"My soul is blue, my heart is steel, and behind these [points to his eyes] false orbs lies a red light that sees all" - Mechakara.

Mechakara is a character who was introduced as the second foil of Linkara. Though he looks like Linkara, he is later revealed to be a Pollo from an alternate universe where machines have risen up against mankind. In this universe, Pollo killed the universe's Linkara too quickly, so he took the skin of that universe's Linkara and came to this universe to kill our Linkara and take his Magic Gun. Mechakara came to Linkara's universe through the rip in Hypertime caused by Warrior #1 in order to understand and obtain information and items revolving around magic, as it is the one thing humans use to fight the machines that the robots cannot understand or combat. Throughout his appearances (except his first few), Mechakara dons black leather gloves to cover his mechanical claws, the only robotics features not covered by the skin suit. [1]

Mechakara first appeared in Superman vs. the Terminator #1, and in the following episodes he's often seen lurking in the background, scheming against Linkara and trying to sabotage the show,[2][3][4][5][6][7] even going so far as to recruit Black Lantern Spoony.[8] In the final Ultimates 3 review, he impersonates Linkara in an attempt to turn his fans against him, but Linkara unintentionally catches him in the act.[9] Mechakara knocks Linkara out and ties him up. [10]

Meanwhile, Mechakara searches through Linkara's coat for his Magic Gun. Just as he finds it, Linkara manages to cut himself free and fights off his counterpart using the power of the Dragon Dagger and morphing with his Power Rangers morpher. With Pollo's help, Linkara is able to defeat Mechakara with the BFG. However, Dr. Insano teleports Mechakara away at the last moment and keeps him restrained in his lab, electrocuting him as revenge for making him cut his hair.[11]

Mechakara eventually escapes and is repaired by Lord Vyce's forces. They make a deal: Mechakara (now without Linkara's hat, glasses and coat) will help Vyce kill Linkara, and Vyce will spare Mechakara's universe.[12] When Mechakara's plan to break Linkara psychologically during the Silent Hill: Dead/Alive arc fails, Vyce decides that they must use brute force to defeat Linkara.[13]

This culminates in Power Ranger Zeo #1, when Mechakara returns stronger than ever. Linkara has grown stronger as well, and uses a Power Rangers Zeonizer to morph into the Zeo Suit. The fight escalates when Mechakara uses the Magic Coin from the Charles Barkley vs. Godzilla review to grow larger. Linkara counteracts by piloting Neutro, which he had "borrowed" from Dr. Insano to act as his Megazord in the ensuing battle.[14] After having his hand lasered off, and being 'asploded by Neutro's energy blast, Mechakara is defeated...for now.

During the All Star Comics #8 review, Linkara is working on a new body for Pollo. It isn't finished yet, so Linkara puts it near the shelf where Mechakara's hand is on display, saying he'll install the voice modulator tomorrow. Later, Mechakara's hand twitches and sparks, and suddenly a bolt of electricity shoots out of the hand and into the Pollo body. The body left on its own.

In the "Youngblood #4" and "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" reviews, it would later turn out that it was Lord Vyce who was the body. He used Mechakara's robotic hand as a way to do so, and as a red herring. Lord Vyce was later defeated by Linkara and Pollo in Linkara's Tom Servo, but it is unknown whether Mechakara himself will ever return.

In a post-credits scene for the DVD release of Suburban Knights, Mechakara's gloved hand is briefly seen searching through the debris of the climax's aftermath, and eventually discovers Malachite's Hand with a mechanical laugh. This is a lead to To Boldly Flee, where Mechakara is a major villain.


  • Mechakara is inspired from the Borg from Star Trek and the Terminator from the Terminator movies.
    • The idea of him as a mechanical doppelgänger is a common trope in fiction, but given the name Linkara gives Mechakara during their encounter, it is likely the primary point of inspiration was Mechagodzilla, who popularized the trope.
      • In fact, during most of his appearances, Mechakara is disguised as Linkara, much how Mechagodzilla was disguised in a false "suit" to resemble Godzilla in its first appearance.
  • It is implied that Mechakara, while sadistic and hateful towards humans, is somewhat sympathetic towards machines in The Top 15 Worst Moments of Countdown.
  • During the Ultimates 3 review, Mechakara momentarily breaks character when criticizing the plans of the robotic villains of the comic, showing an intolerance for incompetent machines, possibly derived from experience in his own universe.


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