Pollo is a robot puppet, originally built by Linkara to host his review show, but he had trouble getting the voice synthesizer to work. Pollo's name is the Spanish word for "chicken", because Lewis thought he looked like a little robot chicken.[1]. His first appearance on the show was in the Amazon Attacks reviews, in which Linkara tried to get Pollo to review the comic for him. Pollo quickly short-circuited due to the stupidity of the comic.[2] Afterwards, he became a fan-favorite and went from being a one time gag to Linkara's partner and manager.

Character historyEdit

Pollo foreshadows Mechakara in the Silent Hill alternate endings video[3] and ends up helping Linkara defeat his AU counterpart in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #1.[4]

Pollo reviews

Pollo Reviews

In the middle of Linkara and Mechakara's showdown, Pollo strolls in to ask a question, and is quite surprised to find his boss and an alternate version of himself asking for his help. Though Mechakara offers a position of power and freedom from "enslavement", Pollo takes up Linkara's offer for his own reasons. After Mechakara is defeated, it is revealed that Pollo wanted his own review. When Linkara asks Pollo to stop the offensive review, he answers "What's that? I suddenly feel like turning on my master and wearing his skin!", to which Linkara simply lets out an agonized moan.

In the stinger of Twilight Zone #9[5], Pollo went out to the living room to help secure the apartment. Though away for only a moment, he was taken by The Entity. Linkara attempted to get a trace on him, but to no avail.

He has since returned after the Entity's apparent demise. Linkara set to work on a new body, which Pollo has been pestering him about for quite a while. He was the one to inform Linkara of its disappearance, which they traced back to "Mechakara". He has started updating the Arsenal of Freedom.

When Nimue comes to tell Linkara of "Mechakara's" presence aboard Comicron-1 during the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan review, Pollo can be seen filming. He accompanies Linkara onto the ship, where the the duo are trapped on Level 2. Linkara asks if Pollo hates him, to which he responds "I have been, and always shall be, your friend."

"Death" and RebirthEdit

Linkara's attempt to make a deal with "Mechakara" fails, as he damages the ship through the engines. The Cybermat comes to their rescue, and Pollo heads over to help Liz with repairs before the ship crashes into earth. He discovers there is no available way other than manual, so after promoting Liz to manager, he heads into the engine room taking heavy radiation damage. Though he is successful, the radiation damage proves too great for his circuits. Pollo says he hopes this proves his friendship, Linkara tells him there was never a doubt. After telling Linkara not to grieve for him, he sinks to the ground and 'dies'.

Though it was thought there was no backup, as Pollo believed it would just be a clone, it is revealed he downloaded his entire consciousness onto somewhere on earth. Iron Liz and Linkara rejoice, then begin the quest to find him.

Linksano detects that something beamed onto the ship after them, but can't figure out it's identity. When Lord Vyce is attacking Linkara, it is revealed to be Pollo in the Tom Servo robot. Pollo blasts Vyce away, and then stands guard while Linkara kicks him out a window. Along with the previous request for a new body, preferably with better radiation shielding and functional arms, he does another comic review. He calls Linkara his robot, then threatens his bank account money to make him act like one, pointing out his hands still move.

After being in the Tom Servo body for several months, Holokara builds a new, temporary unit for Pollo to inhabit, due to a slight case of program decay within the Servo casing. Pollo, however, laments that the arms don't work on it either.

Design Contest and the King of WormsEdit

Linkara announced a competition to design a new body for Pollo. Many designs were entered, some playing on the fact that his name literally means 'chicken' in Spanish, while others Linkara believed to be based off the game Portal. When the competition closed and Linkara announced the winner(s), he explained that he will be choosing three new designs since Linkara figured that if Pollo's body was going to be destroyed again, he should create three to be on the safe side.

The new chassis' will have one of the following:

  • Regular Puppet Mode
  • Battle Mode
  • All Terrain Ground Mode

In the event he needs them, Pollo can instantaneously transfer his consciousness between the three models. In addition, prop-maker and fan Featherweight constructed a fully puppeteerable body for Pollo and gave it to Linkara at a convention, and was formerly introduced into the storyline during the Linkara's Journey sub-arc, created as a temporary housing for Pollo by Holokara.

For the finale to the Machinations of Worms story arc, all six Pollos arrive to free Linkara from the King of Worms, all controlled by the same AI spread across the different chassis. It is currently not explained how the circuits in Pollo's original blue cardboard body were repaired after being so thoroughly damaged by radiation during the Wrath of Khan finale.

During the events of Rom Spaceknight 1-40, Pollo is given a new voice due to a randomizer, and his new voice is British, played by Al, aka MasterTheCreater, the series' primary title card artist.

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  • The original model of Pollo was made by Lewis for a fan-made MST3K show he did in high school.[6] The other robot, "Tony", has since been lost to time, presumably kept by one of the other students.
  • Pollo first appeared as CG in the storyline segments for the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan review.
  • Pollo's recent voice change is due to his old text-speak voice being owned by Microsoft & Bell Labs, and therefore could not be used in Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie.


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