The Ninja-Style Dancer is just that, a ninja who dances for a living. He was first shown in Linkara's review of Nightcat #1, where the titular hero goes to a casino with ninja style dancers. He then became more of a running gag when something got so unbearable that Linkara would try to distract us (and himself, presumably) with ninja style dancing.

In the first Mechakara fight, he comes in to help, landing a few blows to the beat of the music, but then runs away when Mechakara is revealed to be mostly unscathed.

He didn't do much until Ultimatum, when he was being chased by The Entity, repeatedly using smoke bombs to flee. However the Ninja gathered growing injuries as he fled. Finally he arrived at Linkara's house a collapsed barely conscious presenting Linkara a note warning 'A PIECE OF THE WORLD IS MISSING' on one side and 'ITS VOICE IS NOT ITS OWN' on the other. However as Linkara left to get equipment to treat his injuries the Entity appeared once more capturing him.

It has since been revealed that he could detect The Entity as they were both voiceless and that the Dancer had been attempting to find allies to fend off the Entity. Linkara was distracted by The Entity calling under the guise of 90's Kid allowing it the time to absorb him as he was now to weak to flee or resist. He has since returned with everyone else, and may be upset at the actual 90's Kid, not aware it was in fact The Entity.

Recently, when he started dancing to a song, Snowflame came in with his usual gibberish and distracted him. Irritated, he walked away as Snowflame stared on, clueless of the problem.

While dancing around in Linkara's house, he encounters the Plaid Ninja, who offers him a position in the "Evil Ninja Empire", a group seeking to take out Gordon and any of his allies, which may include Linkara himself. When he refuses, the Plaid Ninja attacks him with a kunai which he easily catches and throws away. While caught off gaurd by a 'Beanie Baby Technique', the Dancer quickly responds with his new 'Cybermat Technique!', shocking him until the Plaid Ninja teleports away. He then continues dancing and walks off.