"My god, the Vorsoth!" "And it's poorly animated!"

A villainous race from the video game Star Trek: Elite Force.

Lord VyceEdit

At an unknown point in time, Lord Vyce created the Vorsoth, presumably to aid in conquering Ensign Munro's universe and others.

Munro defeated his universe's Vorsoth Forge, gaining the rank of Lieutenant, and headed out to destroy all the Forges himself.

A certain "Boss" Vorsoth was tampering with portals to this universe. Munro ran out of ammunition, and used a portal to teleport to Linkara's house. The Vorsoth followed, and tried to give a speach on how it would conquer everything, but Linkara toyed with it while "accidentally" firing his phaser. Him and Munro proceded to shoot it with a variety of weapons, to which it retaliated with a volley of yellow energy blasts, which they dodged. It was overcome by the weapons, and exploded. The Entity's cry is heard...