"All that he sees, he conquers!" - Various (referring to Vyce).

Lord Vyce is a recurring adversary of Linkara, and a cosmic anti-hero in his own right.


All That He Sees He ConquersEdit

Vyce is foreshadowed in one of Linkara's dreams by Mechakara, who says, "All that he sees, he conquers."[1] Dr. Linksano flees the universe in fear when he realizes Vyce is coming, and warns Linkara of the danger. Shortly afterwards, Linkara is kidnapped by Vyce,[2] and is not seen again until nearly a month later, when Pollo manages to get a lock on him and beam him back. With him are several dark-robed creatures that Linkara explains are Shades, Vyce's robotic minions. Once they've defeated the Shades, Linkara reveals that only three days have passed for him, implying that time moves differently in Vyce's universe. Meanwhile, Vyce fumes over the escape of Linkara, which he refers to as this universe's "Champion".[3]

Vyce's forces repair Mechakara and they make a deal: Mechakara will help Vyce destroy Linkara, and Vyce will spare Mechakara's universe.[4] When Mechakara's plan to break Linkara psychologically during the Silent Hill: Dead/Alive arc fails Vyce decides that they must use brute force to defeat Linkara, and tasks Linksano with giving Mechakara upgrades.[5]

Versus LinkaraEdit

When Linkara destroys Mechakara in Power Rangers Zeo #1, a furious Vyce decides to take matters into his own hands, and he confronts Linkara directly, calling him "Champion." He explains that he's found that in every universe he's conquered, there was at least one "Champion" who would fight back. He's defeated sixteen Champions so far. He also claims that the real reason he conquers universes is to protect them, specifically from a force he calls The Entity. He claims that he first tried to warn other universes about The Entity's existence, but they did not listen. He's chased the Entity to this universe where he can finally destroy it, and he won't let anyone get in his way. Linkara and Vyce fight, but Vyce is the superior in strength, shrugging off everything Linkara throws at him. Just before Vyce can make the killing blow, Linkara grabs Vyce's gun and uses it against him, creating a dent in his armor. Vyce appears to panic and teleports away, leaving behind a visibly-shaken Linkara.[6]

Extremely saddened after his defeat, Linkara is reinvigorated when he believes he has found a way to beat his neigh-invulnerable foe. Using Mechakara's severed hand, Linkara establishes communication with Vyce's ship and taunts him, calling him a coward.[7] This enrages Vyce enough to confront Linkara again, but this time Linkara is ready, with upgraded weapons and his friends helping him. While Linkara and Iron Liz keep Vyce busy, Linksano, who has been acting as a mole for Linkara, lowers the shields of Vyce's ship, allowing Angry Joe and his army to take control. It turns out the ship is Vyce's main power source, and without it, Linkara, Liz, Harvey Finevoice, 90's Kid, and Lieutenant Munro are able to knock him out. Since Vyce is apparently still too powerful to be killed or put in custody in a populated universe, he's banished to a deserted planet in another universe.[8] His ship is taken over by Linkara and rechristened the Comicron-1.[9][10]

His Soul is BlueEdit

However, in the event he was stranded on a deserted planet, Vyce equipped himself with a trans-dimensional distress beacon so that the shades could rescue him. After sending the signal, he waited for three years in exile, realizing that because of the time difference between universes, and since Linkara was in the process of disabling the shades, help may not have arrived for hundreds of years or at all. Weighing his options, Vyce decided to make the final sacrifice, turning himself into pure living data, similar to The Entity. He managed to transfer back into Linkara's universe through Mechakara's hand, since Linkara used it to contact Vyce during their last confrontation. After Linkara had contacted Vyce, he turned off the communications, but left the signal online. Vyce was able to transfer back through the hand and into the nearest receptacle that was capable of maintaining his new data form, in this case the new body that Linkara had been building for Pollo. After talking about how is new form works, he demands that Linkara return his ship to him so he can continue his quest to destroy the Entity. Linkara informs him that it's dead already, but Vyce refuses to believe it and stubbornly dismisses any idea of evidence.

It is revealed that the universes Vyce conquered only had one or two planets completely conquered before moving on, and that he exaggerated his reputation. The Entity always fled before Vyce could close in. He claimed the reputation is just there to convince future universes to surrender quickly and more efficiently. Also, Vyce said that he fought other Multiversal threats, and the Entity is the only one that survived. A character trait is revealed when he is asked on how Linkara was able to defeat him in battle. He trusted Dr. Linksano since the Entity did not affect him, and underestimated his true intentions. After the exile, Vyce taught himself to trust no one but himself on his conquest. Vyce believed that Linkara's information on the Entity's death is either a means to buy itself time, or that Linkara is deceiving him. He offered Linkara one last chance to leave the ship, but the champion refused. Linkara attempted to sneak up on Vyce like he did before, but Vyce saw through that trick and transferred energy to destroy him. However, Pollo later stuns Vyce, and after an explanation of his disappearance, Pollo notices Vyce escaped. Before he is able to do so, Linkara explodes his gun to leave a hole in his ship. The vacuum sucks away Vyce into deep space. Linkara attempts to locate Vyce, but him and his team are unsuccessful. Vyce floats continuously in space, vowing that he shall return.

During his Fourth Year Anniversary Review of Spider-Man: Power & Responsibility, Linkara does an "I AM A MAN!" punch and somehow is able to pull Vyce into his review room. Vyce is confused on what's going on, but Linkara pushes him back off screen, teleporting him back into space. Linkara's response to this is claiming that is the reason for why he doesn't do that joke as much anymore.

Ghost of the MachineEdit

In the review of Spider-Man:Crossfire, it is revealed that Vyce was the one who was responsible for corrupting Nimue. While Vyce was floating in space, he transmitted little bits of himself to Comicron-1 ever since Linkara was busy dealing with Jaeris. Eventually, he was able to take over Nimue, replacing parts of her AI with his own. After Linkara shuts down Nimue, Vyce was finally able to gain complete control of the ship.

Vyce tries to give one last chance to Linkara by allowing him to go back to Earth, before being shot by Jaeris. Vyce later gains access to the ship's auxilary controls, but only just before Nimue gets reactivated. Now that the problem has been identified, Nimue felt that she was able to take on Vyce.

Vyce attempts to destroy Nimue, but ultimately fails. As he almost gets completely erased by Nimue, she says, "Are you afraid?" to which Vyce replies, "...Yes." He manages to escape by possessing a Shade and teleporting somewhere on Earth.

The Machinations of Worms Edit

At the end of the The Trial of Peter Parker review, after Linkara had defeated the King of Worms. It was revealed that 90s Kid was working with Vyce. The Lord berrated Linkara for not seeing how the King could have died from fear and wished to strike now but 90s Kid assured him that when the time was right they would strike and hopefully Linkara and his allies would stand with them.

The Sleepwalker Edit

Over time Linkara grew more paranoid and suspicious of his friends, forcing them to side with Vyce who knew that a piece of The Entity had been possessing Linkara since its supposed death, dormant until the King of Worms peered into Linkara's mind and awoke it. Once all of Linkara's allies had somewhat begrudgingly sided with him they went to the destroyed Comicron 1 on the moon, Vyce reactivated its forge which enabled self repair of the ship as he proclaimed it 'his sword' when fighting The Entity.

After Linkara had been freed from the Entity's possession Vyce hastily assumed that destroying Comicron 2's power source would leave the Entity vulnerable without a hologram body, a tactic that wouldn't have worked given its multiple power sources. Later he and Linksano came up with the plan to open a portal to a pocket dimension using several satellites to trap the Entity, the conquerer commanding the ship as it battled Comicron 2 though the Entity's abilities allowed it to restore any damage Comicron 2 sustained.

He saw the Entity's fragment's demise by hacking into Comicron 2's surveillance but angrily denied it as a trick, giving more power to the portal so that it would consume the entire universe to either consume the lost beast or begin his futile chase again. Linkara then tricked Vyce to teleport onto Comicron 2 using a hologram of the Entity. Vyce overloaded the engines on course to the singularity but realised too late he had been fooled. Unable to teleport back to Comicron 1 the conquerer cried out as his ship entered the singularity, presumably killing him once the pocket dimension decayed.

Abilities Edit

In his original form, Vyce's suit allowed him increased strength, so much that he was able to easily defeat a Pyramid Head. In addition, the suit gives him a high resistance to physical and magical attacks. The suit also gives him the ability to travel across dimensions without being affected. He was also very capable in the field of robotics and technology, building the Shades, his personal laser, and Comicron-1. His resources were also able to repair Mechakara, and even enhance his capabilities.

When he became living data, he was given the power to possess robots, technology, and artificial intelligences, such as one of Pollo's bodies or Nimue. He was also able to absorb power from the ship to create energy beams. Since his structure is similar to The Entity, this also gives him near-invulnurability.

Vyce is extremely intelligent, having contingencies in preparation for possible failures. He has a tendency of surviving and escaping almost impossible situations.

Vyce is, to date, arguably the second strongest enemy to ever fight Linkara, behind The Entity. While he isn't as strong as the King of Worms (the weaker 'cousin' of the Entity), the King of Worms died easily, where as Vyce managed to survive time and time again, and possibly became a larger threat now that he is living data.

While never confirmed, Vyce claims that he could defeat the King of Worms "with a single strike" which is likely untrue, as he had been inhabiting a shade at the time. However, assuming he had his original body with his weapons, it could have been possible, as he was able to harm the Entity who was far more powerful.


Lord Vyce is a cold and calculating individual, always scheming and planning. He claims he is not without a sense of irony, as such when he puts Mechakara back in his Linkara flesh suit.

Another noteworthy trait is Vyce's egotism. Vyce is boastful of his (false) successes and uses them as a instrument of fear against new targets. He sees himself as the only one who can stop The Entity, and refuses to believe Linkara when he says that The Entity is dead. Even when he gains complete control of the ship after Nimue's shutdown, he chooses to represent himself with a giant V. Vyce can also react violently when his ego is challenged, such as when Linkara called him a coward. When he directly confronts Nimue, Vyce saw her as puny compared to his other opponents, and he claimed he was superior in every way. Others have speculated that Vyce's quest to destroy The Entity is nothing more than a delusion to further boost his ego.

As his defeats grow, his hatred for Linkara grows even more, wishing for him do die a slow and painful death. Vyce, despite his objectives, is extremely selfish and uncaring for others, regarding Nimue as 'just a computer' much to Linkara's anger. If anyone got in his way, Vyce would have no second thoughts in destroying that person.


  • His punishment in being stranded on a planet in another dimension with no sentient life or technology resembles the fate of 'The Smiling Man', a villain from Lewis Lovehaug's webcomic 'LightBringer', who is also the main antagonist from the crossover webcomic 'Crossoverlord', in which after he is beaten 'the Smiling Man' is sent to a parallel earth with no human life and no technology.
  • Vyce is similar to Relic from Green Lantern 23.1 in that both lost their worlds to threats they tried and failed to warn others about before becoming conquerors to force other worlds to heed their warnings.
    • In addition, he bears some similarities to Darth Vader, being in command of an army and a spaceship, and requiring a suit to survive. Both also appear to have their voices modulated for intimidation. Vyce's laser device even resembles a lightsaber.
    • Lastly, Vyce bears possibly the most similarities to Lord Zed, the main villain of the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and co-villain of the show's third season. Their voices are similar, both have an inflated ego, both wear a visor, both have crests shaped like the first letter of their name, have an army of disposable and weak minions, and both wear the title of "Lord". Both also underestimate their opponents, and due to Linkara's use of his Zeonizer form, both have technically faced a Power Ranger. Lastly, both have a sworn enemy, the Entity for Vyce and Zordon for Zed.
  • His name may come from vice, a word for immoral and wicked behavior. Often used as a synonym for sin.

Theories Edit

  • Vyce is the last survivor of the universe the King of Worms destroyed.
    • One theory claims that Vyce is the only survivor of a universe that had never known pain, sorrow, or, most importantly, fear, before the King of Worms arrived, and gave them madness. In their newfound madness, the inhabitants of the universe slaughtered themselves, until only one lived. the King then restored his sanity, and left him with his grief, building his throne upon the broken soul.
    • This theory would explain Vyce's clear hatred of Outer Gods, as his entire story arc and character revolves around destroying the Entity, a relative of the King of Worms.
    • It's further supported by Vyce's confrontation with Nimue. Before his defeat, Nimue asked him "Are you afraid?", upon which Vyce responded "Yes". This could be a hint to him coming from a universe that formerly knew no fear.
  • Vyce is from the same universe the Entity originated from, and it's sole survivor.
    • He mentions there something being "wrong" with the universe he originated from in his exposition about the Entity, implying both come from the same universe.
    • As the Entity is an alternate version of the Pokemon Missingno, it is possible he originated from a Pokemon universe, and thus Vyce could be a character from said universe.
  • Vyce was the "Champion" of his own universe.
    • Going along with the theory that the Entity and therefore Vyce originated from an alternate Pokemon universe, Vyce could have originally been the Ash/Red of said universe.
    • Being the sole survivor, it would presumably make him champion by default.



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