"I am the Voiceless, the Never-Should, the Beautiful Horror. I am error, I am glitch, I am all things wonderful and terrible and everything between. I. Am. Missing." - The Entity.

The Entity was the name given to an unknown life-form that exists in the AT4W Multiverse. Not much is known about it other than it was being hunted by Lord Vyce, It was worshiped by a sect of the order from Silent Hill, and that it was extremely malevolent. There have been glitches in the credits of eight videos (Captain America VS the Asthma Monster, NBComics #1, Mightily Murdered Power Ringers, Kamandi: At Earth's End #1, US-1 #2,,Twilight Zone #9, Superman and the TRS-80 Whiz Kids: The Computers that Saved Metropolis and Malibu's Street Fighter) that pertain to the Entity. It was seemingly killed when it decided to find out what happens when an Outer God dies, and "exploded", returning the universe (at least ours) to its regular state, returning all people who were missing.


In Lord Vyce's universe, the Enity was brought upon due to unknown and unnatural causes. Ever since its existence, it has been traveling from universe to universe consuming everything in its path. During this time, it was being hunted by Lord Vyce. In order to get rid of him, the Entity eventually hid in Linkara's universe until Vyce's defeat.

A Piece of the World is MissingEdit

After Vyce's exile, the Entity began consuming people and buildings on Earth silently. In addition, it started consuming everyone Linkara knew, including Doctor Linksano, Ninja-Style Dancer, Harvey Finevoice, Pollo, and Iron Liz.

The PoemEdit

During the Silent Hill Dead/Alive arc, Linkara finds a strange old book with cryptic writings within.[1] Amongst the writings is a poem that Linkara believes may refer to the Entity.[2]

Beneath the seas, besides the flame,
Off the coast where the lost beast came,
To bring the world misery and shame,
A piece of the world is missing.

The path you should have never crossed,
The Beast exacts a heavy cost,
The number of the Beast is lost,
You will know it by its hissing.

The bones from hell you cannot tame,
Devour your life and all your fame,
That is the price to play its game,
And all while you're reminiscing.

The CommentsEdit

In addition to the messages in the end credits of AT4W, someone has been leaving Anonymous comments on the videos. It has since been revealed that these comments have been mostly made by fans (with the odd exception), and though some of them aren't right, some hint at actual plot points that occurred.

The MessagesEdit

These are Glitches in the AT4W credits. Linkara doesn't see these so we can assume they pertain to the Entity. Except for the fact in Planet of the Symbiotes, he say "Particularly in the credites of my videos" proving he's not completely oblivious to the glitching{C}

The Entity RevealedEdit

The Entity's true name was revealed in the The Planet of The

The Entity as 90's Kid


Linkara discovers that everyone else on Earth but him and 90's Kid has vanished. 90's Kid comments that the situation is 'heavy'. This comment makes things click in Linkara's head and he points his magic gun at 90's Kid, revealing him to be The Entity in the form of the one person too stupid to be suspected of anything.

He was the one who distracted Linkara on the phone while the Ninja Style Dancer disappeared. The only one with Harvey when he vanished, one of the only three there when Pollo was taken, and most important of all, "why would 90's Kid, of all people, be the only other person left in the world?"

90's Kid takes off his glasses, revealing eye sockets full of static; his voice changes to The Entity's high-pitched whine saying he has enjoyed this game, but it must now end.

Linkara reveals that the Entity is 'Missing Number' (Missingno) the glitch Pokemon. Though The Entity has had many names, this is the one that he associates with it the most - when Lewis/Linkara (possibly shared event) used the Missingno. glitch, he encountered a screeching, skeletal Kabutops fossil, and it was many years before he ever tried it again.

Missingno. reveals how Lord Vyce was merely an annoying pest (thought it admits that Vyce's attacks did 'diminish' it, implying that Vyce did succeed in hurting it), and simply used Linkara to defeat him and thus remain unchallenged, In return, The Entity gave him the "honor" of being the last person alive. He claims that he will soon absorb every reality, turning everything into his "beautiful perfection". The Magic Gun, being but a tool made by his followers, was quickly absorbed when Linkara tries to attack. He waits as Linkara hides in the other room, frightening him by letting Nimue reveal that he, his house and Comicron-1 could be taken at any time. Once Linkara is finished reading/reviewing Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu, he returns to The Entity for the final confrontation.

Linkara laments his fate, as well as lampshading his previous battles, acknowledging that both increasingly bigger guns and some new morphing power would do nothing, which The Entity agrees with. Linkara precedes to turn the situation around by asking the Entity what it intends to do once its goal is complete, explaining that in its twisted perfection, it will be even less than the nothing it came from. Rather than allowing it to exist, there would simply be no existence. While at this stage, other beings may create life, anything The Entity creates would have to be destroyed, as it would make things "imperfect" and rob him of his "existence". He would have nothing, be nothing, and be alone as the only form of "existence" in the universe forever, with nothing to stop this cycle but committing suicide.

After thinking it through and confirming this is what would indeed happen, The Entity decides to act on Linkara's suggestion to try something new, and the only other option for such a creature- 'What happens to an Outer God, when it dies?'. It then smiles, saying 'I will find out.', and seemingly dies in a mass explosion of glitches returning everything and everyone to normal. As it is an Outer God peering in, it may have simply gone back to its own dimension, though hopefully with this new insight.

Return Edit

However, the Entity placed a portion of itself inside Linkara when it exploded, having a connection to the living world to return once it found the answers it sought. It was dormant, posing no harm to Linkara or the world at large. The Entity's presence was the source of Linkara's immunity to the Platinum masks of the King of Worms.

It was awakened by the King of Worms prying into Linkara's mind to discover the reason behind the champion's immunity to the masks. The Entity swiftly killed the lesser outer god for the intrusion. While the Atop the Fourth Wall team were unaware of its activity they did conclude that something had scared the King of Worms to death since Linksano's autopsy found none of their weapons had harmed the King.

After that the Entity remained mostly inactive but did begin to subtly influence Linkara's behavior. Thanks to a coded meassage 90's kid had received Linkara's mind and personality were protected from the Entity. However, the Entity could take over his body any time it wished, though Linkara was unaware of these episodes or that he was acting out of character.

As time went on Linkara become more paranoid and suspicious; especially of 90's kid who he suspected of being possessed again. Eventually the rest of the team attempted to disable Comicron 2 in an attempt to stop their leader crossing the line from hero to villain. They underestimated the safe guards Linkara had placed on the ship but were thankfully rescued buy the unlikely duo of 90's kid and Lord Vyce. Angered by this the Entity revealed itself to Aeryn in a fit of anger with the thief only just managing to escape the beast. Linkara again was unaware of the possession and assumed like his team Areyn had abandoned him.

Linkara Entity

The Entity revealing itself since The Electric Tale of Pikachu.

Later Linkara was confronted with the sight of an old friend returning from the ashes; a restored and repaired Comicron 1 appearing from behind the moon to face its successor. Dumbfounded, he was also confronted by Aeryn who snuck back aboared with help from Nimue who confirmed the ship was the real deal. The thief explained the team's plan to bring Linkara back to his senses and that she had brought an extra bit of insentive. Has she talked Linkara beguan to appear ill and start to glitch while becoming extreamly agitated. It was then the thief revealed the Magic coin; reminding Linkara the metal it was made of pained and maddened Outer Gods to be around. Goading Linkara to notice the chess board he completed the chess game he had started months ago with the Entity and won. This expelled the Entity from his body but it formed a duplicate body of Linkara for itself and knocked Aeryn against the wall with its power. This thief then used a teleport to escape with an unconscious Linkara.

Alone on the deck of Comicron 2 the Entity laughed at the turn of events.

Linkara and his allies came up with the plan to use several satellites to trap the Entity in a pocket dimension that would quickly decay, killing the Entity with it. When Linkara arrived on Comicron 2 to steer and lock the ship on a course into the portal the Entity confronted him. The abomination then fired the ship's weapons upon Comicron 1 and entered an easy battle where it could instantly repair any damage to Comicron 2. Linkara's attempts to use a proton pack and Poké ball on the being failed to harm it, the magic gun and gold staff also proving useless. Linkara then realised his only move was to stop playing the Entity's game, the fragment's only way to pass the time while waiting for its whole and distract itself from how pointless its existence was. The fragment angrily demanded that Linkara give it purpose and denied his proposition to become human as it had absorbed all experiences. Ultimately the Entity accepted its own insignificance and, though afraid, killed itself to find the answers its greater whole may have found.


The Entity is the strongest creature Linkara has ever faced. It is also one of the strongest creatures in the AT4W Multiverse, if not, the strongest. None of Linkara's weapons were able to even scratch the Outer God. The only one who was capable of harming it was Lord Vyce, and even then, it was only slight diminishment.

The Entity's main ability is the ability to absorb anything and anyone. It could then corrupt it so that the object absorbed would become part of the Entity itself, growing stronger. 

The Entity had other abilities as well. It had total omnipresence wherever it went. It had such a powerful influence, that any electronics near it glitched. It could also cross other dimensions with relative ease. It also has an incredible form of telekinesis, as seen when it pulled the Magic Gun from Linkara.

Despite being strong, it isn't completely invincible, and it has some minor flaws.The Entity has no voice or image of its own, so it needs to act using a host body. It also can be harmed if the correct weapon/method is used, as stated by Lord Vyce. It is unknown if it could be captured in a Pokeball, however it is unlikely due to its immense size and strength.


The Entity appears to have little personality outside of a desire to engulf all universes until it is reality. That said it does show intense pride and pompousness when revealing itself to Linkara, likely due to having absorbed every life form on earth other than him. It was also capable of gratitude, leaving Linkara as the last person alive for destroying Lord Vyce, though this could have merely been its sadism wishing to see Linkara try and fail to stop it.

In the same confrontation it showed anger at Vyce's attempts to diminish it, deepening its voice and calling his futile attempts to stop it unacceptable. It also found humour in Linkara suggesting Vyce was a threat, cackling insanely and dismissing the multiversal conquerer as a nuisance.

The Entity's main weakness appeared to be self doubt, being susceptible to Linkara questioning its purpose to consume all universes and accepting his query which led to it committing suicide. When facing The Entity's backup which had been possessing him Linkara refused to continue their game thereby denying it its only purpose at the time. This forced The Entity into an existential crisis which lead to it killing itself yet again, seemingly ending its threat to the multiverse for good.

Resources Edit

Weapons and Tools Edit

None necesarry

Allies Edit

None necesarry

Enemies Edit

  • Lord Vyce - Lord Vyce has made it his life goal to put an end to the Entity.
  • Linkara - The Champion of the Awesomeverse made it his personal goal to eliminate the entity after realizing how big of a threat it was. He "defeated" it through conviction alone.
  • Reality - The Entity plans to destroy/become reality, so it could be considered its enemy.


Beneath the seas, besides the flame,'''''
'''''Off the coast where the lost beast came,
To bring the world misery and shame,
A piece of the world is missing.

Missing Number is found on the coast between Seafoam Island and the volcanic Cinnabar island.

A piece of the world is missing means that the entity is a piece of the world, not that a piece is gone.

The path you should have never crossed,
The Beast exacts a heavy cost,
The number of the Beast is lost,
You will know it by its hissing.

Through a series of actions, the player can release Missing Number. However, doing so may glitch and damage your game. The lost number refers to how Missingno's pokedex number is 000. The 'hissing' is Missing Number's cry.

The bones from hell you cannot tame,
Devour your life and all your fame,
That is the price to play its game,
And all while you're reminiscing.

Missing Number can appear as the bones of Fossil Pokemon such as an Aerodatyl or Kabutops bones. Encountering Missingno will result in it corrupting your hall of fame.

And all while you're reminiscing might refer to how red and blue are nostalgic, or to the fact that the game pauses and saves right before you encounter it.

When 90's kid refers to "heavy", he/it refers to Missing Number being the 'heaviest' Pokemon you can get, excluding other glitches, who Missingno most likely also is.

Character AppearancesEdit

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  • a̶͍̺̩̤̙͔̺̩̣̣̼̹̙͂͒̃͋̽̋̃͑̈́̀́͋̾̅̕͘͠͝ͅp̶̟͙͇̰̩̦͖̪͙̰͌͋͂͂̇̑̀̓̅̋͘͜͝î̸̢̫͉̤̤͔̪̪̠̠͚̟̂̎͋́̈̐͆̎̐͐͐͌́͌̿̃̉́̄̈́͛͒̕̕͝͝ͅḙ̸̡̝̽̅̽̋̌́̋̏́̇̀̑̄͊̄̓̃̔͑̂̾̾̚͜͜͠͝c̶̨̰̏̿̄͛̾͐̄͊̃̊̓̎͑̅͝ȩ̵̡̛̬̝̠̜͈̲̞̣̙̣̊̽̎̉̔̒̑̃́̿͂̓̔̆̂́̕͠͠ͅơ̶̝̣̗̭̥͌̊̆̾͐̇͛̀͌̌̉̆̈̕͘͝͠f̷̢͐̀͛̇̌̀̍͆̚͘͝͝͝t̷̢̼̖̱̝͓̤̟͎̠̦̮̣̺͇͖̘̺͔̬̟͇̥̲́̄̽͋̔͝h̴̟̪̯͇͈̤͍͗̽́̆̐́̀̊̇́̓̍͆͋̑́̆̌͆͗́̒̕͜͝͝e̴̦̙̹͙͕͎̗̿̾̽͒̓̊w̶̜̦̦̐̂̈́͊͋̃̕͠͝ơ̴͇͈̻̝̲̤̜͎̭̬̲̻̜͊̽̈́̏͒̊̆̐̅͂̕͝ŗ̵̡̢̜̱̲̝̯̯̮̟̦͉̠̖͚̘̮̜̦͔͇̭̣͋̅͑̃̓̒̓́́̈́̔̑̇́͑́̊̇̕͝͠͠ͅļ̶̡̡̯͇̜͙̬͓̝̟̟̯̮̳̩̘͖̳̱̣̠̗̦̦̹̾̉̂̂̑͌̃̐͋̃͂̏͛̈́̉̎̚͝͝͝ͅd̶̪̹͙̯́̀́̀͗̾̊̏̒̈́͆̍̏̈̿̆̕̕̕͠͝ͅw̵̛̠͙͎̠̳͍̗̖̦̹͕͇̻̖̥̺̱̯̻̯̓̍̐̃̇͐͠į̵̛̝͙͚͙̠̩̲̫̪̭̤̻̮͈̲̮͕̮̘̼̈́̏̔͊͂͒͛̍́̓̒̐͗̇͂̈́̆̌̌͛̂̆̂̄͘͘͜l̶̢͕̩̗̥͉̻̿̔̓͒͋͘ļ̴̛͙̤̟̙̯͓̘̞̝͔̯̪͔͓͖̯̪̥̮̂̈͋̈́̉̀̋͋̈̂̑̈́̏̎͐̅̾͂̽̇̿͘̚͝ͅͅȧ̶̡̢̧̧̬̞̖̌͗͆͒͊̓̉́̅̎̓͒̉̽͗̑̈́̑͐͂͌̿͆͊͝͠͝l̷̡̮͔̞̯̞̻̹̖͎͙̖̙͉̈́̄͛̆̒̾̽͛̉̓͐̑͛͋̉̓͛̍̎͐̀̽̏̕ͅw̷̧̢̨̨̜̪̪̗̟̬̠͖͓͖̪̯̥̜̲̞̰͕̜͚̐͂͆́̌̅̔̄̀́͌͌͠a̵̦̗͚̼̖͚̦̲̎͗͑̈̀̅̎̌͐̀̔̒̏̊̆̈̚̚ỹ̷̨̡̡̨̡̬͕̩̲͚̻͍͙͍͓̺̪͉̺̹͎̗͒̆̉̽̽̈́̏̓̀̋́̓̾̐̋̔̀̓̉͋͐́̒͘͜͠ͅș̷̢̢̛̛̭͕̝̞̫̫̦̱̦̪͚̬̬͓̰̅̽̇̊͒͆̆̀̽͂̅̂̒̓̂́̚̕̚͠b̸̨̨̡̧̛̪͉̩̣͖̯̻̱̯͙̻̹̼͇̞̟͛̇͌̓̐̅͗̔̌̂͝͝ͅȩ̶͉͗̓m̸̧̠͓̩̲͖͓͍̱̗̙͍̘͚̠̗͔̻̙̺͕̙̳͓̄̓́̓̀͒̇̀̎͠i̴̠̻͚̪͔̜̭̺͔̗̖̘̕ͅs̶̨̧̥̺̮̲̻͓͇̥̬͈̗̼̝͙̩̗͒͆̾̄̾̐̔̀̽̎̏͒̍̍̉̂̔̈́͐͐̾͊̉̚͠s̸̨̨̢̡̡̡̛̛̻͇̮̼̘̠̥̼͓̹̣͈̠̣̣̼̬̤̞̪̆͋̀͆̄̈́̄͒̇̈́̒̑̉̃̿̎͐̔̏̑͌̉̃̒̕͜ǐ̴̢̡̢̨̛̺̩͚̫͉͚̱̥͔̳̪͙̜̺͋͆̉͛́̃͆̈́͊̔̀̉̑͗̅̽̐̈́̃̚͘̕̕͝ͅņ̴̙̟͇͔̠̙̲̜̌̈̈́̚g̴͍͓̥̣̤̃
  • t̵̡̡̡̢͚̞̖͉̠̘͔͕͉͔̭͙̻͎͉̥̮̲̘̗̯͓̄͐̐̏̒̉̾̐̍̓͛̕͜͠h̴̡̦͉̯̻̯͓͔͇̺̖͍̮̫̤͗̋̅̓̓̓̃̈̊̌̎̉̄͋̃̔̀̍̌͂̅̚̕͜͝ȩ̶̧͚̥̲̻̻͔̝͖̱̰͎̉͆͂̂͛̿͋̍͑͒̀̏̂̈́̋̓̍͂͑̇̏̆̅̊̚͜͠g̴̡̛̹̿͌̂̂̈́̈́̐̐́̆̅̇͛͌̓a̶̪̗̥͖͈̮̞͑͒͒̕m̶̨̛̤̟͖̼̥̼̫̣͉̰̺͎̩͙̙̜͌̏̈́͒̌́̌͊̏͒̏̈̆̓̿̉̍̅̚̚͝͠ę̸̧̨̛̼̣̪̈́̉̎͐̉̾͗́̋̀̄̓͂̊̕̚̕͝͝ö̸̧̢̨͈̟͓̗̳̺̰̯̘̪̹̝̲̟̳͚͉̜̜̪̗͈́̂͆͗̎̿̚ͅͅn̴̨̥̖̪̦͎͉̦̯͙͔͎̜̲͎̝͇̥̲̱͕̙̜̗̮̂̓̂ͅͅl̷̨̡̢̘̬͕͈̮̯̜̦̠͍̹͇͔̺͓̥̦̞̤̩̼̑̈́̀͛̈̅̾́̊̆̎͘ͅy̷̢͉̳͖̥̝͙͍̤͍̟̯͎̜̓̈́͠ͅé̴̛͎̲̝̼͇͕͉̦̐͊̊͋̂͂̏̂͌̌̅̈̑͛̚n̸͕͚͚̬̥̺̬̗͓͕͙͌̇͒̔̈́̈́̆̍͗͋͂̆͌͐͒̊̓̅̄̈́͛̽͒͘͝͠͝͝d̸̢̨̛̫̞̭̦̙͕̻̳̮͖͚̮̳̬̬̜̺̦̼̖̝͔̽̀̈́͜͠ͅͅs̸͚̭̟̯̬̹̣͚̰̦͉̗̆̈́̈̑̿͋̊̐͆̅̄͘͝w̵̫͓̱̬̟̪̝̣̠̗͒͊̓̾̐̄̌̓̂̓̇͛́̐̓̔̚̚̚͝ȋ̷̡̢̯̞̠͖͈̙̙̲͖̮̩̰̞͈̗̟͇͚̥͙͕̈́̑̓́͛͋̃̅̀̑̀̊͐̔͘̕͘͜͝ͅţ̷͈̜̠̮̝̞̳͕͕̼̭̦̥̩̪͉̯̙̜̹͓̈́̓̔͂ͅh̷̨̨̻͙̮̙͔̹͚̹͉̤̀̈̒̀̅̆̊̀͌̚̕͜ͅͅm̵̨̖͇̭̻̩͍̲̠͙̜̹̫̣̃̑͗̈͜y̸̢̨̠̳̙̰̺̼̥̭̠̭͂͛̋̎͆̃̈̆́̅́͗̄̈́͒̈́͂͝͠ṫ̸̢̢̥̲̜̙̙̩̮̝͍͚̜̝̤̭̲̗̖̳̠̻͍̝͕̹͉̳̅̔͑̈́̇͊̑͒͗͌͆͌̉̇̍̋̿͘̚̚͘o̶̡̧̮͈͉̻̼̟̮͖̟͇̻̭͊̐̑̌̀̚̚͝ͅt̴̢̳͈͈̭̙̝̜̣̯̻͉̖̘̯̣̹̻̒̌́͗̇̐̅̏̒̄̏͂̾̒̕͜͜͝͝ạ̵̢͇͈̙͙͖̗̳̞͍̥͔͔̰͍̊͆l̸̫̗̪̜̤̩̼͎̘̱̇́͗̿̇̀͛̌̚i̸̞͈͑͌̅̉̍͆̐͊́̆̆̇̅̅͋͛̓͆͝͝t̵̨̘̖̬̫͕̹̫̜͎̱̣̙͗̐̀̿̈́̂̈́̍̅͗̓̄̕͝y̵̳̲̤͍͋̒͒̈́͗̑́͑͝͠
  • Į̶̢̢̲̟̩̦̬̠͍̺̖̥͙̺̞͑̍̈̏́̍̔̒̉̎̇͑͌̃̀̎̑̀̃͘͝͝s̴͓̾͌̎̓̈́̏͌̐̃̿͒͂̀͠t̸̨̡̢̡̛̯͉͓̣͍͍͓̼̠̹̞͍͍̳̩̘͎̘̖̦̱̠͓̭͒̅͐̇̓̈́̍̈̇̒̅̈́̈̄͂͌́̍̎͑̇̎̀̒͌̕͝i̸̧͕̜̜̦̬̠̥̟͇͙̥͖̯̗̙̅͐̄̄̋̾̒͠͠ļ̷̛̛̲̮͎͓̘̣͎̦̖̗͔̮̪̝̩̬̯̤̪̻͛̀̀̉͐̈́̍͗̃̾͐͑̏̔̍̂̈̓͌̿̕ͅl̶̢̤̟̫̼̫͔͛̔̊̅̔̈́͐̾̋́̈́̃̈́̈́̔́̽̒͊̾̄̚͜͠͝͝s̵̛̛̺̮̜͚̟̐̆̄͆̇̂̂̉͆̎̽̄̅̏͂͋̾́͒̉̄́͌͘͝͝ę̷̧̧̛̝̟̪̘͙̫̦̘̰͕͎̙̻̞̜͎̬͈̙̥̦̈́̐̊̓̓͛͒̎͝e̷̡̛̘̘͗̈́͒͠͝y̵̛̝͎͗́̒̾̆̀̇̿͛̏̅̑͋̎̓̓͋̓͐̚͝ờ̵̘̥͇̲͇͇̬̣̟̩̝̞̣͈͔͓̰̝̼̤̀͌̿͐̃́͂̆̃̓̇̑͆̊͊̊̈̑̊͐̊͒̌͜͝͝ͅų̷̡̛̛̛̺͉̟̰͎̰͖͚͕͓̂̏͆̾̓̀͌͆̿͂̂̒̃̔͋̃̈́̃͘͜͝͝͝ͅȁ̴̢̺̺̭͚̘̘͖͗̈́͐͆͋̎̾̆̊̅̉͂̓͊̇̐̔l̵̛͙̜̼̯̳͚͙̟͚̼̪͔̭̙͉̰̻̰̘̝̤̩͂̏͋́̐̈́̄͋̌́̆͒̄͒̈͘͘l̶̛̛̛̳̱̟͓̟̭̥̹̼̦͙̭̘͎͔̝̗̣̼̤̲͈̋̇̏́̀́̒̈́̈́͂̆͛̀̓͊͋́̏̈́̚̚͝͠͝͝


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