Moarte is the host of Longbox of the Damned, forever cursed to watch over the eponymous box which is filled with horror-related comics. He is undead, describing himself as "neither living, nor dead", and has no problem siding with either. He seems to enjoy jokes of all kinds, and frequently makes bad puns about the book he is reading. He starts and ends each episode with a hearty bout of laughter, and refers to the viewers as "my children". He knows about Linkara and his show, and vice-versa, but to what level of meta-reality is unknown.


  • According to Lewis, he currently has no plans for including Moarte into AT4W so far. He has said he might, but it might be difficult to do. He also said that Longbox Of The Damned will be continued next year.
  • Moarte is based, physically, on Lon Cheney's character from the lost film London After Midnight. His voice is a curious mix of stereotypical Eastern European vampire and Marik Ishtar's father from Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series.
  • A fan maintaining the Ask Moarte tumblr askblog created a backstory for the character, wherein he was once a famous circus magician who killed his rival to obtain the Longbox, and was subsequently sentenced to watch it for all eternity. Lewis saw the post and said he was seriously considering making this Moarte's official origin story.
  • Linkara indirectly mentions Moarte in his review of Bart Simpsons Treehouse of Horror #2 review.
  • Moarte means Death in Romanian
  • For reasons that are yet unknown, Linkara and Moarte seem to have a mutual dislike for each other. Linkara sometimes calls Moarte 'that asshole ghoul' and Moarte has called Linkara 'that loser in the stupid hat' at least once.
  • Moarte presumably kills Mirrorkara when he tries to escape in "Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth" when he goes into the Supply closet where Moarte does his show in October. Mirrorkara tries to beam back to his ship.