Neutro on the cover of his namesake comic

Neutro is a giant robot, originally built on Pluto by the planet's native people. The machine has no intelligence of it's own and, according to the character's debut appearance, 'does not know the difference between right and wrong'. Linkara is, of course, quick to point out this is not very good if he is intended to be a superhero.

The character was basically a recursive gag in both AT4Wand The Spoony Experiment until the second Mechakara fight in the Power Rangers Zeo #1 review. Here, Linkara utilized him to fight Mechakara, realized using a costume and greenscreen technology.

Character History Edit

Neutro #1 Edit

A giant, but apparently size-changing, alien robot originally constructed by the Plutonians. Their scheme was to send the robots to different planets in pieces, let the inhabitants construct them, and then take control of the robots to conquer the planets. The parts languished in a landfill for hundreds of years until discovered by scientist John Dodge. Dodge and his friend Doc Banyan rebuilt Neutro, and proceeded to showcase it's awesome capabilities in various tests. Nearly immediately afterwards, they regret constructing the machine, which was apparently quite simple to take control of, meaning it could very easily fall into the hands of evil. Of course, nefarious forces set to work in a struggle to make Neutro do their bidding. The comic abruptly ends with no resolution, as the series was cancelled.

Place In Show Storyline Edit

Shortly after reviewing the comic, St. Paul is immediately under attack by Neutro, piloted by none other than Dr. Insano. Linkara utilized the Magic Coin to grow giant and fight the robot. He tries punching the super-strong alien machine, but just hurts his hand. He gives up showmanship and just goes for shooting it with the Magic Gun. The robot stayed forgotten until the Blackest Night crossover with Spoony, when Insano referred to a robot in The Avengers video game as 'Neutro 2.0', which is promptly defeated.

Later on during the second episode of Spoony's review of Final Fantasy X, Insano bursts into Spoony's room in a panic, asking if anyone has seen Neutro; the machine of untold power has been stolen from right under his nose, a callback to the character's origin comic. However, before the scientist can give more information regarding the mech-jacking, he is distracted by Spoony's rendition of "A Whole New World" from Aladdin before quietly leaving the room.

This small gag becomes a plot point, however, during the second Mechakara fight. After Mechakara steals the Magic Coin and grows giant to terrorize Minneapolis, Linkara reveals that he had taken Neutro from Insano when he wasn't looking. Linkara teleports into Neutro's new cockpit and defeats Mechakara, cutting off his hand and obliterating what's left.


Neutro as seen in Power Rangers Zeo #1. Costume by The Prop Lady.

Neutro was not seen again until Star Wars 3-D #1 when it was taken over by Dr. Insano. Insano had found out about Linkara losing his magic so he spent many months hacking into Neutro's systems and installed an energy shield. His attack on Minneapolis was short lived because Linkara was teleported into Neutro and a cybermat was let loose on Neutro's power systems.

It is still presumed that Neutro is still on Earth and not on Comicron-1 with most of the other Arsenal of Freedom items although it is unknown where he


Neutro's Second Cockpit

stores it on Earth.

Character Appearances Edit