Steve is a very powerful wizard, who lives with his wife in a mobile home somewhere in the Northern United States.

Atop The 4th WallEdit

Linkara, losing his control over his Magic Gun, goes on a quest to find someone who can give him any information on fixing it. After wandering aimlessly to several conventions in the southern parts of America and encountering the Cinema Snob in a White Castle, Linkara finds himself at a mobile house, home to the powerful wizard Steve.

Requesting guidance and information, Steve analyzes the Magic Gun, and reveals to Linkara that the reason he can no longer use the weapon is because he is becoming evil.

Despite Linkara's plea (which apparently proves Steve's point further), Steve explains that Linkara's growing pride, selfishness, and ego are the reasons why the magic is wearing off. Magic can only be used for good, and the dark wizard Malachite was able to utilize sorcery due to being older than the modern incarnation of magic.

Steve further remarks that he can do nothing more, much to Linkara's disappointment and disbelief.


  • Steve is played by Graham Lovhaug, Lewis' brother. Previously, he portrayed the Ghost of Christmas Present. He is also founding member of the podcast Dumpster Tech.