The Spoony One
Spoony confronts the Guardian.


  • Himself
  • AT4W Crew (occasionally)


  • Master Swordsman
  • Expert Marksmanship Skills

Signature Weapon

Spoony's Gunblade


Noah Antwiler

The Spoony One is another TGWTG contributor who does crossovers with Linkara with an alarming frequency.

Spoony is known for being incredibly snarky and for creating the supervillain "Doctor Insano," however indirectly as it may/may not have been.

Spoony has appeared in more of Linkara's videos than any other contributor so far, (unless you count Angry Joe's Army as multiple occurrences of Angry Joe,) as well as appearing in Kickassia.

Spoony is known for having one of the most confusing continuities so far, which is especially amusing considering he doesn't believe in continuities. So far he was killed offscreen, cloned by Linkara into two versions of himself, as well as being revived thanks to a Black Lantern Ring and becoming Black Lantern. Additionally, the clone became Dr. Insano at an unknown time after playing FF1. So far Linkara has helped to try to fuse the Spoony clone with the original, with no negative consequences as of yet.

Spoony's Remains


The Spoony One faces-off against Squall from Final Fantasy VIII.

Due to this confusing continuity, it is hard to know which Spoony is which if you are watching them in anachronistic order, which is something you shouldn't do anyway.

Star Wars 3-D #1 Edit

Spoony apologizes for Doctor Insano, admitting he can be a pain in the butt sometimes.