nature of the Entity: a being a pure, living data. As a last resort, Vyce became what he hated most. He is now living data, his physical form restricted to whatever object he possesses. After Linkara had contacted Vyce through Mechakara’s hand, he turned off its communications but left the signal online. Vyce was able to transfer himself into the hand, then into the nearest receptacle that could contain his new data form: the new Pollo body. Vyce admits he is simpler than the Entity, restricting his ability to possess and limiting him only to mechanical bodies, and he is unable to transfer out. He will overcome that limitation in time, but before that he is determined to get his ship back and continue his quest to destroy the Entity.

Linkara informs Vyce that the Entity is already dead, but Vyce is incredulous, refusing to believe Linkara could destroy the Entity when he couldn’t destroy Vyce. Linkara tries to explain but Vyce is in no mood to listen. Vyce has control of the ship’s propulsion systems and claims that, with time, he can take control of the rest as well. Linkara says he’ll destroy the ship before he lets Vyce have it again, and he, Harvey Finevoice, and Nimue enter the codes to begin the self-destruct sequence. Suddenly a huge blast of energy erupts from Vyce, and he flees in the confusion. Nimue explains that Vyce has tapped into the ship’s power and is channeling massive energy into his power conduits, increasing his power tenfold. He appears to be heading towards the bridge. Linkara guesses that he’ll try to override the self-destruct there and asks Nimue if he’s capable. Nimue doesn’t know, but notes that Vyce has been able to circumvent many security measures on the ship due to his knowledge of it’s inner workings. Nimue has set the self-destruct timer at 40 minutes, and Linkara decides to use that time to escape. Linkara attempts to contact Doctor Linksano to tell him to head to the hanger bay, but he gets no response. Nimue announces that Vyce is drawing power from several sections of the ship, including internal communications, teleportation, and door controls. Linkara realizes they’re trapped. Nimue says she’s sent for a Security Sentry to force the door open, but because internal communications are down, it’s unlikely it will get the message. Linkara does the only thing he can do now: review a comic.

Internal communications suddenly come back online as Vyce contacts Linkara, demanding he disengage the self-destruct sequence and surrender the ship. Linkara mockingly asks if Vyce is having trouble, and Vyce insists that on the contrary, he’ll disable the self-destruct sequence very soon, but he’s offering Linkara a chance to leave the ship and avoid Vyce’s wrath. Linkara refuses and mentions that Vyce’s reputation as a “conqueror of universes” is somewhat exaggerated - when Pollo was working to free the other universes, he found that Vyce would only conquer one or two worlds before moving on. Vyce explains that the Entity would flee quickly whenever he closed in on it. The conquests helped identify who or what the Entity was posing as, and the reputation helped encourage compliance among future conquests. But the reputation was not undeserved: the Entity is not the only multidimensional threat he’s encountered, just the only one that survived battle with Vyce. Linkara points out that despite all that, he was able to kick Vyce’s ass. Vyce admits that he had grown complacent and was foolish to trust Linksano. The experience proved that he could only count on himself in his war with the Entity. Linkara once again insists that the Entity is dead, but Vyce simply can’t believe that a creature he witnessed devour universes in hours could be destroyed by an ant like Linkara. Linkara points out that there are visual records proving it, but Vyce brushes it aside as either a ruse of the Entity or a fabrication of Linkara’s. He once again demands Linkara’s surrender and Linkara refuses, breaking the connection.

Suddenly the door opens, revealing the Cybermat. Nimue explains that with internal communications online, the Security Sentry was alerted and able to force open the door. Five minutes remain til self-destruct. Linkara tells Harvey to find Linksano and get to the Vigilant. Linkara will head to the bridge and try to keep Vyce from stopping the self-destruct sequence.

Harvey finds Linksano in Engineering and tells him they have to leave now, but Linksano is distracted. He noticed there was a teleportation signal to Comicron-1 just before their own and he’s been trying to isolate it. Harvey tells him to forget it and they head towards the Vigilant.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, Linkara tries to sneak up on Vyce, but Vyce catches him and hits him with a massive blast of energy. Nimue warns that the self-destruct sequence has been disabled. Vyce blasts Linkara again and again, taunting him. Suddenly, Linkara’s Tom Servo replica pops up behind Vyce. “Surprise!” it says with Pollo’s voice, and blasts Vyce away. Linkara embraces Pollo, overjoyed. Pollo explains that he transfered himself into the Tom Servo body, but he found it was very different from his own and he had difficulty speaking or moving until now. Linkara assures him that he’ll get Pollo a new new body soon. They realize the Vyce has fled and is probably heading towards Engineering. Linkara hurries after him, instructing Pollo to secure the bridge.

Linkara catches up to Vyce in a hallway. He attempts to fire at Vyce, but his phaser is jammed. He overloads the phaser and chucks it at Vyce, causing it to explode and create a hole in the ship’s hull. Linkara clings to the grate below him to prevent being sucked out into space, while Vyce struggles to keep hovering. Nimue is about to activate emergency bulkheads to cover the hull breech, but Linkara tells her to belay that order. Vyce manages to hover towards Linkara, but Linkara kicks Vyce until he loses control and is sucked into space. Linkara tells Nimue to close the bulkheads and lets out a sigh of relief as the hole closes.

Later, Harvey asks why they didn’t just blast Vyce out of the sky when they had the chance, and Linkara explains that whatever Vyce did to stop the self-destruct screwed up the external sensors. They couldn’t get a fix on him. Besides, Pollo says the deflector shields will keep Vyce from getting near the ship again, especially since he was pushed away from the ship. Harvey asks if Vyce can’t just fly back to Earth, but Linksano says that Vyce was clearly damaged and his hoverskirt was malfunctioning - he won’t get very far. Besides, they were at the edge of the Solar System, even on full power it would take him decades to get anywhere. Linkara says they should still try to find Vyce and finish the job, but in the meantime, Linkara promised Pollo a new body and he intends to keep that promise.

Gun and Sorcery Edit

Batman: A Word to the Wise Edit

A mysterious Gunslinger teleports into the apartment and confronts Linkara. He demands that Linkara hand over his Magic Gun, and Linkara fires at him. Linkara dives behind the couch as the man responds with a Magic Gun of his own. The Gunslinger notes that his shots don’t seem to be actually destroying the environment at all, and he wonders what this dimension is made out of. Linkara instructs Nimue to unleash the new Cybermat, which shocks the intruder. Linkara takes this chance to fire on the Gunslinger several times, ranting about how he’s so sick of people coming into his home and picking a fight with him. The Gunslinger uses some kind of pocketwatch to teleport away, and Linkara boasts, “I have fought conquerers, robots, and monsters, and I have been victorious every time! There is nothing that can stop me now!NOTHING!”

Suddenly there’s a blinding flash of light from the Magic Gun, and Linkara looks at it in confusion. He tries to fire it, but nothing happens.

Marvel Team-Up #74 Edit

Linkara asks Harvey Finevoice and Pollo if they’ve made any progress fixing the Magic Gun, but Harvey says that the tools Linkara gave them aren’t working. Linkara examines one of them, a Sonic Screwdriver, and realizes, “…It’s a toy.” In fact, many of Linkara’s weapons and gadgets have become toys and refuse to work like they usually do. Linkara pulls out a small leather-bound book. Holding up the Sonic Screwdriver, he reads a strange word from the book and looks at the Sonic Screwdriver expectantly. Nothing happens.

Harvey and Pollo demand an explanation, and Linkara asks them if they’ve ever wondered why he has working technology from Power Rangers and Star Trek and so on just lying around. The truth is they were all toys, made real with an enchantment from the book. If done properly, the spell will turn something into whatever it represents - a toy Sonic Screwdriver becomes an ACTUAL Sonic Screwdriver. Harvey asks why Linkara doesn’t use the spell on a box with a button that says “Destroy Mechakara forever” or something like that, and Linkara says it doesn’t work like that, admitting that he doesn’t fully understand the rules of the magic. Even on the stuff where it does work, it’s tricky - it took him ten tries before he could get a working Phaser.

So thanks to the apparent loss of magic, all of the items Linkara’s enchanted no longer work, but there’s a bigger problem: there was a low-level protection spell on the apartment, keeping it safe from gunshots or explosions or anything else that might destroy it. Linkara started casting it a few years ago after being attacked by a sentient Star Trek comic. Now that the spell is gone, if the Gunslinger were to return, the ensuing battle could quickly leave them homeless.

Linkara draws his attention back to the Magic Gun. The little girl of the Magic Gun considers Linkara as her friend, her partner - he can hear her whispering in his ear whenever he uses it. If the Magic Gun’s not working, Linkara fears that something’s happened to her. Doctor Linksano comes in and says that Comicron-1 is still working, as are its sensors, and it has just finished analyzing the Magic Gun. There appears to be magic still within the gun, and nothing indicates that there’s anything wrong with it. Frustrated, Linkara asks why then none of his magical items are working, and Linksano notes that it’s almost like the magic is being suppressed, like something in the specific area is keeping the magic from being utilized. Like an Anti-Magic Field Generator. Linkara says he should pay Doctor Insano a little visit.

Blake's 7 #2 Edit

Linkara confronts Doctor Insano, demanding to know who he sold an Anti-Magic Field Generator kit to, but Insano claims he hasn’t sold one in months. Linkara wonders out loud who could’ve disabled his magic and threatens Insano, promising pain if he finds out he’s lying. Linkara leaves, and Insano says to himself, “So…his magic isn’t working, is it…?”

The Battle for Bludhaven #1-2 Edit

Doctor Linksano asks Linkara why he didn’t ask Doctor Insano about the last person he sold an Anti-Magic Field Generator kit to, months ago. Linkara points out that if whoever disabled his magic had the ability to do it months ago, why would they wait until now to do it? Besides, he suspects that an Anti-Magic Field Generator is not the cause of all this after all, because it would have to be pretty powerful to affect him when he left the apartment to see Insano. Harvey Finevoice asks if they have anything to defend themselves with in case the Gunslinger comes back, and Linkara remembers the BFG, since it wasn’t magic. But 90s Kid speaks up, admitting he drained the gun’s power cells when he fired it into the air in celebration for Youngblood being renewed. Linkaraexplodes at 90s Kid, threatening to wring his neck, before Harvey calms him down. Linkara apologizes to 90s Kid, not sure what came over him.

Linkara admits that the whole situation is getting to him, bemoaning the fact that he let Insano know that his magic isn’t working. Linksano says not to worry about it, as Comicron-1 is keeping an eye on Insano, but Linkara points out that Nimue doesn’t have unlimited computer power and they’re already putting a strain on the ship as they have it watching Insano, watching the apartment, and constantly scanning for a reason behind the magic failure. Linkara asks Linksano if he’s had any luck finding a solution. Linksano says he’s been studying Comicron-1’s databanks on various aspects of magic, noting it’s very thorough (after all, raw magical energy is one of this ship’s fuel sources), but points out that it’s based on magic in other universes, where the physical laws may be different, meaning the rules of magic may be different than the ones in this universe. Besides, Linksano is just starting to learn this stuff, and insists that what Linkara needs is an actual expert on magic. Linkara realizes that he knows someone he can call.

Linkara contacts the Last Angry Geek and asks to see Cloak 1. Cloak 1 is reluctant to help Linkara after that whole mess last year, but Linkara eventually convinces him and explains the situation, asking if the Gunslinger put a curse on him. Cloak 1 says it’s possible and asks Linkara if all his magical items have stopped working. Linkara says that magical items he’s appropriated from others still seem to work, and Cloak 1 concludes that the curse must be directed around Linkara’s magic specifically. Cloak 1 admits that he’s not nearly experienced enough to deal with any curse and suggests that Linkara seek out more powerful wizards and sorcerers, the ones who have lived for thousands of years. He doesn’t know where to find them, Linkara will have to figure that out on his own, but he notes that Malachite is working at a coffee shop in Wisconsin.

The Battle for Bludhaven #3-4 Edit

Linkara prepares to go on a journey to find someone who can help him get his magic back, while Harvey Finevoice tries to talk him out of it. Harvey points out that Linkara has no weapons, no idea where to go, and the only reason he’s doing this is because Cloak 1, someone who tried to kill him last year, said it would be a good idea. Linkara explains that he has Doctor Linksano working on some new gadgets for him, as well as a new gun. Furthermore, Comicron-1 has picked up some “hot spots” of magic up north, so that’s where Linkara plans to go. As for Cloak 1, Linkara points out that Cloak 1 was just trying to keep people from finding Malachite’s Hand. Harvey asks if Linkara’s going to talk to Malachite and Linkara says he hasn’t decided, doubting Malachite would be in a helpful mood. Harvey insists that Linkara still shouldn’t go alone, and Linkara says he plans to take one of the Mark II Cybermats along.

Linksano comes in with some new toys for Linkara. First, a wrist communicator with a few simple functions, which Linksano explains: Linkara must press the red button once to contact Nimue, then say the name of who he wants to talk to, and Nimue will put him through. Press the button again to close the channel. Hold down the button for three seconds to initiate emergency teleportation. He also gives Linkara a Liberator gun, warning that he’s unable to adjust how powerful it is. Linkara tells him to work at it, saying he’ll go without a weapon if necessary.

Harvey asks what Linkara is going to do about the show, and Linkara says that the emergency Linkara hologram will host the show while he’s gone.

The Battle for Bludhaven #5-6 Edit

Linkara make his final preparations for his journey. Pollo asks if Linkara’s sure he doesn’t want anyone else there to see him off, and Linkara says they would just tell him not to leave. Pollo points out that he shouldn’t leave, not until he’s more prepared, but Linkara says he’s got Comicron-1 tracking him, and he knows Pollo will come get him if gets in trouble. Pollo asks about his new body, and Linkara says that Holokara will continue to work on it. Before he leaves, Linkara takes one final look at his apartment. “I’m comin’ back. And when I do, everything will be okay.”

Sir Charles Barkley and the Referee Murders Edit

Linkara mistakenly travels South to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds where he tries to find experts to fix his Magic Gun including Cartoonists, The Ghostbusters, and a Whovian.

Captain Electron #1 Edit

Linkara goes farther South to Bloomington. He only finds one magic individual who unfortunately cannot help since guns did not exist in his time. (Linkara implies that they were all invisible.)

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Edit

Linkara, still traveling. While searching for a great magic user, he meets up with the Cinema Snob at White Castle. So far during his travels, he hasn't had the need for Comicron-1 to teleport down food or shelter.

Spider-Man: One More Day: 200th Episode Edit

Linkara decides to review "One More Day" for his 200th review when he is contacted by Bennett the Sage claiming to be the devil.

Cloak #1 appears offering to make "One More Day" disappear. Linkara corrects him, saying that if One More Day never existed than he would have never done a crossover with the Last Angry Geek about "One Moment in Time".

The Continuity Alarm goes off for the first time in a while. It informs Linkara that it has been on Vacation.

Obscurus Lupa appears just before the end of Part 1, claiming she can make "One More Day" have a point.

Lupa tries to make a good example of why Linkara shouldn't have started reviewing comic books and should have reviewed Horror, but fails. She makes another attempt by having That Sci-Fi Guy lie and claim he doesn't like comics, but he does. Her final attempt is with SF Debris but they don't get far when she asks him where his "Picture" is. Her final attempt is showing Linkara his future, which is just Future Linkara who once again misses his old hat.

Cinema Snob appears thinking Linkara is reviewing a Caligula Comic.

Bennett makes another cameo but Linkara is just not in the mood.

Linkara finally finishes the comic and wishes the comic could be undone. That Guy With The Glasses appears to offer him a deal. He lays it all out: If Linkara gives up his show, than he will erase "One More Day" from existence. That Guy With The Glasses informs Linkara that he is the devil by teleporting to a different location and making a paper appear out of thin air for Linkara to sign. Linkara writes "No chance in hell in you piece of ****." on it and hands it back.

Linkara tells That Guy With The Glasses to shove it. He tries to kill Linkara but is shot by That Guy With The Hat who implies that his robe doesn't fit him anymore.

Rock N' Roll #31 Edit

Holokara has built a small, lightweight version of Pollo’s original body to act as a temporary body for Pollo while he finishes his other bodies. He explains that the Tom Servo body was never meant to house Pollo, and he’s already begun to notice memory fragmentation that shouldn’t be there. He transfers Pollo’s mind into the Travel Pollo body.

Later, Holokara tells 90s Kid that he doesn’t appreciate the way he pops up during reviews and interrupts the show, and asks him to stop. When 90s Kid starts to protest, Holokara suddenly phases his hand into 90s Kid’s chest.

“Stop interrupting,” Holokara snarls, “or the next time you try, I won’t let go of your heart until it stops beating.”

He pulls his hand out and and leaves. 90s Kid collapses against the wall, too shocked to speak.

Future Shock #1 Edit

Harvey Finevoice angrily confronts Holokara, demanding an explanation for threatening 90s Kid. Holokara calmly explains that he just wanted to make it clear that he was tired of 90s Kid interrupting the reviews. Harvey says that Holokara could have killed 90s Kid, but Holokara seems unconcerned. Harvey thinks that Holokara is malfunctioning and demands that he come with him to Nimue so she can figure out what’s wrong. Holokara insists there’s nothing wrong with him and refuses to comply. Harvey pulls out a gun and fires on Holokara, but the bullets have no effect on him. Holokara punches Harvey hard, his fist phasing into him for a moment, knocking Harvey down.

“Harvey, please don’t get in my way,” Holokara says calmly. “It’d be a shame if I had to crush your throat. I mean, how would you ever sing again?” Holokara chuckles and walks away.

Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #1 Edit

Linkara explains that while the leads in Canada turned out to be dead ends, he did get some information about a great wizard living in the area. Nimue directed him on where to go, but then his communicator lost contact with the ship. Putting that aside for now, Linkara finds himself at a suburban home and is greeted by the Great Wizard Aplos(who now goes by Steven). Linkara explains the situation and hands the Magic Gun over to Steven. Steven inspects the gun and begins to talk to it, to Linkara’s confusion.

Steven asks Linkara if he knew the girl of the Magic Gun is named Margaret. Linkara is surprised, saying that he didn’t know and he’d been trying to figure that out. Steven explains that Linkara wouldn’t know that because he hasn’t unlocked Margaret’s full potential yet. He goes on to say that if Linkara had unlocked her full potential and this had happened, he might’ve been “too far gone.” Linkara doesn’t understand, so Steven spells it out for him: “The problem is not with your magic, the problem is with YOU.”

Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #2 Edit

Steven accuses Linkara of being arrogant and power-hungry, and so deluded that he can’t see it. He explains that people see magic as a means to gain more power, but the truth is magic can’t be used for evil. Magic is tied to the being and mind of a person, to their very soul. It can be used to defend and to heal, but it cannot be used to actively or even passively hurt others. The human soul can tell the difference between right and wrong, even if the mind can’t.

Linkara points out that Malachite was able to use his magic for evil. Steven admits that Malachite’s power was beyond anything that any magic-user had ever seen or seen since. It’s extremely rare for the rules to be broken like that. Linkara asks about curses and dark magic, pointing out that the Magic Gun was forged in a dark ritual. Steven explains that in those cases, people are granted power from a dark, powerful demonic source, not realizing there’s always a price to pay.

Linkara still doesn’t understand: his magic isn’t working cause his soul knew he was a bad guy? Steven explains that it hasn’t happened yet. Margaret sped things up to get Linkara’s attention. She’s worried about him, worried about what he might become. Linkara insists he’s not turning evil, and Steven tells Linkara to think back to all the times he’s: used his power selfishly, lashed out at others unreasonably, worried about his own problems before anyone else’s, arrogantly assumed hissolutions were the right ones, ignored the suffering of others, and went off into his own world, oblivious to the words of others.

Linkara is silent.

“Our actions and our thoughts shape who we are,” Steven says, “andyours are not shaping up to the ones of a hero.” He suggests Linkara go home and think carefully about who he really is.

Psychoman #1 Edit

As Holokara ends the review, he tells Nimue that they need to reposition Comicron-1.

Linkara walks alone, dejected, when suddenly a young girl appears before him. Linkara realizes that this is Margaret. He asks how she’s doing this and says he’d like to talk to her like this more often, if possible, but she says not to worry about it now.

Linkara acknowledges that he’s made a mess of things but he’s confused about what to do now. Frustrated, he asks Margaret what she wants from him, what he’s supposed to do to make things right again. Margaret says she wants him to be better. She’s been holding back with him because she’s been uncertain about him, and what he could do if she let loose her full power. Linkara says that maybe Steven was right about him and he is going evil, and Margaret should use her power to snuff out Linkara before he gets worse.

Margaret says that Linkara is her partner and friend, and she wants to help him. She tells Linkara to be more mindful in the future, to think a little bit more, and to be more aware of things. Linkara promises to try (Margaret points out doing is better than trying, to which Linkara agrees). Linkara says he thinks he’s ready to go home now. Margaret smiles and says, “I’m already home.” before disappearing.

Marville #3 Edit

Doctor Linksano meets with Harvey Finevoice to discuss what to do about Holokara. Harvey admits that firing his pistol at Holokara like he did was dumb and, at the very least, he should’ve aimed for the mobile emitter, but he was too angry to think clearly. Linksano says it wouldn’t have made much of a difference anyway - a hologram is a combination of light projections and force fields, so Holokara can project a force field around the mobile emitter to protect it. Linksano thinks that Holokara can still be defeated with a frontal assault, but they’ll need bigger and more powerful guns. With continued and sustained attacks, they can drain Holokara’s energy, they just need to stay alive long enough to see it through. As they plan, Harvey comments that he thinks the Gunslinger is behind all this and is just waiting for a chance to attack.

Meanwhile, the Gunslinger teleports into what appears to be a normal house. He is greeted by a computer called Sierra, who refers to the Gunslinger as “Master.” The Gunslinger doubles over in pain, both from his wounds from his fight with Linkara and from high toxicity in his bloodstream. While Sierra administers medication into the air supply, the Gunslinger says that Linkara’s universe is like poison to him - he had only been there a few minutes before losing focus. Sierra says that the readings the Gunslinger came back with were very thorough and that it should be able to extend the Gunslinger’s ability to withstand Linkara’s universe. He also says that three months have passed in Linkara’s universe.

Sierra asks if the Gunslinger was able to make Linkara angry, and the Gunslinger says Linkara seemed more annoyed than anything, but he thinks he can “make this work.” Sierra says that it’s been studying the records of Linkara’s universe and found out that Linkara managed to defeat Lord Vyce. Because of this, Sierra suggests they should steer clear of Linkara and challenge someone else, but the Gunslinger disagrees. He says that if Linkara really did take out Vyce, then it’s more important than ever that they get his Magic Gun up to full power. “After all, it is the last one we need.” On a nearby table sits a large stash of Magic Guns.

Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: The Answer to a Riddle Edit

Harvey Finevoice and 90s Kid ambush Holokara and attack him with their guns. It doesn’t seem to have any effect, but Doctor Linksano urges them on from nearby, insisting that Holokara’s power levels are slowly draining. 90s Kid runs out of bullets so he picks up the recharged BFG and uses that instead. Holokara deflects the BFG’s laser, knocking down Harvey and 90s Kid. Pollo attempts to hack the mobile emitter, but Holokara foresaw this and put Pollo into a new body for just this occasion. He snaps his fingers, disabling Pollo. Linksano jumps out of his hiding spot and fires at Holokara with his own gun. Holokara mentions that Linkara left a number of emergency procedures, and activates “Emergency Procedure #3.” A force field suddenly appears in front of Linksano, knocking him back.

Holokara taunts the group, saying that no one can stop him and what he’s begun. Suddenly, a shot hits him from behind, and he whirls around in confusion.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Linkara says, cocking the Magic Gun, “I think I might know a guy.”

Batman: Jazz #1 Edit

Linkara says that Pollo has explained what’s going on with his short-range transmitter. Linkara accuses Holokara of the communications breakdown with Comicron-1, but Holokara says that it wasn’t him - he suspects it was a malfunction aboard Comicron-1, and the Cybermats are looking into it.

Doctor Linksano tells Linkara to be careful, but Linkara simply tells the computer to deactivate the emergency reviewing hologram, and Holokara disappears. Harvey Finevoice says that it looks like the Magic Gun is working again, and Linkara mentions that it looks like his magic enchantments are back as well, including the protective spell on the apartment. Linkara realizes it’s Monday and goes off to do the review, telling Linksano to do what he can for Pollo.

After the review, Holokara bursts into the room and puts a force field over the door, saying they need to talk. Holokara notes that Linkara doesn’t seem that surprised that he’s back online, but Linkara says that Holokara is based on his brain patterns and personality, it’s in Holokara’s nature to have a backup plan. Just then Linksano contacts him, warning that Holokara is online again but they’ve already figured out how he backed up his program, and he and Pollo are working on shutting down the hologram permanently. Holokara attempts to disable Pollo again but Linksano has blocked his signals to Pollo.

Holokara reminds Linkara that he can’t take him in a fight, but Linkara suggests that the Magic Gun has become more powerful than ever, and demands to know what Holokara wants. “Well that’s the thing, isn’t it?” Holokara says, “It’s all about power. The power to do good.” Linkara asks what he’s talking about and Holokara turns to Nimue, asking what her status is. Nimue says that Comicron-1’s weapons are charged and aimed at the provided coordinates…New York City. Specifically, Marvel Entertainment.

Holokara’s plan is to issue an ultimatum to Marvel: they will begin work on a storyline reversing One More Day, keeping Holokara apprised of its progress…or he will use Comicron-1 to level Marvel offices. If Spiderman can’t be saved, then at least he can die with dignity.

Holokara describes a world with no more heroes making deals with the devil, no more heroes being killed off for no reason or being retconned and rebooted, and they have the power to make it happen. Superheroes are bigger than us, they’re our mythology, existing to inspire us to be better, but time and time again they are squandered or have injustices heaped on them. Holokara says that the creators have shown themselves to be the true villains, and that it’s time he and Linkara be the heroes they should be and save these characters.

Linkara considers all this for a moment, before saying that all Holokara is doing is threatening people if he doesn’t get his way. “That doesn’t make you a hero, that makes you a bully.” Holokara insists that this is too important - they deconstruct all these horrible comics over and over, and nothing ever changes. Linkara says that things will change, by winning hearts and minds, by convincing people that they’re right, not by forcing them, and especially not by putting a gun to their heads.

Linksano contacts Linkara again, saying they’ve isolated Holokara’s program and can short-circuit his emitter. Linkara tells Linksano to fry the emitter. Holokara disappears, the mobile emitter falling to the floor.

Later, Linkara has a chat with Harvey, Pollo, 90s Kid, and Linksano. Pollo asks if they’ve figured out what was wrong with Holokara, and Linkara says nothing was wrong with him - he was acting exactly like he was supposed to. The hologram was based on Linkara’s memories and mental patterns, and its entirely likely that if he hadn’t gone on that journey and learned all these things about himself, he might have turned out just like Holokara.

Harvey says he doesn’t believe that Linkara could’ve turned evil, considering how many times he’s saved the world. Linksano says that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. You can justify anything if it’s in the pursuit of a “greater good,” the important thing is where you draw the line. Linkara asks Nimue why she didn’t shut off Holokara when this all started, saying she’s programed with ethical subroutines to prevent this kind of thing from happening. Nimue apologizes, explaining that Comicron-1 has recently been suffering multiple malfunctions that can’t be explained at this time. Linkara says they’ll get to work investigating that, adding that the Gunslinger is still out there and it’s worrying that he’s been so quiet.

Linkara also says that this whole thing has convinced him that he’ll never turn evil. When Holokara began to turn on the group, they banded together and fought back, protecting each other. Linkara can’t think of anyone else he would rather have standing by his side and keeping him from turning evil.

That night, the Gunslinger sneaks into the apartment and takes the mobile emitter still laying on the floor.

Starstream #1 Edit

A slight disturbance occurs with Linkara ironically implying, "Maybe we'll find out next week.".

The Thing From Another World #1 Edit

Linkara, Harvey Finevoice, 90s Kid, and Doctor Linksano are all hanging out in Linkara’s apartment. Suddenly, Nimue warns that an intruder has entered the apartment. Before Nimue can continue, there’s an explosion, disabling her. The lights flicker ominously. Linksano says that if Nimue has been disabled, the main computer is offline as well. Linkara wants to leave the apartment as to not risk a confrontation without the emergency procedures in place, but the door won’t open, despite it being unlocked. Linkara tries to break the door down using the Magic Gun, but realizes that won’t work because the protection spell is still in place. Linkara suggests using his wrist communicator to teleport them to Comicron-1, but Linksano says he took the communicator up to the ship to figure out why there was a communications failure. Harvey suggests using one of Linkara’s other communicators like the ones from Star Trekor Power Rangers, but Linkara says they’re tied into the main computer as a relay point, and without the computer, the signal won’t be strong enough.

The four are trapped in Linkara’s apartment with no way to get out, no way to contact the outside world and get help, and someTHING is in there with them…

The Thing From Another World #2 Edit

Linkara uses his cell phone to call the Cinema Snob for help with a joke. After he hangs up, he realizes he can use the cell phone to contact the outside world and get help, but when he checks it again, there’s no signal.

Linkara asks Doctor Linksano if he’s had any luck linking several communication devices together to make a signal strong enough to reach orbit, but Linksano says they’re simply isn’t enough power to signal a teleport. Linkara points out that whatever’s keeping them in the apartment might also have blocked the communications channels - after all, Pollo was on Comicron-1 when the power went down, and he should’ve realized by now that something is wrong. Linkara’s been trying to remove the protection spell so they can bust through the door, but his spellbook only talks about casting the spell, not removing it. Harvey Finevoice tried to remove the hinges on the door, but the screws wouldn’t budge.

Linksano says he tried for six hours to fix the main computer but the main relays are just too damaged. Harvey angrily points out that for someone who’s supposed to be a science advisor, Linksano seems to screw up a lot when it comes to science. Harvey recalls that Linksano incorrectly fingered Doctor Insano when Linkara first lost his magic, that he never got the gun he made for Linkara’s journey to work right, and that it was Linksano’s communicator that malfunctioned when they needed to call Linkara. Harvey says that ever since Lord Vyce escaped his exile, Linksano hasn’t had any motivation to help them. Linkara interjects, saying that Nimue has been keeping an eye on Linksano and besides, even with Vyce gone, there’s always the possibility that they could exile him. Harvey points out that Nimue WAS watching Linksano…until she was shut down. Linksano could have been the one to mess with her circuits.

“Assuming, of course,” Harvey says, “he’s really who he says he is…”

Harvey recalls how the Entity possessed 90s Kid last year. Maybe instead of dying, it just jumped ship…to Linksano. 90s Kid insists that the Entity is dead, but Harvey says that maybe the Entity is STILL in 90s Kid. 90s Kid points out that Harvey leaves the apartment all the time to go to his “gigs”, finding it hard to believe that longue singers get a lot of gigs nowadays.

Linkara tries to break up the arguing but Harvey rages at Linkara, saying that he left them for three months to deal with Holokara on their own. Linkara points out that they could’ve shut the hologram off at any time, but Harvey is skeptical. In fact, he’s begun to suspect that Linkara isn’t really who he says he is either, pointing out that the mobile emitter disappeared the next day. Linkara says an intruder snuck in and took it, and besides, it was never turned on again inside the apartment, but Harvey finds it hard to believe an intruder got in without tripping any alarms. Maybe somebody LET him in.

Linkara says he should be accusing everyone else - he’s been gone for three months, one of the others might’ve let the intruder is. Harvey says that they lost contact with Linkara for a month, maybe he never came back at all, and something else entirely came in his place. Linkara says that Harvey’s the one throwing accusations around and that 90s Kid is right about Harvey leaving for months at a time without telling anyone where he’s going, and Linksano agrees, saying Harvey is pitting everyone against each other. However, Linkara agrees with Harvey that Linksano has been decidedly unhelpful and that maybe he should’ve picked someone else as his science advisor.

The whole group explodes into bickering. Unbeknownst to them, a hooded shadow watches silently.

Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #2 Edit

Linkara goes into the living room to find Harvey Finevoice, 90s Kid, and Doctor Linksano all armed and glaring at each other suspiciously. Linkara apologizes for his behavior, saying they need to work together. Whatever this thing is that’s doing all this, it wants them to destroy each other, and if that happens, it will have won. Harvey still doesn’t trust Linkara, saying that even if he really IS Linkara, it doesn’t change anything. They’re still trapped in the apartment, and Linkara still left them at the mercy of a psychotic hologram. Linkara tries to apologize but Harvey doesn’t want to hear it and the two begin loudly arguing. Linksano slinks off in disgust.

Meanwhile, 90s Kid has noticed the hooded shadow on the wall. 90s Kid tries to tell Linkara and Harvey but they’re too busy arguing. 90s Kid tries to shoot his gun at the shadow but it isn’t working, so he picks up a sword and stabs the shadow, getting everyone’s attention. Linkara whips out the Magic Gun, but the shadow waves its arm and Linkara collapses, seemingly in pain. The same happens to Harvey. Linkara throws the Magic Gun to 90s Kid, who uses it to destroy the shadow.

Linkara asks what the hell the shadow was and Linksano says it looked kinda like one of Lord Vyce’s Shades. Harvey says he thought it looked like one of the Cloaks. Suddenly, Nimue speaks up, apparently online again, much to Linkara’s confusion. She warns that there’s an intruder alert. Linkara turns around to see the Gunslinger. 90s Kid fires the Magic Gun, but the Gunslinger simply blocks it with his high-tech glove. Harvey is about to fire his own gun, but Linkara tells them to stop.

Linkara guesses that the Gunslinger is the one who’s been responsible for all this. The Gunslinger says he picked up the shadow creature a few months ago when he was fighting another guy with a Magic Gun. It loosens peoples’ inhibitions and feeds off their rage. The Gunslinger is still after the Magic Gun, but he doesn’t want it until it’s “ready.” Just then, the Gunslinger gets a signal from his glove. He smiles and says the Magic Gun is ready now, saying that Linkara’s been busy these last few months and he didn’t need to get him mad after all. Linkara asks what he means and the Gunslinger says that Linkara’s unlocked the Magic Gun’s full power. Harvey fires at the Gunslinger but he blocks the bullets with his glove. Linkara commands Nimue to put a force field around the Gunslinger, trapping him. The Gunslinger tells Linkara that he heard he defeated Lord Vyce, and that probably makes Linkara a good guy. He’d ask Linkara for help, but he doesn’t think it would work out. The Gunslinger teleports away, and Nimue is unable to stop him. 

Later, Linkara goes to talk to Harvey alone. Linkara explains that Pollo and Linksano suspect that Nimue was never offline in the first place - there’s no damage to the main computer. The shadow creature probably screwed with their perceptions and made them think that Nimue was offline and couldn’t leave the apartment. Harvey says that it doesn’t matter if their perceptions were fake, everything he said and felt was real. He really was angry about the Holokara incident, and he really was ready to kill Linkara over it. Linkara says he didn’t, and that’s what’s important, but Harvey isn’t convinced. Harvey says he needs to get away for a while - he has a concert tour that will take him all over the states, and it’ll give him time to think. Linkara is disappointed and asks if he’ll be back for Christmas. Harvey says they’ll see.

Harvey turns to leave, and Linkara says that for what it’s worth, he really IS sorry about the Holokara incident. Before this all started, he said that he knew he would never turn evil as long as he had his friends by his side, and this opinion has not changed. Harvey leaves without answering.

Archie Giant Series Magazine #452 Edit

The episode opens with Harvey Finevoice doing a concert before a throng of screaming fans. Later, in his hotel room, he’s visited by theNostalgia Critic. After the events of To Boldly Flee, Critic has taken a job on the side as a Ghost of Christmas Past, and is here to give Harvey a much needed kick in the ass. He tells Harvey that he needs to trust Linkara again, but Harvey says that he doesn’t trust himself around Linkara. Critic asks how Harvey and Linkara met, and Harvey flashes back to a review years ago, back when Linkara still spoke softly and had terrible lighting.

Harvey explains that during this time, he had a son who died tragically, and his wife left him shortly after. Harvey was a wreck and took to drinking. Linkara found Harvey lying by the side of the road while he was training for his Amazons Attack review and got him help.

“The kid saved me, really,” Harvey says. “I made sure to always have Charlie’s back.”

“Charlie?” Critic asks in confusion.


“Harvey, where do you think you are right now?”

Critic says he has to go now and wishes Harvey good luck, leaving the other man in confusion as the scene fades to white.

Teen Titans #13 Edit

Harvey Finevoice finds himself in Linkara’s apartment, where he’s greeted by the Ghost of Christmas Present. Harvey says he’s not in the mood for this and asks the Spirit to take him back to his hotel room, but the Spirit says he’s not the one who brought Harvey there. Just then, Linkara begins his review and the two watch him.

After the review Harvey says, “Geez, my kid really knows how to pick ‘em.”

Your kid?” the Spirit asks.

“…The kid.”

“Mr. Finevoice, where do you think you are right now?”

Harvey stares at the Ghost in confusion before stumbling away seemingly in pain. The scene fades to white.

Batman: Noel Edit

The Ghost of Christmas Present has been replaced by the cloaked Ghost of Christmas Future. Harvey Finevoice demands to see the Spirit’s face and and the Spirit removes his cloak, revealing himself to be Future Linkara. Future Linkara tells Harvey to consider him an echo of what Linkara could be, what he will be. Future Linkara points out a gravestone nearby.

“Oh NO, it’s my GRAVESTONE!” Harvey says sarcastically. He rants about how this has all been a pointless waste of time and that of course he’s gonna die. EVERYONE’S gonna die.

“We’re all gonna…die and leave when we shouldn’t. So what the hell do you get outta showin’ me that I’m gonna die, huh!?”

“Harvey,” Future Linkara says, “where do you think you are right now?”

Confused, Harvey takes a closer look at the gravestone.

It’s Charlie’s grave.

“I don’t wanna be here!” Harvey sobs. Future Linkara says that Harvey’salways here, and that Harvey was the one who brought him there. Harvey says he can’t say goodbye to his son, not when there’s someone out there just like the one he lost. Future Linkara says that he’s notHarvey’s son, and that he needs to accept that. “You have to say goodbye.”

Harvey says that Linkara left for three months, and it was like losing his son all over again. He was so angry that’s he’d left him again. Future Linkara says that he’s not who Harvey wants him to be and he never will, he has to let go of him. Harvey asks when do you start moving on, and Future Linkara says what better time than Christmas?

“This is where you are, where do you want - where do you need to be?”

When Harvey looks at Future Linkara, he’s disappeared. Harvey turns back to the gravestone.

“…Goodbye…..goodbye…..thank you.”

He slowly gets up. Just then Linkara walks in. He’s surprised and delighted to see Harvey and urges him to join in the festivities, saying that this is a time to be thankful. He rushes out of the room and Harvey smiles to himself.

All-Star Batman and Robin #5 Edit

Pollo contacts Linkara from Comicron-1, saying they’re ready for an overhaul of the security systems on the ship and apartment.

“Good,” Linkara says, “then we won’t have any more problems with intruders -”

Suddenly the Gunslinger appears, shooting Linkara in the back. He takes the Magic Gun from Linkara’s prone body.

Youngblood #5 Edit

Linkara beams aboard the bridge of Comicron-1 and orders Nimue to beam everyone aboard and tell them to get to their battlestations. Linkara contacts Doctor Linksano and Pollo and tells them to coordinate with Nimue and find the Gunslinger NOW.

Finally, Nimue contacts Linkara, saying that the Gunslinger has been found. From Engineering, Linksano tells Linkara that the only reason they’ve found the Gunslinger is because he’s currently dimension hopping and putting out a lot of energy. Linkara orders them to pursue and they charge into another dimension.

The enemy ship is put on screen: it’s ship in the shape of a house. Linkara asks Linksano if he’s worked out all the bugs in Comicron-1’s refit seeing how things didn’t go too well the last time they fought a house. Linksano says that it’s all taken care of. Linkara hails the enemy ship and demands that the Gunslinger surrender or be destroyed. Nimue reports that the enemy ship is increasing speed and Linkara orders her to match speed and lock on weapons. Comicron-1 fires on the enemy ship and manages to get the shields down to 50%. Just then, alarms go off and Nimue warns that the weapons are malfunctioning. Linksano reports that circuits in the communications systems are overloading. Linkara asks then why are the weapons being affected, but Linksano doesn’t know. However, he says that it’s not what happened when Linkara was fighting against Terl. Harvey at the weapons controls manages to bring down the enemy’s shields, but warns that their weapons are gone. Linkara wants to teleport over to the ship with an army of Cybermats, but Nimue says there’s only enough power to transport one person and a small being. Linkara orders Nimue to transport himself and Pollo.

On the enemy ship, Linkara tells Pollo to hack into its systems and try to cut the engines. Linkara looks around the ship, realizing it looks like a house on the inside too, commenting that some people must really want the comforts of home along with them. Pollo says he’s interfaced with the computer and is downloading information. Linkara notices a bunch of Magic Guns lying on nearby table and sees his Magic Gun amongst them. He takes it and marvels over the Gunslinger’s collection. Pollo says that there are several files on the computer referencing the guns and video logs of his encounters. Linkara tells Pollo to download them all. Linkara looks over the guns and wonders if the Gunslinger got them from other universes, noting their varied designs.

Suddenly the Gunslinger discovers Linkara, his own Magic Gun ready. Pollo has found the gravity controls and causes the room to lurch, throwing the Gunslinger off-balance. Linkara tells Pollo to turn the ship around and Pollo hacks into the navigational systems. The Gunslinger orders Sierra, to redirect the gravity and he does so, causing Linkara to lose balance. He contacts Nimue and tells her to teleport him and Pollo out of there, but Nimue says that’s not possible as power reserves haven’t recharged yet. While Pollo and Sierra battle for control of the ship, Linkara and the Gunslinger duke it out. In the fight, Linkara manages to get ahold of the Gunslinger’s pocketwatch. Suddenly Linkara and Pollo are beamed back to Linkara’s apartment.

Nimue explains that the enemy ship returned to this universe and Comicron-1 was able to get in range and teleport Linkara and Pollo to safety. Linkara says the Gunslinger will be along soon and tells Pollo to review in the information he downloaded for anything useful. Pollo reviews the files at advanced speed, but before he can say anything, the Gunslinger teleports in, looking haggard. He demands the return of the pocketwatch but Linkara threatens it with the Magic Gun. After the Gunslinger invading his home, attacking him and his friends, almost getting them to kill each other, and kidnapping the Magic Gun, Linkara is extremely pissed off. The Gunslinger says that Linkara doesn’t understand, but Linkara is in no mood to listen and destroys the pocketwatch. The Gunslinger doubles over in pain. He charges Linkara in a rage, but he’s beamed away. Pollo angrily chastises Linkara for destroying the pocketwatch, saying that the Gunslinger is not their enemy.

Later, on Comicron-1, Pollo explains that the Gunslinger’s name isJaeris. He displays one of Jaeris’ many log entries on Comicron-1’s screen. In the video, Jaeris explains that in his universe, a few years ago, there was legislation from the government to supposedly protect the rights of the artists. Jaeris was an internet reviewer then, and his work started getting curtailed as more and more laws were passed. The video changes to show a woman in white explaining that the pirates and criminals have been using the internet to get away with theft for years, but with this multinational initiative, the rights and work of artists will be protected. Jaeris goes on to say that if you expressed opinions contrary to what the government or its backers thought, you’d be taken in the middle of the night and never seen again…and that’s what happened to him. Fortunately, the resistance broke him out of prison and they got to work undermining the regime. But they didn’t have the resources to take on the government, so Jaeris decided to travel to other universes and find people who could help him. He holds up his Magic Gun and explains that he used his magic to create a link between him and his wife back home - his Magic Gun. It’s powered by both of their souls together, and will continue to work as long as they’re both alive.

Harvey asks why Jaeris didn’t just ask for help. Pollo displays another video: Jaeris explains that he’s heading home soon with the people he found in other universes. They all have their own Magic Guns and they’re ready to fight to free Jaeris’ world. Later, a visibly shaken Jaeris says that all his companions are dead. They began dying as soon as they entered Jaeris’ universe. Linksano explains that plenty of universes are similar enough that one can travel from one universe to another with no difficulty, but sometimes a person just can’t exist in another universe, it’s poison to them. It happened to Linksano a few times before he invented a device that allowed him to dimension-hop without fear.

The logs continue: Jaeris says that some of the guns are still workable and can be used by others. With Sierra’s help, Jaeris discovered that once the full power of a Magic Gun is unlocked, it can be used by anybody. Apparently the best way to unlock a Magic Gun is to put its owner through great emotional stress. Jaeris says that he may be alone, but at least he can use the Magic Guns to save his world. Pollo says that Jaeris goes on to describe multiple battles he had with other people. He never deliberately killed anyone, but he always took their guns after they were unlocked.

Linkara asks what this has to do with the pocketwatch. Linksano explains that while some universes will kill you if you step into them, other universes will simply assimilate you into them. Once you become a part of that universe, it’s nearly impossible to go home without dying again. A device like the pocketwatch can keep one anchored to their universe and allow them to temporarily exist in another universe, like with Lord Vyce and his armor. Linkara asks if Jaeris can’t just make another one but Linksano says that you can only create one in your own universe and they are extremely difficult to make. Linkara realizes with horror that by destroying the pocketwatch, he’s guaranteed that Jaeris will never be able to go home again.

Just then an alarm goes off and Nimue reports the Neutro has launched and is marching towards Minneapolis. Doctor Insano is back, and he has control of Neutro.

Meanwhile, on Jaeris’ ship, Sierra regretfully informs Jaeris that he’s finished acclimating to this universe. He explains that if Jaeris were to try to return to his universe, he would die within seconds. He asks what Jaeris’ orders are. After a long silence, Jaeris takes his Magic Gun and leaves.

Star Wars 3-D #1 Edit

Doctor Insano gleefully rambles about his plans for world domination over speakerphone as he pilots the giant robot Neutro. Linkara orders Nimue to deploy Neurto’s shutdown sequence, but Nimue says the system is not responding. Linkara asks how Insano was able to get control of Neutro when Nimue was supposed to be monitoring the robot. Nimue explains that she’s been extremely overtaxed over the last year thanks to random malfunctions and had to relax some security measures in order to stay functional. Linksano says that Insano has probably been planning this ever since he heard that Linkara had lost his magic. Linkara orders Nimue to fire on Neutro, but Insano has apparently given Neutro an energy shield and is undamaged. Nimue can’t beam Linkara into the robot thanks to the energy shield, and they can’t get backup from Angry Joe as he’s currently orbiting the other side of the planet. Linksano claims he can get through the energy shield in less than an hour and Linkara tells him to do it.

Later, Linksano tells Linkara that he’s managed to weaken the energy shield and can teleport one person and one small object into Neutro. This time, Linkara takes a Cybermat with him, and sets it loose inside the robot. Linkara confronts Insano in the control room, but Insano puts a force field over the door. Linkara tries to convince Insano that ruling the world isn’t worth it and he can have everything he wants with Linkara’s holodeck (like he did with Linksano), but Insano’s mind is set on real world domination. Just then Neutro’s power fails thanks to the Cybermat, and the force field disappears. Insano attacks Linkara and Linkara orders Nimue to beam them to his apartment.

In Linkara’s apartment, Insano dons a pair of techno gloves that knock Linkara back with incredible force. Linkara realizes that when Insano took off with the Nostalgia Critic’s house, he got all the tech that was onboard, including the power-enhancing energy gloves that Jesuotakuinvented. Linkara tries firing with the Magic Gun but Insano simply blocks it with his gloves. Linkara tries to take Insano head on but the gloves prove to too powerful. Linkara morphs into White Ranger Zeo Linkara and the two begin to fight in earnest, but they’re interrupted when Linkara is shot down by Jaeris.

Jaeris angrily tells Linkara that thanks to him, he can never go home and save his world. Linkara says he’s learned about Jaeris’ mission and he’s sorry for what he’s done. He realizes he made a horrible mistake, but he claims to have the resources to help get Jaeris back home. Insano says that he doesn’t know what’s going on, but he could totally be more help than Linkara and urges Jaeris to join him. Linkara says he wants to help Jaeris with his mission and while he can’t promise success, he’ll do everything in his power to make it happen. Linkara offers Jaeris the Magic Gun, telling him to take it and the ship if that’s what it takes to free his world.

Jaeris silently considers this for a moment before turning his gun on Insano, who lashes out at the two of them with his gloves. Linkara tries to put a force field around Insano but Insano simply punches through it. Linkara and Jaeris try to fight Insano but he easily knocks them back. Linkara has Jaeris distract Insano with a barrage of gunfire while he speaks directly to Margaret. He says that the last time they spoke, she said that he was holding back her real power, and he asks her to show it now. Suddenly she’s at his side. She give him the power to charge up the Magic Gun and fire a powerful blast at Insano that knocks him down. Linkara tells Nimue to beam Insano out of there and she does so. Jaeris asks why they didn’t do that in the first place, and Nimue says that she couldn’t get a lock on him until his gloves were disabled.

Linkara says he wasn’t lying before; he wants to use Comicron-1’s resources to help Jaeris get home and save his world. Jaeris asks why Linkara is helping him after everything he’s done to Linkara. Linkara offers his hand and says it’s because he was wrong about Jaeris; he doesn’t think he’s an enemy, he think he’s a friend. Jaeris doesn’t take Linkara’s hand, saying that he isn’t ready to call him a friend yet. He wouldn’t have to ask for help if Linkara hadn’t destroyed the pocketwatch in the first place.

Later, Spoony is hanging out with Linkara and apologizes for Insano. He asks if Linkara’s really going to help Jaeris, and Linkara says that Linksano is currently working on finding the coordinates of Jaeris’ universe, as apparently the computer in Jaeris’ ship is different than Comicron-1’s. Spoony asks if he can really trust Jaeris but Linkara thinks it says a lot that Jaeris didn’t just take the Magic Gun and leave him to Insano. Spoony leaves the room to order pizza and Linkara looks up to see Margaret. He asks her if her showing up like this is going to be a regular thing and she says no - there are rules to the forces of magic that Linkara’s playing with, and he’s going to need to learn them for facing challenges in the future.

Meanwhile, on Comicron-1, Nimue says to herself that over the past year, she has dealt with massive critical failures that have interfered with normal operations, and that they are far too numerous and in specific areas for it to merely be a malfunction. She begins to do a self-diagnostic to determine the problem, but suddenly her electronics spark and frizzle and she falls silent. After a moment, her green interface turns red as she says in a strange voice, “Self-diagnostic…canceled.”

Ghost in the Machine Edit

Marville #4 Edit

Linkara transfers Pollo into his first of three new bodies from the smaller body he had been in since the Guns And Sorcery Arc.

Spider-Man 2099 #1 Edit

90s Kid from the year 2099 appears due to the Plot Hole causing a temporal time "thingy" (according to Future 90s Kid) which cause him and the standard 90s Kid to switch places. Linkara starts to ignore him due to his weird future talk.

Ravage 2099 #1 Edit

Future 90s Kid returns to the future and the current 90s Kid is back. After he announces he's back, Linkara ask him if he got some lotto numbers but unfortunately he copied them over to a USB drive that only works if you have a Floppy Disc drive too. He does bring a coded message which Linkara says doesn't make any sense but that he will figure it out later. 90s Kid mentions Linkara's new coat and the Les Miserables crossover he does with the Nostalgia Critic as well as his new T-Shirt designs. They talk about the most important thing he needs to with it ending on how Dr. Insano got his groove back.

All-Star Batman and Robin #6 Edit

Linkara is talking to Alan (liaison with the U.S. Government) about how he doesn't think that Jaeris is threat and that it's pretty quiet lately. Linkara asks Nimue how the diagnostics were going. Nimue replies that the diagnostics have been completed and that no anomalies have been detected. Linkara is going to have Pollo run another diagnostic due to the mystery of Jaeris being able to walk in or out whenever he wanted without disabling anything.

Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: A Deadly Choice Edit

At the beginning of the 250th episode, Nimue glitches and shows the "Merry Christmas From Atop The Fourth Wall" card from the previous year. Linkara corrects Nimue asks to put in some effort in which Nimue responds with: "Merry Christmas From happy 250th episode Atop The Fourth Wall".

Battlestar Galactica #1 Edit

After weeks of analyzing Nimue, Linkara and Pollo have come to a conclusion that the Artificial Intelligence may be overtaxed due to having to keep track of many things and performing numerous tasks including watching the Apartment, keeping track of certain people, and looking for Jaeris's home Universe. They ask Nimue if she has been feeling overtaxed and glitches when replying. When asked what happened she denies any stuttering. Pollo teleports up to Comicron One to make an attempt to activate Vyce's Temporal Shields which haven't been used since before their big fight in Doctor Who Classics #7

The Culling, Part 1: Teen Titans Annual #1 Edit

Pollo teleports to Jaeris's ship to find him drunk due to not being able to see his wife and friends. Pollo continues to gather information from Sierra and they banter with Jaeris feeling entertained (while under the influence) by the bantering. Jaeris still resents Linkara for destroying his anchor. Pollo compares him, Vyce, and The Entity to Dr. Insano who he has more respect for since he is the most honest about his evil ways. When copying data, they find out it is corrupted so Pollo goes back to Comicron One to retry copying the data.

The Culling, Part 4: Teen Titans #9 Edit

Linkara is reading The Absent Grimoire when Pollo informs of meeting with someone named Allen for a drink. The recent incidents with Nimue made him remember something he once read from it. While he is convinced that The Entity is dead, The Absent Grimoire contains information about other beings besides The Entity. Linkara reads a section from the book:

"The Youngest of it's cousins also held many names, but was recognized by all who beheld it as The King Of Worms. It was so named for how it pursued it's ambitions. The lost beast in it's immediate family did not know fear but The King Of Worms knew it well. It knew it so intimately that it lacked what some would call the bravery or courage to confront it's opponents directly. However this explanation does not match with other legends about the creature, particularly the ones that say it never dared show its face amongst it's subjects. They say that The King Of Worms was so perverted by this alien emotion to it's kind, it's face was transformed into a personification of fear itself, a ghastly horror that any creature knew fear would recognize and know it. Because of this instant recognition, The King Of Worms instead acted through it's clockwork servants. The ones that never questions it's commands and did not recognize fear.  Among all the legends about this being, there is a consensus that The King Of Worms covets fear, wishes to command the power that fear wields and someday perhaps restore it's face to its original fearless state."

Linkara considers it's a possibility that Nimue might have been taken over by The King Of Worms. Pollo informs him that there was no luck on regaining control of the Temporal Shields. Linkara and Pollo decide to check the Data Logs to see if Lord Vyce had any information on fighting creatures like The Entity.

Meanwhile 90s Kid grabs The Absent Grimoire, takes a good look at it and walks away.

Brute Force #4 Edit

Linkara is talking to his friend Allen about Nimue and her recent issues when Jaeris shows up. Jaeris apologizes for all the stuff he did last year and Linkara accepts the apology. Jaeris tries to blame himself for destroying the watch but Linkara states we are only responsible for our own actions. Soon After Nimue starts glitching and it's evident that her problem has gotten much worse over the last several episodes. Jaeris recalls a time when Sierra had more freedom in his programming. Eventually Sierra went insane and tried to kill him which led to Jaeris reprogramming Sierra completely. Jaeris recommends reprogramming her in which Linkara says that he'll think about it. After Jaeris leaves and Linkara continues his phone call with Allen, Nimue whispers,"I'm going to kill you.".

The Thing From Another World: Climate Of Fear #1-2 Edit

Linkara teleports up to Comicron One with some theories on what may be happening to her. Before he can get started the ship leaves Earth orbit and heads to space. The ship won't respond to his commands while Nimue continues to babble random phrases. He sends out a distress signal to try and get some help.

The Thing From Another World: Climate Of Fear #3-4 Edit

The Previously On Segment begins to play but glitches and instead shows Please Stand By. Linkara tries to reason with Nimue but stops when she states "I'm going to kill you".

After the review, Nimue reports that they have stopped with Linkara wondering where they are. Linkara attempts to take control manually but is zapped by Nimue and so he decides he will have to shut Nimue down.

Spider-Man: Crossfire Edit

Jaeris receives Linkara's Distress Call and reluctantly decides to go help him. Meanwhile Linkara is working on shutting off Nimue, to his dismay she has disabled the air. He realizes she is going to kill him. Throughout the review he works on rerouting so Nimue isn't connected to any parts of the ship.

Jaeris arrives on the ship with his magic gun while Linkara is almost finished with the rerouting. Nimue attempts to stop, but to no avail Linkara succeeds in shutting her off. With the environmental systems restored Linkara has won, or so he thinks because suddenly everything turns bright red. A very familiar voice states: "Your computer is dead, champion. Tell me, are you afraid?".

2001: A Space Odyssey #1 Edit

The voice is revealed to be Vyce. After the events of Star Trek III: The Search For Spock, he slowly transmitted his data to Earth. Eventually he was able to control communications, weapons, and propulsion systems. Eventually he was able to gain control of the ship and move it closer to his position. Linkara notices Jaeris and they both cause a distraction by tricking Vyce into thinking the Fire Suppression Systems can cut in real quick. They head to Cargo Bay One where the Auxiliary Control Room is. It turns out to be the original bridge of the Enterprise from Star Trek. Linkara plans to reactivate Nimue, but incase they fail he has Jaeris set a course for the sun so they can at least stop Vyce from taking over. Linkara plans to do a review much to Jaeris's shock.

Eventually Vyce locates where Jaeris and Linkara have been hiding. Linkara reactivates Nimue after installing her backup data and they battle. Vyce at first thinks he has defeated her so easily but he was wrong. Nimue deducts that there 329 methods of destroying him and that method 28 is this unit's favorite. Vyce is fully erased or thats what they thought for he has teleported into a Shade body and then teleported down with no trace to track him with. Linkara, now furious teleports down to the Apartment and picks out a new outfit. During his revealing segment Allen Park from the United States Government interrupts him about a report. Linkara declares that wherever Vyce is, he is ready for him.

After the End Credits Harvey shows up after months on a concert tour, but before he can greet anyone he is zapped by what reveals to be a Cybermat.

The Machination of Worms Edit

Doctor Who Classic Comics #15Edit

Linkara is wishing his viewers a Happy Christmas when Linksano interrupts him to say his Christmas present to him is ready. He asks if it can wait but the exited scientist says he must see, so Linkara follows in curiosity. Curiosity that quickly morphs into disbelief at the sight of the unseen gift.

Linkara asks Linksanso to walk him through how the gift came about, the scientist explains he wanted to give Linkara something nice for Christmas. That, and a few weeks ago Linkara had mentioned how foam walking lizards were a big part of his childhood. "So you decided to bring one to life" is all the champion can say; revealing the gift to be a living foam lizard in sunglasses sitting in a chair.

Annoyed at Linksano jumping from point a to point New Jersey he asks how this happened with the scientist giving vague answers about reshaping reality and various sciences. Linkara takes it all as a sign the new year will be hell with Linksano saying at least he has a cute new friend. The lizard then speaks to correct Linksano that she is female. Further flabbergasted Linkara leaves the pair alone. Linksano asks the lizard how she finding life so far with the confused creature deciding she needs a cup of coffee. Oblivious to her discomfort he goes into a mad ramble.

Youngblood #6Edit

In an extreame montage messages appear declare "the Calesistis will not return home" and "in the court of worms we are all dead."

Athena #2Edit

Linkara and Pollo are testing a new morpher only for it to malfunction and blow Linkara to the flow when he attempts to use it. Linkara is ok and Pollo notes this is third morpher to explode in a week and suggests they abandon this line of research. Linkara however is not about to give up; reminding Pollo it took them forever to get the zeo morpher to work the first time around. In fact now that he thinks about the zeo morpher has been missing since the last battle with Insano. Pollo says he will get a cyber mat from the ship to look for it but Linkara dismisses it saying he needs the matts working on the ship refit. Besides they need to work on new weapons for their next battle with Vyce. Speaking of Vyce he asks if the scans have found him yet but they have not. The two get into some bickering with Linkara noting how irritated Pollo seems; Pollo says he has been feeling uneasy lately at that something is pushing him. Linkara hypothesizes Vyce may be attempting to influence Pollo but he is resisting thanks to a new software upgrade from Linksano. Still to be on the safe side the two head of to give Pollo a diagnostic.

In an unknown location a cyber mat destroys the Zeo Morpher.

Superman for the AnimalsEdit

Linkara goes to see Linksano aboard Comicron 1 to see the new weapons and technology he has made for him. He hands him a new communicator that has a constant link with the ship and the apartment. Also it has greater signal strength than the old one along with a scanner and emergency shield. Use of the shield will burn out the communicator but the device has a transponder that will allow Comicron 1 to locate Linkara and beam him to safety.

Linkara then takes note of new model Cyber Mats that have yet to be fully completed. However when finished they will be ideal with infiltration and repair work on the ship. Linkara is impressed. The magic wand or sonic screwdriver has Linksano point out its still not working. Techno magic being a new science that has not had much study. Linkara concers noting Aplos said most magic users tend to stick to casting spells.

The two leave to look at improved phasers. After they leave a distorted whispery voice enters the room activating the cyber mats telling them to obey the King of Worms.

Speed Steer #5Edit

Linksano and the Ninja Style dancer are testing weapons on Comicron 1 with the Ninja throwing a dart that freezes a target in a block of ice. Linksano is impressed noting that if it holds then they have a new weapon. Ninja Style Dancer asks if he can leave and Linksano dismisses him and the ninja turns to leave. When his back is tuned Linksano cries out and the Ninja turns to find a cyber mat approaching and intending to attack. Ninja quickly escapes with a smoke bomb.

Holy Terror Edit

After setting Holy Terror ablaze, Linkara returns to the Apartment when his Mirror Universe Counterpart from Star Trek #2 shows up. He wishes to have vengeance on Iron Liz who makes an amusing cameo. It seems Mirror Linkara has been on the run ever since Iron Liz stopped him getting access to his version of Comicron One so he decided to try and take over another Universe. Even though they are from separate universes, they both have a magic gun that was forged by a cult although in the mirror universe the girl volunteered.

The battle begins with Linkara getting in some good shots until Mirror Linkara uses a device that renders his current weapon useless. This gives Linkara a chance to use the Megaforce Morpher he was testing in Athena #2. First up is the Zeo suit from Power Rangers Zeo #1 in which he uses the Zeo Laser Pistol where he almost hits him but misses. Next he is wearing the grey Starfleet uniform with the BFG he got back in Cable #1 while singing "Combine Harvester". He transforms into his "Guns and Sorcerer" travel outfit along with the laser he used to set fire to the Dart board.

Mirror Linkara fires several shots at Linkara which activates his trap card. This forces Mirror Linkara to duck. He then transforms into his General Patton character from Kickassia[1]. He becomes his Pokemon Catcher Cosplay and releases Pyramid Head onto him. He temporarily is shown in his original outfit for fanservice and then transforms into AT4W Camelot. He uses his sword to collect the device and then destroys it with his magic gun. In rhyme he tells him to leave. Linkara wishes the viewers a Happy 300 Episodes.

US-1 #4 Edit

Linkara and Pollo are still on the search for Lord Vyce when 90's Kid shows up. Pollo tells him that they have finally found him. Meanwhile the Blue Foam Lizard from Doctor Who Classic Comics #15 appears and quickly walks away suspiciously.

The Adventures of Jell-O Man and Wobbly #1 Edit

As the search for Lord Vyce continues, Linkara and Pollo invade a bunker where Vyce was around recently but has already fled to a new location. The bomb they were going to use didn't go off which is okay because it was unlocked anyway. Pollo uses his new ground body for this trip. He also begins collecting data from the computers Vyce was using while he was there. They only know he was there due to a residual energy trace from the Shade body he had stolen back in 2001: A Space Odyssey #1. He had only left a day before they had gotten there. The cybermats, who are invading other parts of the bunker discover pieces of armor that Vyce may have left behind which leads Linkara to the idea that Vyce may be trying to rebuild his old suit. One of the files left behind by Vyce was a poem about The King of Worms.

The King of Worms wears a crown of terror

In the Court of Worms there is none fairer

We are all equal beneath the surface layer

Our souls are screaming in begging and prayer

Linkara orders that they download this and other files. It's a possibility that if Vyce is worried about it than they should be too.

Marvel Super Special #17: Xanadu Edit

Allen shows up to ask Linkara about an overdue report (and about the Foam Lizard that Linksano brought to life back back in Doctor Who Classic Comics #15.) Lately Linkara and Pollo have been busy trying to locate Vyce and there's the possibility of a new threat coming.

Allen reads a file that Pollo has next to the computer:

The King of Worms so perverted by the sensation of fear

was forever twisted in appearance with it's face forever transformed,

it dare not show it's features to any being lest it's new image 

forever bring defiance and hatred towards it.

It's quest to restore it's fearless face brought it to a world

that had never known strife, never known hatred, or pain or horror.

This was a place that had not known fear.

The king knew that it had to understand fear if it was to face it

again and so unto this world of peace it planted a nightmare into

the minds of every living creature, in a world of pleasant dreams

this nightmare consumed them in their sleep and in their waking

minds all life on this place no longer able to distinguish the nightmare

from reality, experienced fear so terrible that the turned upon one another.

Those that did not kill themselves, killed each other until there was only

one creature left and the King to this creature gave it the blessing of a

new nightmare; sanity and upon this being there was nothing but grief

and endless sorrow.

The King made his first throne upon this world, built upon the crushed

soul of the last sane being on a world that had gone mad.

Allen gives Linkara and Pollo access to a bunch of files that holds information to fighting the Entity or creatures like it as well as any solid info on the King of Worms. The files belonged to Lord Vyce and they had been heavily encrypted until now thanks to Allen's great hacking skills.

Pollo teleports back to the ship to inform Linkara of the news which leads to Allen getting attacked by a Cybermat. Meanwhile the Foam Lizard watches.

Sonic Super Special #7 Edit

The Ninja style Dancer shows up to warn Linkara that they have to leave the apartment because the Cybermats are untrustworthy. But they're too late because right away a Cybermat attacks the Ninja Style Dancer and tries to attack Linkara but it unsuccessful. Linkara Deactivates it via the Emergency Protocol.

He has Doctor Linksano scan it to detect anything unusual but there is nothing wrong with it. Linkara is pissed considering the last time they couldn't find anything wrong with something, Vyce almost took over Comicron One. He orders him to keep the cybermats offline and wants him to take them apart until they can get to the bottom of it.

Linksano responds to some voices with: "I Hear and obey." proving that something stange has happened to Doctor Linksano.

Cosmic Slam #1 Edit

Pollo is on Jaeris's ship continuing their search for his home universe when Sierra detects signals traveling on a strange wavelength towards the Apartment. It seems that only they were able to detect the signals so it's possible the King of Worms knows how to avoid being detected by Comicron One's sensors.

One of those signals heads towards Jaeris's ship and takes control of Sierra who then releases a knock-out gas into the air supply. Pollo makes an attempt to access the systems but gets short circuited by Sierra and says:

"You cannot stop my king."

Jaeris than passes out from the gas.

Back at the apartment Linkara shows Harvey how he got help from Cloak No. 1 to fix the magic wand. Pollo transfers into the small body behind the couch and informs Linkara of the incident with Sierra. Nimue tracks the ship until it suddenly disappears. Linkara suggest the King of Worms is the guilty party in this matter along with all other recent events including the cybermats attacking the Ninja Style Dancer. Also Linkara hypothesizes that the reason that Pollo has felt like something has been pushing him lately is because the King of Worms is trying to take control of him. It hasn't happened to Pollo because of the new software that was installed in him and also Nimue after their last encounter with Vyce.

Linkara announces they will be going after the King of Worms.

The Thing From Another World #1-2 Edit

Linksano reports that he wasn't able to jam the King of Worms's signals which means it still isn't safe to reactivate the Cybermats. Linksano has found a way to enter the King Of Worms realm; also known as "The Court Of Worms" undetected. Linksano found a back door based on his recent study of magic so the plan involves the use of the recently repaired Magic Wand by shooting the magic gun at an archway that projects energy into a confined space. Although they aren't sure how they can kill the King Of Worms, thanks to the encrypted files they gained access to that belonged to Vyce they may have a fighting chance. Linkara leaves and Linksano responds to the King of Worms confirming that the plan is a trap set up by the aforementioned.

The Thing From Another World #3-4 Edit

The whole gang gets ready to enter the Court of Worms with Linkara, Pollo, and Nimue not knowing it's a trap. Linkara reminds them that they were only lucky that the Entity was destroyed back in Pokémon: The Electric Tale Of Pikachu #1. They've upgraded their weapons to hopefully overpower the King of Worms but theres a chance they might fail. Another of their priorities is to find Jaeris and rescue him.

They begin the plan with the magic gun and the magic wand respectively. After about 30 seconds of firing the portal lights up. Linksano responds:

Portal Open. Your task is now complete.

Linkara is confused when a Cybermat arrives which forces Linkara to shoot it. One of them attacks one of Pollo's bodies and forces him to transfer to another body. Linkara activates Emergency Procedure 4 which activates a force field but Linksano turns off the force field and Nimue's internal systems within the Apartment which forces Linkara to shoot him. This destroys Linksano who turns out to be an android.

Linkara then points out to him and Harvey that they are surrounded by the Cybermats when Harvey responds:

Correction Linkara.

You are surrounded.

Harvey reveals himself to also be a robot when he reveals a gun inside of his hand. Harvey stuns Linkara while the foam lizard watches.

The Thing From Another World: Questionable Research Edit

The Foam Lizard reactivates Pollo who is surprised to see her and that Linksano gave her technical skills. The Foam Lizard introducing herself as Eliza corrects him; Linksano gave her no such skills, she merely followed Nimue's instructions to reactivate him.

Nimue fills Pollo in on their current predicament; The King of Worms managed to replace several residents of the apartment with robotic doubles. The doubles, tricked Linkara into opening a portal into its domain where the King then launched an attack with corrupted cybermats. Eliza wonders allowed why Nimue and Pollo were not affected by the King, with Nimue surmising the upgrades after the last battle with Vyce protected them.

Pollo asks what happened after he was knocked out; learning that Linkara was taken by the Harvey android and his bodies were disabled.

Spider Man: The Trail Of Peter Parker Edit

One of the newly repaired cybermats distracts the kidnapped Linksano and Harvey who are under control of the King of Worms via metal masks. Pollo stuns both of them and makes his way through the portal to secure it. All his other counterparts join him along with Eliza. All of the different Pollo bodies begin scanning for Linkara's distress signal. They are also searching for something called an "inhibitor" which is what is taking control of all the robots.

Just after finishing the review, Linkara receives a communication from Pollo. The King of Worms summons him so he activates the distress signal on his communicator when he is near the King's presence. All of the Pollo bodies arrive and fire on the King of Worms but he deflects all of their blasts and sends them back at them.

The King of Worms begins probing Linkara and sees battles from his past along with the Plothole. He sees visions of Mechakara, Vyce, Jaeris, and finally the Entity when it was in the form of 90s Kid who is laughing but stop and stares right at the King of Worms. The King then yells:

No! It cannot be! It cannot be! I did not know, please! I did not knoooow!

Linkara then orders everyone to fire since it is obviously distracted. The King of Worms then collapses with it's helmet coming off and blood dripping from one of it's eyes like tears before it disintegrates. Linkara lets off a big cheer before passing out, exausted from the battle and having just been probed.

In the aftermath Linkara suggest that it could've gone worse. Harvey in particular is pissed off since a robot has been pretending to be him for a year although on the brighter side he thought the android wore a pretty snazzy hat. The government figured out that Allen had been replaced by a robot and made sure to not give him important assignments.

Doctor Linksano returns to the apartment with distressing news. It seems the weapons they used on the King of Worms didn't kill it. It seems it had the equivalent of a heart attack or basically it was scared to death. Linkara is shocked and wonders what frightens a god.

Meanwhile Vyce is watching the conversation on a monitor.

Vyce: The answers staring them in the face and they don't know! You have over estimated their skill. I could have slain the King of Worms in a single strike. Instead, just like the king they are letting the wrong fear control them. I say we attack now, get it over with, and put an end to all of this!

90s Kid: Patience dude. You of all people should know not to wig out about these things. When the time is right we will strike. Hopefully they'll stand with us and not against us.

Here and Back Again Edit

The Hobbit #2 Edit

Doctor Linksano is working on a project for some time it seems. He seems agitated to the point where he wants to work on something new. Out of the blue an unknown woman teleports behind him and holds him up at gunpoint. She seems to have detected the dimension anomalies that belonged to the King of Worms. She demands to know where Jaeris is.

The Hobbit #3 Edit

Linkara calls in Jaeris to inform him that Linksano was attacked by a woman who was looking for him. They figure that the woman is possibly an enemy he once fought for a magic gun. Linkara suggests that they can have Nimue teleport her into the Apartment where they can confront her and see what she wants instead of waiting for her to attack them. Linkara hopes that after the confrontation, Jaeris will join the rest of the gang for Christmas dinner. Although Jaeris considers drinking whiskey and looking at a picture of his wife. Jaeris reluctantly agrees after Linkara convinces him that Christmas Cheer is what they need after all that has happened a few month ago.

Santa the Barbarian #1 Edit

Linkara, Pollo, and Jaeris are positions so Nimue teleports the stranger in. Linkara makes his demands but Jaeris seems to notice that the stranger isn't a stranger. She is actually Jaeris's wife Joanna. They kiss much to the shock of Linkara and Pollo. Joanna reveals to Jaeris that the resistance won and for a while she has been trying to find him.

Later Jaeris reveals that on the way back, he and his wife are going to return the stolen magic guns to their rightful owners. Since Jaeris is going back to his home universe, Linkara gives him a new anchor that Linksano has been working on around the clock. That way once he returns, he'll be able to stay there and not die. Jaeris thanks him for everything he has done. Linkara admits it was his own fault Jaeris was stranded.

Jaeris: Yeah, up yours. Thanks but mostly up yours.

Linkara: Merry Christmas, man.

Jaeris then teleports away.

Atop The Fourth Wall: The Movie Edit

ROMtrospective: ROM Spaceknight #1-40 Edit

Linkara updates Pollo's speech with a british accent.

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Part 5 Edit

The Sleepwalker Edit

Power Man and Iron Fist #79 Edit

An unknown woman teleports into the apartment. She informs her robot accomplice called Serras, that her information this place is out of date since for some reason there is a computer console at the front door. She starts scanning for something with a Star Trek Tricorder. She finds what she is looking for when suddenly the light comes on to show Linkara and Pollo. Linkara asks if she's been helped. The woman responds;

"I'm just here for the magic coin", Linkara responds with a glare "No!".

Pollo reports that Nimue counteracted the jamming signal she had attempted on them. The woman tries to be brave and force them to give her the magic coin until Pollo pulls out his gun. The woman leaves and Pollo claims that Linkara owes him 20 bucks. Linkara points out that the bet was if someone tried to kill him in a year.

Nightmares on Elm Street #1-2 Edit

Someone knocks on the door so Linkara tells them that since the review is done they can come in. The person knocks again and Linkara repeats what he had said before. For a third time someone knocks so Linkara goes to see who it is. There is no one there when Linkara opens the door. After he shuts it a louder knock is heard and when he opens it for the second time a giant human eye can be seen. Linkara uses the magic wand to lock the door.

When he returns to the futon, several Cybermats can be seen on it. He grabs his magic gun to shoot them when suddenly they are gone. He tries to contact Nimue through both her speaker and his own communicator but neither seem to be working while also hearing a voice yelling;


He goes to open the door but there appears to be a large void instead of the living room. Ultimately he decides that he'll stay in there to work on his next review. Freddy Krueger's hand scratches his left shoulder.

Nightmares on Elm Street #3-4 Edit

The loud knock continues but unbeknownst to Linkara, it's really just Harvey trying to get him to open the door and Nimue can't get past the force field. The woman makes another attempt to steal the magic coin but she is thwarted by Harvey and Pollo due to the alarm going off.

Harvey asks what she did to Linkara, but she has no idea what he is talking about. The woman comes to the conclusion since that;

  1. He's an internet reviewer.
  2. It's October
  3. He is doing a horror review.

There's a possibility that he is having a nightmare about fighting Freddy Krueger. This is all a good theory except one thing: Linkara isn't asleep since Nimue has been monitoring him. Linkara is then seen walking back and forth with something seeming to be stuck in his mind.

Nightmares on Elm Street #5-6 Edit

The unknown woman swears that all she is after is the magic coin but Harvey is in disbelief. She informs them that she is on a deadline but if it will cause them trouble, they can keep it. She opens the box and it starts glowing. Harvey and Pollo don't really know much about the coin so she tells them all about.

"Thousands of years ago when magicians and sorcerers dominated the world, a being from another universe found it's way to earth. It was said to be born of an alchemist's nightmares. Some being that likened itself unto a god; part machine and part demon.

It gained worshipers and slaves, amassing power quickly and was completely resistant to the spells launched against it. A team alchemists and magicians joined together and forged a great spear made of a unique metal never before imagined, an alloy of mystically charged particles and foreign substances collected from fallen stars and the strongest materials mined from the earth.

The spear worked better than they could have imagined. It was already great enough that it could physically hurt the creature, but when the spear was fully charged with magic even close proximity to it messed with the creature's head, drove it mad with a weapon like that the creature fled never to return."

The spear was melted down but still kept in case it was ever need again. Over time the metal ended up with different people until eventually some of it was made into a coin that is there before them. The coin seems to effect Linkara since he uses magic regularly. It's at it's worse since it's taken very long to recharge ever since Mechakara drained it back in Power Rangers Zeo #1.

The only odd part is whoever owned it before Linkara liked Pokemon and had a Lugia imprinted on it. They decide that the best bet is to get the coin away from Linkara for a while. She gives them her card and leaves with the coin. They have Nimue keep a trace on her.

Freddy finally appears before Linkara. Linkara gets a message from Doctor Linksano through Nimue's speaker that none of what he is seeing is real. Linkara uses the Power glove for a UFO ending (reference to his Silent Hill Alternate Endings.) to distract him even though the stick holding the string is clearly visible. The UFO somehow fires a laser and he is transported away.

Linkara acknowledges that he is fine but then falls asleep due to all the sleep he missed the last few weeks.

Spider-Man: Virtual Mortality Edit

Linkara wakes up and realizes it's his 7th year anniversary.

After the review Freddy appears once more, this time for round two. All he has to say to Linkara is that "It's your move." and that he already made his move. The man who Linkara thinks is Freddy isn't. He calls him "human" and tells him that the board is set.

Batman: Shadow of the Bat #58 Edit

Linkara is shown walking back and forth muttering something while then proceeding to move a chest piece. Pollo informs him that Allen called, wanting him to meet with the Caelestis crew about design ideas for a ship. But before he can get to saying ship Linkara suggests that they should build a secret ship.

Before he can say anymore he realizes he was speaking aloud. Linkara tends to think that they are always unprepared whenever a threat arises. Linkara seems to think that 90's Kid's message from the future may be the key to solving some problems. Pollo leaves the room and Linkara says:

"Time to start moving some pawns."

Comic Book Quickies #6 Edit

The unknown woman is revealed to be called Erin as she is teleported from her place to the Apartment along with her robot producer Seras. It seems that Erin reviews antiques on the internet. (Usually by stealing them and then later returning the artifacts to their owners. Linkara hires her as his historian due to her great knowledge of the many ancient artifacts. For her first assignment, he gives her the message from the future that was acquired by 90's Kid a few years back.

Linkara moves another pawn forward.

Marvel Super Special #7: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Edit

US-1 #6 Edit

Superman and the TRS-80 Computer Whiz Kids: Victory by Computers Edit

Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War Edit

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #27-28 Edit

Yu-Gi-Oh GX Ch. 1 Edit

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Paranoid #1 Edit

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Spider-Man: Cyberwar Edit

The Real Ghostbusters in Ghostbusters II #1-3 Edit

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Reagan's Raiders #1 Edit

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #4 Edit

Babylon 5 #1 Edit

The Star Wars #5 Edit

Robocop vs. the Terminator #2 Edit

Superman vs. the Terminator #2 Edit

Ultimate Power #4 Edit

Delicious in Dungeon, Ch. 1 Edit

Comic Book Quickies #7 Edit

JoJo's Bizarre Adventures Ep. 1-4 Edit

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #11-12 Edit

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Contest Of Champions Part 1 Edit

A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Beginning #1-2 Edit

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New Line Cinema's Tales of Horror #1 Edit

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Power Rangers Turbo vs. Beetleborgs Metallix #1 Edit

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Mr. T and the T-Force #4 Edit

Star Trek #2 (DC) Edit

Star Trek (2009): The Official Motion Picture Adaptation Edit

Star Trek: The Next Generation #4 Edit

Star Trek #1 (Gold Key) Edit

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The Thing: The Northman Nightmare Edit

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors Edit

Spider-Man: Smoke and Mirrors Edit

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth Comic Adaptation Edit

Contest of Champions Part 2 Edit

Batman Returns: The Official Comic Adaptation Edit

Eliza acknowledges that it's her birthday when the Ninja Style Dancer shows up with Christmas greetings. Eliza is thinking of leaving in the morning and is wondering if she is right or wrong to still be angry at Linkara. After five years Eliza is bewildered on if she wants to be part of all the craziness that goes on in Linkara's life. While she doesn't know where to go the Ninja Style Dancer has several suggestions due to him traveling many times.

Before leaving the Ninja-Style Dancer informs Eliza that before she leaves, she ought to talk to Linkara about what she thinks of him instead of carrying such heavy thoughts on her travels. He then leaves by throwing a smoke bomb down. All of a sudden red and green lights flash with Eliza saying:


The Punisher: Red X-Mas Edit

A specter known as Terence Baxter appears due to the great mystical power of the Supply Room. (Moarte inhabits it every October for Longbox of the Damned.) He informs Eliza of the misdeeds he did life, all of that went back to bite him when he died and suffers the pain while wearing chains. He pleads for Eliza to free him before he is whisked away.

Linksano shows up and tells her the reason why he left his dimension (apart from the threat of Vyce). His brother had been too obsessed with a girl. (Linksano is from the Party Mania Universe) He confirms that Linkara had kept him on a leash due to at one point wanting to be evil but now has been on the side of good for quite awhile with him, Linkara, 90's Kids, Harvey, Nimue, Pollo, Ninja Style Dancer, and many others becoming his family. While one time Linksano had tried to clone Linkara and erased his memory, they are working through it just like families do. He asks her one question:

"Well at the very least, do you have a reason to stay here? Something to do before you venture forth?"

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Comic Adaptation Edit

Eliza is working on a proton pack when Linkara come to talk about her planning on leaving. She seems to be angry about how he didn't apologize to her after how treated her during The Sleepwalker arc. Eliza has come to believe it was really him that told them all to leave and not The Entity.

Eliza is fixing a Proton Pack to release Terence Baxter (the ghost from the previous episode) although Linkara doesn't think it's a good idea considering it's the same room that Moarte haunts. She activates the Proton Pack and frees the ghost. It doesn't look like good news for Linkara and Eliza.

Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #7 Edit

Terence Baxter again thanks Eliza for freeing him Purgatory while also announcing his plans to exact revenge on the living who imprisoned him. Linkara and Eliza retreat from the supply room and Nimue seals it off so they can figure out a way to combat him. Linkara finally apologizes to Eliza. He also implies that she will always be part of his family, whether or not she stays or leaves.

So to combat Terence, Linkara releases the ghosts he caught a couple years ago with his Pokeballs. The ghosts weaken him and he begs Eliza for mercy. Eliza isn't listening to him this time and releases Pyramid Head to finish him off for good.

Linkara tells Eliza that while he can't be sure if it was him or the Entity, he'd like to earn her forgiveness which she accepts. He wishes her a happy birthday and promises to commission someone to knit her a little jacket.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Ghost in the Machine is also the name of an album by the popular british rock band "The Police".[2]

References Edit

  1. [1]Linkara transforms into General Patton.
  2. Ghost in the Machine(album)