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When the first Pyramid Head appeared in Silent Hill: Dying Inside #5[1] while he was in the Otherworld, Linkara comically ran out of its view, then stunned it with repetitive blows to its echoing metal head with his clue stick. He then proceeded to catch it in a Pokeball.

When the second one appeared, he ran to his room after trying and failing to stop it with his Magic Gun. After failing to reenter our world from the Otherworld, he suddenly found the chain gun. He made short work of the Pyramid Head with its rapid-fire capabilities.

Eventually, Pyramid Head makes his next appearance one year later in Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #5 when Linkara calls him from the Pokeball to kill a Demon Nurse wielding a Great Knife. When the nurse swings the Great Knife at Pyramid Head, he catches it, gets hold of it, and slices the nurse in half with it.

Later in Justice League: Cry for Justice #5-7 [2], Linkara sends it out against Lord Vyce, whose armour deflects its great knife. Vyce simply pulls out its essence, killing it instantly.

Much later, in Silent Hill: The Grinning Man [3], Whately and two Pyramid Heads are encountered when Linkara is back in the Otherworld. After quickly killing one of them, the other one runs Linkara through. It turns out that this is only a projection of Linkara, made by his mobile emitter, and Iron Liz, 90's Kid and the real Linkara beam down. Iron Liz stuns the living Pyramid Head with a phaser rifle, allowing Linkara to catch it, replacing the one Lord Vyce killed. This is the most recent appearance.

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