Sierra is the artificial intelligence who is owned by Jaeris and who maintains his ship. It is unknown if Jaeris built him or if he had a previous owner.


Sierra first appeared in Marville #3 where he heals Jaeris after a fight with Linkara. Sierra is basically Jaeris's duplicate of Pollo/Nimue in that Sierra is Jaeris's sidekick and his AI.

In the Brute Force #4 review, Jaeris reveals that the reason why Sierra calls him 'master' is because Jaeris reprogrammed Sierra once after he went insane.


Sierra is a loyal servant of Jaeris and supports all of his plans. However, unlike Jaeris, Sierra is cautious, as shown by when Sierra suggested that Jaeris ignore Linkara because of his victory over Lord Vyce, but Jaeris ignores him. He also has a sort of rivalry with Pollo and the two often bicker.


  • With all of the various similarities Jaeris holds with Linkara, it could be possible for Sierra to be the alternate universe counterpart of Nimue her/itself.